Great Joint Dachshund Club 2011

Championship  show: It was a great honour to be invited to judge B.I.S. at this prestigious  show as I have decided that it will probably be my last breed-club B.I.S. and a  nice one to finish with and I have been turning them down for the last couple  of years. At this level, breed type, construction, movement, presence and  personality all need to be there and I found them all in my winner - the  brindle Wire Ch. Cishelvine Swellegant Guy at Tendrow. I gave him his second  ticket at Southern Counties and he is still a real handful to control as he is  so busy and playful, but pleases nearly everywhere and is a neat size and  exudes character. A real Wire. Reserve went to the Smooth Ch. Matzell Mildred,  a beautifully made red and so typical of this most consistent kennel in make  and shape and moving accordingly. Did  everything asked of her and did it soundly and well, but couldn't match the  pizzazz of the Wire. Best Miniature was the cream Min. Long dog Ch. & Ir.  Ch. Walpines Brandy Butter who had been my B.O.B. at the Southern in January  and impressed again for the same reasons of type, balance and quality and is so  consistent coming and going. I thought these three stood away. Best Puppy was  the B/T Min. Smooth bitch Cwmdarhian Back To Alabama at Carpaccio. Nearly 10  months and very much the finished article. Beautifully balanced and lovely  Dachshund-in-miniature type and so well-schooled and responsive both standing  and on the move. Reserve Best Puppy was the red Long Bronia Callista, a month  younger and beautifully conditioned, but obviously still needs to fine down in  this much slower maturing variety. Well-made front and, like the winner, she  just needs to firm here on the move. Two most promising youngsters. Best  Standard Veteran was the 9 year old brindle Wire Ch., Am. Ch. & Ir. Ch.  Raydachs Tom Cruisen On. A lovely lad  I've previously judged on both sides of the Atlantic. Handsome head, firm body  belying his years and still moves and shows very well. Best Miniature Veteran  and Best Overall was the 7 red Min. Wire bitch Ch. Foxearth Foto Copy, the star  of the show for me and looking very much the same as when I gave her her first  C.C. at Crufts in 2007, a cracking little bitch, hard and fit and in super coat  and moving so well. A great little  laster in this difficult variety, loved her.
    Jeff Crawford


I was very pleased with my entry. Coats were good and so were temperaments. I loved my line up of bitches. I thought my bitch classes were very good and I am sure placings will change at other shows. PD. 1. Howell's, Fallowmill Ropper Conster. Very nice 6 months old dog. Good head, eye and neck. Well laid back shoulders. Good ribbing. Moved well. In good coat, well presented from this kennel. 2. Presnal's, Taree Selwyn. Black and tan. Well coated. Nice head, neck and shoulders. Needs to settle on the move. Good topline. Well presented. 3. Haywood's, Taree Scoville. JD. 1. Fulton's, Bothlyn Brigadoon. RCC. This dog has a lovely head, dark eye. Good reachy neck. In good coat. Good ribbing. Strong hindquarters which he used so well. Level topline. Steady on the move. Will watch his progress, should have a good future. 2. Thorn-Andrews', Drakesleat Noddy Doff. Dark brindle. Sound. Good coat. Lovely masculine head and expression. Good neck and body. Good ribbing. Moved well. 3. Phillips', Curtisey Boogy Woogy. PGD. 1. Hassall's, Stargang Begas Strip. Beindle. Good front. Enough forechest. Good ribbing. Well angulated hindquarters. Moved out well. 2. Phillips', Curtisey Boogy Woogy. LD. 1. Punter's, Welcumen Jeremy. Red brindle. Good head, well laid back shoulders. Well ribbed. Strong hindquarters. Moved out well. 2. Walmeister Samuel JW. Very sound, of different type. Enough front. Well laid back shoulder. Good ribbing. Lovely harsh coat. Not the angulation of winner. Moved well. Good temperament. 3. Danvichar Euphrasia. OD. 1. Thorn-Andrews', Drakesleat Ottoffi the Ptress. CC. Dark brindle. The most lovely head, eye and reach of neck into wel laid back shoulders. Good ribbing. Strong hindquarters. Moved well. 2. Howell's, Fallowmill Back and Fetch JW Sh CM. Well presented brindle of excellent type. Lovely outline. Good head, neck, shoulder, ribbing, bone and substance. Good hindquarters. Neat hocks. Moved well. 2. Shone's, Winston Bryn. MPB. 1. Howell's, Fallowmill on the Buton. Stunning puppy. Nice size. Lovely head, dark eye. Strong neck and good lay back of shoulder. Nice feet. Well angulated hindquarters. In super coat. Moved out well. BP. 2. Backburn-Bennett's, Stargang Diamond Dust. Another nice puppy. Needs to settle. Nice head and long neck. Good fornt and lay back of shoulder. Well ribbed. Moved out well. 3. Marston-Teal's, Lordscairnie I Love Me. PB. 1. Blackburn-Bennett's, Stargang Czarina. I loved this puppy. Lovely head and neck. Prominent forechest and good lay back of shoulder. Nice feet and good hindquarters. Lacks confidence. 2. Thorn-Andrews, Drakesleat Round n Round. 3. Lunter's, Nelcumen Imagination. JB. 1. Martson-Teal's, Lordscairnie Love Life. RCC. I have admired this bitch from the ringside. Good head and eye. Good front. Good ribbing. In good coat and strong hindquarters. Moved with dribe keeping level topline standing and on the move. 2. Daykin's, Ashridge Dun Danzin at Barratini. Quality bitch. Good head, neck and shoulder. Enough forechest. Well off for bone. Nice feet and strong hindquarters. Moved well. 3. McLeod and Hassall's, Jankac Mac Zeen. PGB. 1. Rose's, Stargang de Valois at Ridanflight. Another sound bitch of lovely proportions. Would have liked a stronger head but not change anything elese. Good shoulder and front. Good ribbing and strong hindquarters. Moved well. Very well presented. 2. Jones's, Bimini Starlight Express. Not the front of winner. Sound movement. Nice head and shoulders. Feet need attention. Good length of rib. Moved well. 3. Dunns', Ashridge Dun Dustine. LB. 1. Jones's, Bimini Rhapsody in Blue. Strong class. Compact. Lovely outline. Nice head, good fornt and shoulders. Good coat. Moved with drive keeping topline on the move. 2. Blackburn's, Stargang Molly Flanders. Nice light brindle. Gorgeoius head, neck, shoulder and forechest. Well rounded ribcage and strong hindquarters. Moved out well. Just prefered shorter hocks of winner. 3. Hayward's, Foxearth Free Wing. OB. 1. Thorn-Andrews', Drakesleat Mass Wisterip. CC and BOB. Dark brindle. Lovely head and dark eye. The best of shoulders. Tight elbows and ribbing. Good harsh coat. A picture standing keeping her topline at all times. 2. MacLeod's, Sidelock Do I Look Bouvered. Nice type. Good head, neck and front. Good coat and feet. Clean teeth. Good ribbing. Moved out well. VB. 1. Haywards', Ch. Foxearth Foto Copy. Enjoying her day out. Not showing her age. In hard condition. Strong harsh coat. Good head. Body well proportions. Moved out well. 2. Kugow-Holts', Ch. Waldmeister Meadow. Another good veteran in good coat and condition. Same remarks as winner. Just prefered feet and shoulders of winner. Moved out well.
Yvonne Angear


My thanks to the committee for their  invitation to judge this variety. It was a numerically high entry and I am  grateful to the exhibitors for their support. It is about three years since I  last judged min longs and I am offering these overall comments with the best of  intentions. These are points that I found on some of the exhibits and that I  personally feel need watching carefully if this variety is to remain one of the  best. When judging I kept uppermost in my mind the Kennel Club maxim "Fit  For Function", whether that be as a pet, a show dog or a working animal.  The problems I mention affect every aspect of   the dachshund's potential role. I am not a mouth fanatic, although I  believe some exhibitors thought otherwise. However, the number of missing  pre-molars was alarming. This gives rise to the sunk in cheek effect and the  snipey foreface as well as seriously weakening the overall jaw of the dog.  There were lower canines running up into the soft palate. This is detrimental  to the dog and is one of the mouth faults that I will not forgive. Bites were  correct scissor which is good, but the under jaw on many was weak and the teeth  were small. Bearing in mind that this is a breed that is bred to grip its' prey  I feel that some exhibits were not "fit for function" in this  respect. Moving onto eyes! So many were huge and round and "goggly".  This is incorrect according to our breed standard. Feet were another issue. Nails  were short which was good, but many had flat open soft feet with little knuckle  which would be poor tools to dig with. Muscle tone was lacking in so many. They  had little or no thigh and second thigh was difficult to find. This meant that  hind movement produced no drive and "tummy tapping" was evident in  several. On the plus side, toplines were very good as was tailset and lack of  kinks in the tail. Many dogs lacked neck and were very stuffy over the withers.  Sometimes this was coat, but on many their heads were bolted on at right angles  which gave an incorrect picture. Temperament is very important to me and is  quoted as "bold" in the breed standard. I did temperament test the  exhibits, although again I hear this was questioned by some! Sadly there were  too many nervous exhibits. I was happy if the dog returned to me and stood its'  ground and observed me with contempt, that is a dachshund trait, but the ones  that backed off, hid behind their owner's legs, and even barked at me, were,  I'm sorry to say, penalised. Some approached with curiosity which was great,  and some thought a biscuit was in the offing, again a typical dachshund  characteristic which was rewarded. All this might sound negative, but it is  meant to be constructive, and many were good honest dogs with none of the above  mentioned faults. With well filled classes I could easily find plenty of good  specimens to award prizes to, and in some classes it was a tough decision. MPD (8,3) 1 Young's Willowheath Floyd. Beat two on more energetic movement. Not  quite the head of two but more together in his showing on the day. Front  construction good and positive movement behind. 2 Shutt's Doonydax Secret Dream  of Donnadoon. Good to go over and I'm sure he will come right, just not showing  off today. Just give him time. 3 Palin's Diquest Chocolate Swirl of Sanmik. PD (3,1) 1 Best Puppy.  Holden's Sengepabu  Ares. Choc and tan. Liked his head and strong foreface. Outgoing personality  which showed on the move as he moved around with some style. Showed his pads  going away. Carrying a lot of coat which made him appear lower to ground than  he was as he has correct clearance. 2 Broad's Neertanauf Sea Magic. Needs to  develop in confidence to go further. JD (14,5) 1 Palin's Sanmik Tuvalk.  This exhibit was lucky in as much as he performed the best of these three on  the day. Having short listed in this class the dogs went round several times  and this youngster maintained a steady and correct outline which won him the  class. 2 Holmes Tammera Touch of Class. Thought at the outset of the final  moving that this dog would win, but unfortunately he decided to play around and  lost concentration and consequently outline. He is a well made d with correct  head and eye. I'm sure as he matures he will settle better to the job in hand.  2 Lockett Walters and Walters Ralines Here Comes the Sun. Loved this exhibit on  the table, but sadly he lost confidence on the floor. PGD (7) 1 Poole's  Findowrie McDuff. This was a confident dog with positive movement who won this  class with some to spare. He had a correct front with enough forechest. Front  feet could stand slightly straighter, but a good honest dog. 2 McCarthy's  Nagshall Oklahoma Sunrise JW. Not quite as masculine as the winner. Sound  temperament. 3 Chappell's Gleneddee Mister Cool Dude. LD (13,4) 1 Brooks  Lyndarlea Raferty JW. Won a hotly contested class. Good strong temperament.  Correct eye. Some neck and moved with some flair. Well balanced head. 2 Palin's  Clary Concerto to Sanmik. Not quite the eye of one and could have a little more  confidence for profit, but still showed well enough to secure a good place  here. 3 Roberts Ravenways Tornero at Dandydayo. OD (11) 1st CC and BOB  McAlpine and Walsh's Ch and Irish CH Walpines Brandy Butter. This little cream  d exuded personality. Completely confident. Correct mouth with full dentition.  Moved with drive from behind showing his pads. Kept a great outline at all  times. Not exaggerated in any department. Lovely front with enough forechest.  Well ribbed back. Short strong loin. Well turned quarters. A great little show  dog, could imagine him as a perfectly happy pet and with his construction and  character could see him working in the field. A real "fit for  function" exhibit. Best Miniature in Show under Jeff Crawford. 2 Res. CC  Holden's Ch Segepabu Saint Valentine. Another quality exhibit in a class where  all the placed dogs could do better on another day. Lost to one on lack of  pre-molars  and slightly looser elbows,  otherwise close up. Good movement and showmanship. 3 Wood's Wildstar Wrenowned  JW. A good class. VD (3) 1   Broad's Jenwood Ring of Bells. Nearly ten years and in excellent  condition. Had good muscle tone, better than many of the younger dogs. Mouth  still full and clean. Slightly out of coat but that just showed his correct  ground clearance. Looked good in the BIS ring later. 2 Brook's Lyndarlea Earth  Tremor. Good overall shape and balance. Coat in great condition. Not quite the  verve or drive on the move as first. 3 Breese's Silkdown on Parade JW Sh CM.  Another to be proud of. MPB (10,3a) 1 Turner's Rafthouse Night Fever.  Lovely type and make of this bitch. Good head. Gleaming coat. Won this class  with some to spare. Moved round well in profile. Needs a little more confidence  to complete but a promising puppy. 2 Cawley and King's Little Miss Honeybun for  Summerview. Could do with more bone and is a little twee at the moment, but she  may well come on in time. Temperament good. 3 Brook's Lyndarlea Dream Boat. PB (7,2) 1 Geeson's Abydachs Apparition. Easy winner here. Full of herself and moved  very well. Correct conformation. Mature. Close up to the puppy dog winner but  he was a bit tidier behind and preferred his eye. 2 Norris Criscan Karess.  Preferred the bone of one over this exhibit. Moved well and another confident  bitch. Promising. 3 Maclaine's Criscan Keira at Pennygown. JB (11,4) 1  Holmes Tammera Just Elegant. Liked this one very much and considered her for  the res cc in the challenge. Good type. Loved her profile movement and shape.  Easy winner in this class. Took my eye when she first went round.  Will mature well I hope. 2 Norris Criscan  Khesia. Another quality exhibit. Just needs more confidence to finish the  picture. 3 McCarthy's Nagshall Wings of Love. PGB (11,3) 1 Worswick's  Dolyharp Patience. Small but well put together. Covered the ground well with a  free flowing action. Good head and eye. Confident. 2 McCarthy's Nagshall Sweet  Caroline. Another quality one. Good feet, free moving, confident. Just  preferred front of one. 3 Mee's Barlaine's Black Princess. LB (15,4)  1  Res CC Palin's Sanmik Amulet. Good  front and bone. Pleasing head and eye. Moved with confidence and drive. Just  lost to the ticket winner on overall maturity. To be critical, just a tad low  to ground for me. 2 Mee's Barlaine's Summer Star. Another pleasing exhibit winning  well in a good class. Similar to the winner, but lost on having a shade less  neck. Still confident and a good mover. 3 Edwards Barok New Beginning. OB (14,3) What a lovely class! All those placed were well up and I had to be picky  to separate them. 1 Johnson's Charpurdy Just Iss. Apparently has recently  attained her crown, so well done on that. Won today in good company. Not a  flashy b but very sound and honest. Good oval thorax. Good eye and better neck  than two. Driving movement showing her pads. In the challenge for BOB felt the  dog was putting more in and could have gone round all day if asked, whereas I  felt this bitch was just flagging slightly after several laps of the ring. 2  Graham's Hillstar Lexzina of Jadag. Another quality b with all the essentials.  Confident and sound on the move but just lacked as much verve and sparkle as  the winner. Called back to challenge for the res cc but just preferred the neck  of the limit winner. 3 McAlpine and Walsh's Ir. Ch Walpines Brandy Cream. VB (3,1) 1 Shutt's Jadag Cadbury Rose at Donnadoon. Didn't show her age at all  apart from being rather well covered, and that isn't a bad thing! Wonderful  teeth. Moved so well and was confident. A pity she was not to be found for the  best veteran challenge.
    Mandy Dance



MPD 1 Lewis' Bronia Chaos at Trixhund. Lovely red dog,  expressive eyes and a black nose and nicely set on ears. Plenty of body, moved  well in front. Best Puppy Dog. 2 Chapman's Melminds Malanorino. Carrying enough  weight and went ok at times. Has a temperament problem at the moment. PD 1 Mitchell's Bronia Absolute. Very sound and composed on the move. Pleasing  head and outlook. Neat feet and good, stylish action. 2 Fricker's Dachslur in  His Prime. Very proud lad with good body proportions. Rather timid at times but  a nice, sound boy. JD 1 Dare's Darsoms Zyjack. Handsome and full of  himself. Lovely neat feet and well  proportioned body. Looked super, sound on the move. A happy fellow. Res CC. 2  Duchesne's Darsom's Zane of Scandell. Pleasing head and expression, very nice  youngster with the best of feet. Needs more muscle over rear quarters. 3 Vine's  Darsom's Zwagger. PGD 1 Negus'  Tekehaus Licence to Kill with Tarramist Sh CM. Pleasing in head and expression,  went very soundly. Looked very smart on the move, lovely front. 2 Horne's  African Dawns Night Willow. Nice masculine lad with a lovely eye and  expression. Looked well on the move, going very smartly. 3 Cook and Rhodes'  Abydachs Rides the Storm to Bournder. LD 1 Pankhurst and Edward's  Marshwick Cloudy Morning at Danward. Very appealing head and expreessive eyes.  Movement sound coming and going. Nicely quality fellow. 2 Dare's Africandawns  Night Kisses at Darsoms. Lovely dark eyes, quality in outlook. Pleasing head  and expression, nice dog who looked good on the move. 3 Geeson's Abydachs Kicks  Up A Storm. OD 1 Mitchell's Ch Bronia Lothario JW. Winner of the DCC. He  carried himself so well and soundly. Good head qualities, strong and well made  body and front and rear assembly. Liked him a lot. 2 Geason and Geiser's Am Ch  Insights Captain Quitch (Imp). Particularly liked his head and expressive eyes,  a lovely face. He was very sound on the go around and carried himself well. 3  Sutton's Damai Master Benedict Sh CM. Vet D 1 Metcalfe-Bilgin's Ch  Metadale Macquarie. So handsome and happy. So very sound on the move, very  lovely head and expressive eyes. Super fellow. 2 Geeson's Ch Abydachs Oh What A  Night. JW. Of smaller mould than the winner. Delightful head and eyes. Very  sound on the move - a handsome little dog. 3 Fossett's Melminds Method in  Madness via Brysdax. MPB 1 Mitchell's Bronia Carmelina. Delightful  little lady, a real redhead! She is so well built and showing off so well.  Lovely girlie! 2 Mitchell's Bronia Louanna at Imrika. Another red girl, so  pretty. Has lovely expressive eyes and is very sound on the move. PB 1  Mitchell's Bronia Callista. A lovely, lovely  bitch. So very sound on the move, carried herself so well. Very beautiful  head and expression, the best of feet and went around the ring with good  deportment. BPIB and Res BCC. 2 Bradley's Marshwick Spring Serenade. Very happy  puppy, moving well. Pretty in outlook, dark eyes and going around so soundly. 3  Eve's Dachslur Maairi My Dream. JB 1 Dare's Darsoms Zeticia. Lovely  outline and good body balance. Lovely front and rear assembly. A very pretty  lady. 2 Mitchell's Bronia American Liberty at Imirika. Shade longer cast than  the winner, but very beautiful and feminine. Pleasing in outlook. 3 Eve's  Dachslur Mairi My Dream. PGB 1 Dunbar and McNaughton's Bronia  Velveteen.A most lovely lady, she simply oozes class and style. So charming and  never put a foot wrong. Beautiful, charismatic lady. Best Bitch and BOB, well  done. 2 Negus' Tarramist A New Hope. Lovely balance in front and at the rear  and superb deportment. Went so soundly and seemed to be really happy. 3 Eve's  Dachslur Diamond Fancy Free at Sundayshill. LB 1 Lewis' Bronia Sweet  Amber at Trixhund. Beautifully presented, has all the essentials to produce  lovely free movement. Lovely head and expressive eyes. 2 Chapman's Darsoms  Ziana at Melminds. A really pretty girlie. So very sound on the move and going  with great style. . 3 Wilson's Rogermardax Anna Livia. OB 1 Mitchell's  Bronia Estee. Black and tan lady, she  showed off so well. Enjoyed being handled and in the ring moved soundly and  freely and with style. 2 McNaughton's Ch Cedovach Mystique. Lovely black and  tan lady. A shade longer in couplings than the winner, but really good and free  action. 3 3 McNaughton's Sorceress. Vet B 1 McNaughton's Ch Cedavoch  Bewitched. Lovely lass, exuding quality. Moved stylishly and with typical  Dachshund aplomb. 2 Metcalfe-Bilgin's Ch Metadale Make It Happen. Carrying a  shade too much weight over loins. Very nice face and still going well. 3  Mitchell's Bronia Charisma at Imikira.
    Eleanor Bothwell


 MPD (4) 1 Ellis Tealby Red Between the Lines - Promising Puppy 8mnth, correct head and eye shape, nicely arched neck, shoulder placement, length of ribbing. Good overall balance both stood and moving. 2 Seago and Gobbards Amilda Dramatiker 8mnth good head and expression, pleasing in front, ribbbing could be better. Moved out very well. 3 Trafford's Dabrenhhof Nadal. PD (2) 1 Adams Chaliss Celtic Gold B/T Lovely to go over on the table. Good head and neck, tight elbows good feet and body shape, moved soundly. B.P.D. 2 Ellis Tealby Red Between the Lines. JD (5) 1 Tites Rijobeau Hot on Ya Heels. Red youngster of quality, well shaped head, lovely expression and eye. Arched neck into well placed shoulders topline and ribbing, excellent balanced angulation front and rear, well presented, sound and effortless on the move. 2 Armstrong's Lauralee Gailileo. Masculine B/T youngster, strong attractive head with good body shape, good feet and quarters. Moved with good reach and drive. 3 Adams Chaliss Celtic Gold. PG (5) 1 Jones Adherbs Smooth Criminal. Super outline. Attractive head and length of neck into well placed shoulders. Correct ribbing with level topline, sound quarters, moved well. 2 Hunts Cwmdarhian Hogan's Hero at Carpaccio. Another promising exhibit. Masculine head, good neck and shoulders, nicely spring ribs and rear angulation. Moved with drive. 3 Norton's Matzell Man of the Moment. LD (9) Class of nice dogs. 1 Chauhams Hampdach Man In Black. Hansom B/T lovely head and eye shape. So well constructed. Keeping a lovely outline both stood and moving. A sound free mover. 2 MacDonald's Bensarka Pheonix Sun. Super to go over, close up to 1. Lovely head and eye, neck, correct shoulder tight elbows, well angulated both ends. Moved soundly keeping a firm topline. OD (5) 1 Tite's Ch Rijobeau Caught Red Handed. Worthy champion. Hansom boy who oozes quality. Soundly balanced construction all through and a real showman on the move with his sound flowing movement. Handled to perfection. CC. 2 Bethels and Natalchenko Russ Gr CH and Belarus Ch Hampdach Famous Rumours. Another quality red boy with a very good head and neck, forequarters, level topline, nicely let down quarters, sound true mover keeping a good outline. RCC. 3 Tealby's Tealby Another Rumour in Red. VD (3,2) 1 Cooper's Ch Sontag Simon Le Bone J.W - 7yrs. Elegant boy, super conformation all through in excellent condition, his elegant sound movement took him to Res Best Dog. Well done. MPB Two promising puppies. 1 Jones Abnerbs Betty Boob. Lovely head, neck, good forechest, topline and quarters. Sound and stylish mover. 2 Higgins Leveliss Drink down the moon. Another sound youngster with good bone and substance. Pleasing head, good shoulder placement and forechest, ribbing well back, correct strong quarters, moved true fore and aft. 3 Chauhan Sapphire Dazzle. PB (4,1) 1 Bethels Hampdach Coraline loved this stylish youngster, lovely confirmation, super head neck and body shape. Very stylish mover keeping a lovely outline. One for the future. B.P. 2 Dalgetys Thundergay Be Bop a Lula. Another quality puppy of different type. Heavier boned than 1. Balanced outline, when stood and moving sound fore and aft. 3 Burke and Manstons Hampdach Cornelia. JB (6,2) 1 Bennetts Hacicenda Outrageous Fortune (imp). Nice and compact body shape, touch narrow in skull. Almond eye. Nicely angulated in front with tight elbows. Sound quarters with good rear action showing pads. 2 Dalgetys Thundergay Blue Bayou, promising youngster, liked a lot, pleasing head 7 expression. Good angulation front and back spring and length of ribbing, good feet, moved soundly. 3 Bethel's Hampdach Copperhead Rose. PGB (9,1) 1 Gatheral and Graham's Phaeland Smooth N Dark. Elegant B/T, correct shaped head, arched neck. Prominent forechest, ribing well back. Level topline and underline. Good rear angulation, true movement with good extension. 2 Ellis Tealby Little Dorit - Smaller type, body good proportions, lovely balanced shape. Movement sound and stylish. 3 Rawson's Rosenket Nectar of the Gods. LB (7) 1 McNaughtons Diana De Fermincan (imp). Lovely head and expression. Good length of neck and into good shoulders, level topline. Showy balanced outline. Solid quarters with good angulation. Sound free movement. 2 Turners Maricuter Moulin Rouge - Pleasing head, balanced in body shape, smooth in elbows and level topline and underline. Good rear angulation, moved sound and steady showing a good outline. 3 Ellis Tealby Tittle Tattle. OB (9,1) 1 Norton's Ch Matzel Mildred - Have often admired this lovely bitch. Feminine with clean lines. Super head, neck, correct in fore quarters, ribbing carried well back. Hind angulation good. Lovely free flowing movement. CC, BOB and RBIS. 2 MacDonald's Am ChH Hampdach Classic Gold at Bensarka - Elegant and soundly made, lovely head and neck. Good shoulder, topline and ribbing and hind angulation keeping that lovely outline both standing and moving. Moved out well. RCC. 3 Cooper's Ch Hacienda Lo N Behold its Sontag (Imp).
Andrea Callow


 My first  time giving CCs in this variety. What  lovely temperaments. I would echo this year's previous judges comments on teeth  and tails. PD (2) 1 Seath's  Sunsong Whisper A Promise. Ten month chocolate and tan, nice size though  could body up a bit more. Good head and expression, correct angulation fore and  aft, reasonable length of rib and keel. Moved out with good extension. 2  Hooper's Strutting Arch at Starhill. Red of a larger size, good front end, reasonable ribbing. Not the  turn of stifle of 1. Moved a bit wide coming and going. JD (4) 1.Skinner's Ritterburg Surprise Parcel.  Brindle - stood out in this class. On the larger side, lovely head and  expression, good tight feet, correct shoulder placement and well angulated.  Kept topline on the move and strode out well. 2 Vine's Allfreys To Catch A  Thief at Cishelvine. Dark brindle, nice  expression, not quite the shoulder placement of 1 and not the underline but he  moved out well on nice feet with extension fore and aft. PGD (1) Ritterburg Surprise Parcel. LD (12,3a) 1 Coverley's Aventine Tropic Thunder JW. Pleasing outline when stacked and on the move, his movement was,  I felt, the best in this class. Nice front, topline and underline, well muscled  back end. 2 Rees' Ermewood Joint Effort. Another nice boy of slightly larger  type, lovely head and expression, correct angulation fore and aft, good coat,  well muscled quarters. Would have  preferred tighter feet. Moved out well. 3 Skinner's Ritterburg Storm Trooper. OD (6) 1 Phillips' Ch Cishelvine Swellegant Guy At Tendrow JW. Lovely fellow, dark brindle of nice size,  hard coat, good feet, correct front and hindquarters, well muscled. On the move, extended well fore and aft and  kept it up on several circuits of the ring. CC & BOB. I was very pleased to see him go BIS. 2  McCalmont's CH Silvae Zealot. Another super one, good coat, good front and well  angulated rear, lovely outline when stacked and on the move. In splitting hairs, preferred the feet of  1! RCC. 3 Moore& Downes' Am Gr Ch  Daybreak's Classique Cruiser. VD (1) 1 Moore's Ch/Ir/Am Ch Raydachs Tom  Cruisen On. 9 year old of nice size, lovely head and expression, nice front,  kept topline on the move Somewhat lacking in muscle in hindquarters although he  moved out well. Bv in breed. MPB (4,  1a) 1 Phillips' Tendrow Peaches. 9 months red, still very much a baby, well  boned, lovely head and dark eye, sound front construction and well angulated  behind. Moved with drive when seen in  profile. 2 Littleworth's Ablebody Rhapsody In Blue. 7 month dark brindle,  another one who needs time, nice head, good coat good bone, well angulated fore  and aft, moved OK. 3 Borman's Stainscloud Show Me Heaven of Sonic. PB (3) 1 Rollinsons Nosinllor Artemis. 11 month dark brindle, most up together in  the class, nice head and expression, good forechest and well laid shoulders,  nice hammy hindend, nice outline when stacked, topline kept on move with drive  and extension. BP. 2 Vine's Cishelvine Echoes Of The Sea. Similar in age to 1  but needs a lot more time. Smaller build, good coat, well constructed, nice  outline, moved OK. 3 Dunstall's Rieyonne Adele for Metcroft. JB (4,1) 1 Coverley's Aventine Shaken Not  Stirred. Dark brindle, nice size, well proportioned, lovely head and  expression, correct hind angulation and well laid shoulder. The best mover in  the class keeping a good outline. 2 Harvey's Queen oOf Spain. Larger size brindle just out of puppy, pretty  face, reasonable front but not the ribbing of 1, good feet, moved out well. 3  Gibson's Allfreys Lillie Langtry. PGB (3) 1 Pughe & Fraser's Bystock  Pussy Galore. Neat brindle, gentle expression, reasonable shoulders, well  muscled and angulated hind quarters, good feet. Moved out well keeping a firm  outline. 2 Edwards & Lavin's Romanchi Kikima Of Bellavin. Larger size  brindle, nice face, reasonable shoulders, a bit short in ribbing and keel, nice  tight feet. Moved well with drive. 3 Vine's Cishelvine Dream Of The Sea. LB (6,2)  1 Seath's Sunsong Wish Upon A Star. Feminine bitch whose proportions and ratios  were good, nice head and expression, good coat reasonable shoulder placement,  good hind angulation, feet OK. Kept firm outline on the move, nice outline when  stacked. 2 Pughe & Fraser's Bystock Black Truffle. Pretty girl, longer cast  than 1, good shoulders and forechest, well angulated quarters, sound on the  move. 3 Rowe's Boloria Anisia Bella. OB (9,1) Lovely class who I am sure  have all changed places at other times. 1 McCalmont's Ch Silvae Zest. Brindle of lovely type, well proportioned,  correct angulation fore and aft, nice tight feet, well muscled, moved out well  both in profile and coming and going. CC. 2 Rollinsons Ch Nosinllor Joan of  Arc. Slightly less ground clearance than 1 but well constructed, lovely head  and expression, good coat, tight feet, nice hammy quarters, moved out with  drive and extension. Well handled. RCC. 3 Gibson's Ch Allfreys Grace Kelly. VB (2,1) 1 Rollinson's Spitchwick By The Moor at Nosinllor. 8 years red, nice head, could lose a bit of  weight, coat a bit soft but she enjoyed herself and moved out covering the  ground well.
    Gillian Goad