Great Joint 2010


BIS - Blackburn's Sonderbar Billie Jean At Stargang (Imp Aus). I had no hesitation in making this decision. This bitch has everything one could wish for in a Miniature Dachshund. Was correct in every way, moved and showed to perfection, the best example of a Mini that I have had the pleasure to judge. Must have a very bright future. RBIS - Morton's Ch Matzell Mildred. Superb red, nice length, well balanced, moved and showed to perfection, sound and very pleasing to the eye. BP - Megus Tarramist A New Hope. Outstanding Longhaired, sound all round, lovely head and eye, moved and showed to perfection, must have a bright future. Res BB - MacDonald‘s Benserka Phoenix Sun. Great quality, nice head and eye, sound all round, moved soundly with good topline. Best Standard Veteran - Hunt's Ch D'Arisca Class Distinction At Carpaccio. Very sound smooth, good feet, moved soundly keeping a good topline, outstanding for its age. Best Miniature Veteran - Kemp's Metcroft Some Like It Hot At Vonmead. Miniature Wire, good coat, head and eye, sound on the move, keeps a good topline, well balanced, very pleasing to the eye, went on to be Best Veteran. My thanks to the committee and exhibitors for allowing me the pleasure and honour of judging at this great show.

John Green


 It is 5 years since I last judged Smooths. I had no problems with temperament the majority very relaxed and happy. Whilst my two CC winners were British bred 5 of my first winners were sired by foreign dogs. My main worries were the same as last time with some exhibits having exaggerated forechests, too long in loin and too low to ground. However even worse were those exhibits who were completely flat in top line without the desired slight rise over the loin. Bitches were overall of excellent type. MPD 1 Gaskin Isabarlio Spring Fanfare Over Dovestream Lovely head and expression. Nice ear carriage. Strong neck and topline. Happy chap. Well muscled. PD (2) 1 Res CC, Best puppy and Res best puppy in show, McDonalds Bensarka Phoenix Sun Real eye catcher. Excels in head, neck, shoulder and topline. Clean legs and feet. Well balanced height to length. Handler inclined to stretch him when standing which he doesn't need. However it is on the move he excels. Dead true as he covers the ground keeping his lovely lines. 2 Nortons Matzell Man of the Moment. Lovely clear red again with nice head and expression. Well ribbed. strong quarters. Very sound mover. Just needs to firm in topline. J (3) 1 Tite and Eales Rijobeau Caught Red Handed. Showy red with lovely head. He had a good neck but handler inclined to pull it back when stacked which ruins his lines. Little upright in shoulder. Strong topline. Powerful quarters which won him the class. 2 Gatherals Phaeland Screwdriver.Lovely dog who scored on his head, neck going into well laid shoulders. Excellent ribbing. 3 Higgins Leveliss This Charming Man. PG (5) 1 Furber Gameron Smart Choice to Dorysa. lovely happy B/T who had the balance length to height I was looking for. Excellent legs and feet. Moved soundly. Well muscled. Scored in feet. 2 Chauhan Hampdach Man in Black. Again sound and well balanced. Lovely head and expression.Super outline on the move. Would like to see him in slightly harder condition. 3 Graham Gameron Simply Red. L (7,3) Good class with my first three all by the same dog and little to choose. 1 McNaughton Cedavoch born to Boogie.Lovely red shown in top condition. Well balanced height to length. Good forechest with no exageration.. Super legs and feet. Very sound. Kept his lovely lines at all times. 2 Ellis Tealby Another Rumour in Red Again shown in really hard condition. Glorious red jacket that just gleamed. Lovely head and neck. Excellent ribbing. Ground covering movement. 3 H Mann in Black. O (8,1) Difficult class as type varied so much. 1 and CC Goads Rosanport The Illusionist. Here was what I was looking for. Perfect balance. Nice head and neck going into text book shoulders. Top line with correct slight rise over the loin. Sound as a bell and shown in hard workmanlike condition. 2 Dalgetty Thundergay Archduke. Lovely head and neck, with again correct topline. Powerful quarters, He moves well covering ground but not as tidy in front as winner. 3 McNaughtons Cedavoch Galadrim. VD (3) 1 Ch/Ir Ch D'Arisca Class Distintion at Carpaccio. 8 year chocoale shown in good coat and conditio Good legs and feet. Well balanced and not exaggerated in any way. Sound free mover. 2 Stanton Hampdach Hot Topic. 9 year old. Again in excellent coat and hard muscular condition.. Strong topline. Good legs and feet. 3 McNaughtons Ch Cedavoch Celebdil. MP (5,2) 1 Bethal Hampdach Have a Nice Day. Oh what a gem. 6 month baby who thought she was here to play! Going over her on the table she was text book. I saw enough of her movement to know she was dead sound. To crown it all a lovely size. Once she learns to show will take some stopping. Perfect front constuction which won her the class. 2 Seago and Gibbbard Gameron Right to Note for Amlida. Another lovely red baby in excellent coat and condition. Good head and neck. Strong topline . Good quarters. Ground covering movement. 3 Graham Gameron State of Play. P (4,1) 1 Coxon Bansarka Golden Garter. Well balanced red. Good head and neck Well laid shoulder with clean legs and feet.Good top and underline. Strong quarters. Carrying a little too much weight but she is only a baby and prefer this to being too thin. 2 Norton Matzell Maid Specially.Lovely headed babe. Kept her lovely lines standing and moving. Powerful quarters. 3 Furber Isabarlio Springtime. J (5,2) 1 Coopers Hacienda LoN Behold its Sontag. Stunning red coat in gleaming condition.Good head and neck. Strong topline and powerful quarters. Again the balance height to length I was looking for. Her really positive movement won her the class. 2 Gatherals Phaeland Special Duty.Built on longer lines. Excellent front and shoulder.Good legs and feet.Wellmuscled. 3 Furber Roleta Constant Reminder To Dorysa. PG (7,1) 1 1 and Res CC Dalgetty Thundergay My Fair Lady. Really comes into her own on the move keeping her lovely lines at all times while she strides out. Excellent front, well ribbed and super quarters. Perfect balance height to length which won her the class. 2 Trafford Debrenhof Sally Forth Again very true free mover. Exquisite head and expression. Correct topline. 3 Ellis Tealby Tittle Tattle. L (9,2) 1 Hunt Lauralee Miss Chokky Wokey at Carpaccio. Well balanced chocolate with lovely head, front and legs and feet. True free mover. 2 Seago and Gibbard Roleta Prestige Lotus Fabulous coloured choc shown in sparkling condition Really typical Dachshund type. Again free mover. Little untidy underline on the day. 3 Turner Maricur Moulin Rouge. O (9) Fabulous class with so little to choose between any of the exhibits. 1 and Cc and BOB Norton Ch Matzell Mildred. Gorgeous bitch with everything I was looking for. Her construction and movement is text book. Plus shown in hard condition. 2 Lovick Gibbs Roleta Keepin up Appirances. Chestnut red again in sparkling condition.Good front,ribbing and quarters.True free mover. 3 Turners Maricur Uptown Madam JW. V (2) 1 Goads Rosanport Play Me. 8 year old who is still in hard condition. Very shapely and well made. Great mover. 2 Furber Dorysa Dyddanwy. Another lovely 8 year old built on similar lines. Also in great form.

Jean Blandford


 I had looked forward to this appointment and I was not disappointed. The standard of the exhibits was very good indeed, and I could easily have signed four CCs, if not more. The breed appears to be in a strong position, and whether this is because it doesn't seem to be dominated by only one kennel or not, I don't know. Certainly there are some clever breeders in this variety and they seem to have a great knowledge of what is required and I can see Std Wires becoming a force to be reckoned with if this continues. All exhibits had good temperaments with the majority wanting to“mug” me on the temperament test! There were a couple with missing pre-molars, but all bites were correct with most having clean, large, white teeth. In such hot competition, it did mean that those whose coats were not at their best had to pay the price, and whilst I am the first to say coats are transient, when one is making difficult decisions, it has to be taken into acccount. MPD (5, 2) 1 and Best PD, Rollinson's Bystock Double O'Seven At Nosinlor. Promising baby by my Reserve DCC. Won on profile movement and tight elbows over second. Good size and well ribbed, playing around at the stack but that doesn‘t matter, excellent coat and well off for bone. 2 Patton's Lesandic Sea The Stars. Different type to first and longer in loin, moved well fore and aft, another with good potential. 3 Hastings' Lesandic Sublimity. PD (5, 2) 1 Rollinson's Bystock double O'Seven At Nosinlor. 2 Patton's Lesandic Sea The Stars. 3 Hastings' Lesandic Sublimity. JD (4, 1) 1 CC and BOB, Phillips' Cishelvine Swellagant Guy At Tendrow. Very much my type. Ideal size, excellent coat, short, strong loin, well ribbed, great character, loved his profile movement, positive hind action, at 14 months still very young but has all the essentials to be something very special, well muscled for age, good feet, oval thorax, beat the bitch for BOB on rear action, beat the Res DCC winner on coat and feet. 2 McCalmont's Silvae Zealot. Not quite as outgoing as first but did stand his ground, different type to first being larger and more rangy, lovely head and bone, looked well in profile but could tighten behind. 3 Skinner's Ritterburg Storm Trooper. PGD (8, 1) 1 Surrell & Coleman's Bokra Tabasco. Good shape both standing and in profile, collected positive movement, beat second on ribbing and having a shorter loin, good tight elbows, would prefer harsher leg hair to be critical. 2 Adkins & Langley's Phillisha Jack Be Nimble. Pleasing shape and had a good coat, tight feet and well off for bone. 3 R Storm Trooper. LD (9, 3) 1 Bates & Maes-Jones' Derochaise Mutineer. Close decision between first and second but second was out of coat, which clinched it. Black brindle dog of good type and shape, steady temperament but would have liked more animation on the move, excellent coat, kept topline at all times. 2 Derry's Abbeydac Parsley With Andlouis. Particularly liked the feet on this exhibit, good type and moved well. 3 Coverley's Aventine Tropic Thunder. OD (6, 2) 1 and Res CC, Moore & Coverley‘s Ch & Ir Ch Ex Sentia I'm Bond James Bond (Imp Pol). Lovely size and type, excellent angles back and front, good profile movement but excess animation made him untidy behind at times! Very worthy Ch for whom I would happily sign a CC. 2 Vine‘s Cishelvine Sea Swell. Sire of my BOB I see, carrying plenty of body, but good make and shape, could have more animation to advantage (borrow some from the first!) A good dog in a strong class. 3 Dible's Ch Lieblings Stormin Norman. VD (3, 1) 1 McCalmont's Ch Silvae Pickwick. One of the few exhibits I had seen before, having given him a CC in his youth. Ten years old and still a good shape with a harsh jacket, wonderful condition and still holding his outline on the move. A tad wobbly behind but he is a great dog to be proud of. Best Veteran. 2 Moore‘s Ch/Ir/Am Ch Raydachs Tom Cruisen On. Excellent size and type on this great show dog, lost to first on coat and muscletone but it was splitting hairs. Another great dog. MPB (8, 2) 1 and BP, Pughe & Fraser's Bystock Pussy Galore. Litter sister to minor puppy dog. This must have been a good litter! Baby of lovely size and good coat, wants to go as fast as she can on the move as its all a game, as it should be for now! She was more mature than second and she held her topline, compact with good angles, very promising. 2 Patton's Lesandic Sariska. Litter sister to second in minor puppy dog. This exhibit moved well, she has a good head and forechest, more scopey in type than first and so needs longer to mature. 3 Barney's Molloney On Denise For Romaunt. PB (4, 2) 1 L Sariska. 2 Pughe & Fraser's Bystock Black Truffle. Good coat on this pretty bitch, touch longer in loin than first and could have a little more animation on the move, only a young baby with time on her side. JB (6, 1) 1 Skinner's Ritterburg Desert Storm. Coat and presentation an object lesson! The most wonderful feet which I think are so important in a Dachshund. Pretty head, good topline, moved well, ribbing and loin better than second. 2 Phillips' Tendrow Replayed In Red. Good coat for a red, always difficult, lovely overall shape, good head, tad long in loin, moved out well. 3 Seath‘s Boloria's Kaleena At Sunsong. PGB (8, 1) 1 R Desert Storm. 2 Paskin's Kindeace See Emily Play. Similar to first and same excellent coat but couldn't match firsts feet or strong topline in profile, however, a useful bitch of good type. 3 Smith's Salixian Elise. LB (8, 1) 1 and CC, Davies' Atahira Centissima. Lovely shape, excellent coat, good head, wonderful feet. To be critical, I would like more positive hind action and this cost her BOB against the dog, however, in the bitch challenge I had the open winner and this exhibit back on the table as it was a close run contest, and it was the better upper arm and oval thorax that helped this bitch achieve the CC. 2 North-Row's Barmaud Violet. It is a cliché to say “unlucky to meet the winner”, but here it was true. Liked the type of this exhibit and she moved very well, but just preferred the upper arm and feet on the first. 3 Phillips' Tendrow Poetic Justice. OB (10, 4) 1 and Res CC, Bates & Maes-Jones' Ch Derochaise Black Orchid. Very black harsh coat, well presented, lovely head, held topline at the stack and in profile, good feet, very close for the CC and indeed I preferred the hind action on this exhibit, however, I preferred the upper arm, shoulder and consequently neck on the other bitch and so this was the decider. Black Orchid, however, is a lovely quality bitch for whom I would happily sign a CC. 2 Patton‘s Ir Ch Lesandic Lily Agnes. Lovely shape and size, another quality exhibit, just preferred the movement of first, correct ground clearance, as had all the Wires today. Looked as though she could do a days work. 3 North-Row‘s Ir Ch Barmaud Jessica. VB (6, 1) 1 Gibson's Allfreys Genevieve. Not in her best jacket, but her wonderful free movement secured her first place here. 2 Bates & Maes-Jones' Watermans Martha Of Derochaise. Preferred the size of this bitch but she was a bit restricted on the move, she, like first, kept a good topline and was in excellent condition. 3 Paskin‘s Sonic Prudence At Kindeace. KC Breeders (1) 1 Rowe's team - Boloria. Interesting that this kennel has perdued the difficult chocolate colour and has achieved success with it. Well done to you. All exhibits showed a likeness to one another and a strong family resemblance.

Mandy M. Dance


I loved judging this variety of Dachshund, the temperament is superb. I thought the quality in most of the classes was excellent and you have managed to get your sizes down, no large specimens. Type was quite uniformed throughout, which is excellent. PD (9,1a) 1 Johnson's Africandawns Night Flash. Lovely Deep Shaded Red baby, lovely head neck, lay of shoulder, length and depth of ribbing, good pro-sternum, keeps equal distance apart coming and going BPD. 2 Geeson's Abydachs Kicks up a Storm, another nice one and much of the above applies, just going a little closer behind than 1st. 3 Cook & Rhodes Abydachs Rides The Storm to Bournder. JD (3,1a) 1 Mitchell's Ch. Bronia Lotario JW. Sweet head and ear carriage, good length of neck, nice lay of shoulder, good top line, good spring of rib, longer than I like for balance. 2 Horn's Africandawns Night Willow. Good head, top line, nice run off of rump good ribbing, moving a bit close behind. PGD (9,1a) 1 Mark's Brynalyn Royal Warrier via Labbadax. A stunning dog, he just filled my eye, lovely head, masculine without being course, excellent reach of neck flowing into well laid shoulders, excellent length and depth of ribbing with lovely pro-sternum, well sprung ribs, good top line with lovely run off over rump, good tail carriage. This dog is very true when moving, keeps equal distance apart coming and going and uses his hocks. A beautifully balanced dog, nothing exaggerated nor understated. Beautifully turned out, a credit to his handler. CC BOB. 2 Johnson's Africandawns Night Dancer. Sweet head, good reach of neck, good pro-sternum, tail set higher than I like. 3 Burke & Manston's Ranglewood Galax with Bonavoir. Great Joint:LD (9,1a) 1 Cross's Loggeta John Collins. Shaded Red of equal proportions, good head, neck, lay of shoulder, top line, pro-sternum, keeps equal distance apart coming and going. 2 Dare's Darsoms Zaconic. Still very much a Baby, a lot about him to like, sweet head, good reach of neck, lovely ribbing, just not as settled on rear as 1st. 3 Paskin's Owlery Destroyer at Kindeace JW ShCM. OD (4,0) 1 Geeson's Ch. Abydachs Oh What a Night JW. Another one I liked a lot. Lovely Shaded Red, excellent proportions, lovely size, lovely head masculine without being course, covers the ground on the move, beautifully turned out, delighted to award RDCC. 2 Dare's Ch. Bronia Salvador of Darsoms. Sweet head, good length of neck, well laid shoulders, good top line, lovely ground clearance, just preferred the hind movement of 1st. 3 Burke & Manston's Loggeta Duke of Marmalade. VD (1) 1 Chapman's Melminds Mastercopy. On his own, 9 years old, sweet head, lovely front assembly, good top line, moving a little close behind. MPB (2) 1 Oxley's Owlery Little Boots. Sweetest head, very feminine, lovely reach of neck, excellent length and depth of ribbing, lovely lay of shoulder, excellent pro-sternum, good top line and run off to rump, lovely tail set, keeps equal distance apart coming and going. 2 Smith's Xanadu Out of the Dark, needs to steady on back end, lovely in front conformation, good head and top line. PB (8,1a) 1 Negus's Tarramist A New Hope. What a little stunner, lovely Shaded Red, excellent head, neck and shoulders, a pro-sternum to die for, excellent length and depth of ribbing, lovely hind angulation, uses her hocks, keeps equal distance apart coming and going, I shall watch her progress with interest, BP & BPIS well done. 2 Dare's Bronia Satinette from Darsom's. Another nice one, lovely head, neck and shoulders, lovely front assembly, good top line and tail set. 3 Dunbar & McNaughton's Bronia Velveteen. Great Joint: JB (6,1a) 1 Mitchell's Bronia Estee. Lovely B/T easy winner of this class, lovely head, neck, top line held on the move, excellent pro-sternum, length and depth of ribbing, lovely tail set with good run off over rump, lovely hind angulation, uses her hocks, moves with drive RBCC. 2 Eve's Dachslur Diamond Fancy Free at Sundayshill. Sh/Red lovely head, not so good at standing, better on the move, top line roaches. 3 Holden's Zarcrest Lush Lashes. PGB (4,2a) 1 Lawrence's Peverleigh Rose of Polly – Not as good in front as 2nd sweet head good top line, nice back end, good length of ribbing and tail set. 2 Duchesne Bonavoir Golden Maze of Scandell, preferred this young lady to first but as she was favouring a hind leg her 2nd place reflected this. A shame as there is a lot to like about her, sweet head and good reach of neck, good lay of shoulder, good top line, nice pro-sternum, length and depth of ribbing. LB (8,2a) Lovely class. 1 Garlic's Ranglewood Genista. B/T of excellent proportions all the way through, lovely head and expression, lovely reach of neck flowing into well laid shoulders, excellent pro-sternum with good length and depth of ribbing, good top line held on the move, lovely run off over rump and tail set, free moving coming and going, uses her hocks, loved her hind angulation BCC & RBOS well done. 2 Negus's Tarramist Invocation. Another lovely lady, not as much drive as 1st but everything else excellent. Lovely front assembly and top line. 3 Chapman's Darsoms Ziana at Melminds. OB (8,1a) 1 Dare's Ch. Darsoms Zienna. Lovely class with some lovely ladies, Lovely out line, excellent front assembly, good reach of neck, lovely shoulders and top line, good hind quarters, uses the ring. 2 Roberts Ch Swanford Burburydora B/T of quality, lovely head neck and shoulders, good top line, lovely front assembly, good hind angulation, keeps equal distance apart coming and going. 3 Mitchell's Ch Bronia Enchantress. Great Joint: VB (2,0) 1 Halsall's Distinctive Dream for Kiddles. Both these laldies 8 years old, Sh/Red, good head and neck, length and depth of ribbing. good run off over rump. 2 Booth's Ch. Darsoms Zarrival with Abbalongdat. Lovely head reach of neck, good ribbing, her high tail set spoils her outline.

Wendy Hall


 My thanks to the exhibitors for a lovely entry of 91 dogs, I had some very promising youngster in the early classes, coats are improved, I did find some short upper arms and some unsteady back ends, with not enough drive, having said that I was very pleased with the quality generally, the dogs coped with the noisy hall and I was very pleased to see so many quality youngsters in this breed. MPD 3 nice youngsters. 1 Rowell's. Emmajest joshua a good start with this lovely b/t boy with a good coat nice front and shoulders and a good underline moved really well for such a young dog. should have a good future! Best Puppy. 2 Puckitts. Foxearth free as a bird neat little baby nice coat texture moved well for age seems to be enjoying the day. 3 Youngs Portalutra Mr Thomas at Tarkus. JD (2) 1 Kugow & Holt Waldmeister Samuel dark brindle good front, and coat texture moved really well good ribbing and outline. quality dog. 2 Neate Beucat Exfactor. wheaten just out of puppy, coat a bit soft needs more handling to get the best from him the noisy hall did not help. PGD (5,4) 1 Whitehouse Drakesleat Hotoff The Press, not settled in the noisy room, nice type good ribbing and underline, when settled moved well. 2 Punters Welcomen Jeremy. A nice one good coat, stands a little cow hocked at the moment. 3 Adams Angleholms Figaro. OD (9,5) 1 Andrews Ch Drakesleat Win a Lot, eyecatching dog, well developed front good shoulders and reach of neck, firm level topline in good coat. dog CC & BOB. 2 Russell's Rusteck fillibeg JW, very nice boy pushed hard in the challenge would just like more reach of neck, showed and handled well. 3 Waldmeister Gordo At Helydon. MPB (5,2) 1 Malloney Kissy And Tell. Dark brindle with good substance very confident attitude moved really well to win res Bitch CC Best puppy. 2 Hutchins Foxearth Freebie to Collidach. Another nice baby that showed well should have a good future. 3 Price Samlane Zaffro. PB A strong class (11) 1 Mallony Pussy Footing, brindle good coat, nice front moved really well. 2 Angears Ridgrove Diamond Doll, similar type to winner nice quality and a good mover. 3 Thorn Andrews Drakesleat Ruppee Wax. JB (6)1 Blackburn Bennetts Stargang Lady Gaga. 2 Jones Bimini Starlight Express, light brindle in good coat, moved well. 3 Lewis Trixhund Country Lover. PGB (11,5) 1 Russells Rustteck Perchance To Dream, dark brindle in good coat kept a nice outline on the move, very showy with good drive. 2 Meredith Deepdax Credit Crunch, another nice one that showed well. 3 Haywards Foxearth Youve Been Framed. LB (11,3) 1 Thorn Andrews, Drakesleat Sally Fort, dark brindle nice type, long and low good front and shoulders, well angulated, moved well. 2 Prices Samlane Touch of Gin. Smaller type with lighter bone in good coat moved well. 3 Jones Bimini Rapsody in Blue. OB (10,3) 1 Blackburn's Bennetts Stargang Diamond Star. Eye catching and feminine lovely outline, full of quality, very pleased to find out this was her 3rd CC well done! 2 Drakesleat Russia About To Jiljac JW ShCM, another nice one in strong competition, moved really well the competition was very good at this show. 3 Roberts Drakesleat Winner Takes All To Swansford. Best Veteran Metcroft Some Like It Hot At Vossmead.

Kath Bethel


MPD 1 Phillips' Minimead Montmorency. Clear red, level topline and a super head and eye. Would like more ribbing and tighter elbows. Just a baby, moved well. PD 1 Coxon's D'Arisca Low and Behold. Very well made b/t, all fits so well together and lovely to go over. Tightest of elbows, super long ribbing and great angulation fore and aft. If anything I would like a stronger head. Best Puppy. 2 Orton's Cagebrook Thyme to Go to Scalamor. Shaded red, nice overall shape but disappointed on the move. Beautiful head and eye. JD 1 Jamieson's Djeata Midnight Sun. Really fabulous b/t dog and a true Dachshund in miniature. Super to go over, the best front assembly and quality bone with good feet. Would like slightly shorter hocks, but moved with a free and driving stride. A very impressive dog. Best Dog and BOB. 2 Salisbury's Willowheath Just William at Brockelwood. Shaded red, rather larger type. Good clean neck flowing into a level topline. Long in hock. PGD 1 Phillips' Jentiki Red Chilli Pepper. Clear red and a sound moving dog. Needs to settle but well made throughout. Good angles fore and aft. 2 Warton's Cwmdarhian Little Monty. Nicely made rich red, feet turn out as he moves towards you, rather slack in elbow. Good head. LD 1 Roberts' Denver Darling Echo Falls. Shaded red who seemed a little on edge on the day. A quality dog who is a very neat and correct size male. Inclined to turn out his front feet on the move. 2 Phillips' Jentiki Red Chilli Pepper. OD 1 Roberts' Ch Denver Midnight. Sun. Super quality red dog, a worthy Champion. Well made throughout with a super head and eye. Correct front assembly flowing into good ribbing. Res Best Dog. 2 Herrington's Kathington Coeur de Lion. Nice b/t dog with a good, deep oval keel and a level topline. Good masculine head and showed well. MPB 1 Hunt's Cwmdarhian Carry On Cleo at Carpaccio. Very much a baby who is really fond of her tail, quite acceptable in a youngster. Well made throughout but was moving a little wide in front. 2 Herrington's Rouge Royale for Kathington. Gorgeous clear red, very much my type. Very immature and needs time to grow on, as I feel she will be a lively adult. All fits into a neat package. PB 1 Coxon's D'Arisca Be Dazzled. Very feminine shaded red who is long, low and level. Lovely to go over as everything is in one piece. 2 Blackburn-Bennett's Stargang Serenity. Very nice clear red with a super head and eye. A very neat bitch who moves soundly. Very tidy feet and topline. 2 Greengrass' Joderica Billie Jean. Rather higher on the leg but moved soundly and with drive. Good front assembly, handled and showed well. PGB 1 Shuker's Yewlitt Amelia. B/T bitch with the most beautiful front and shoulders. Strong and sound mover, very honest bitch. Res Best Bitch. 2 Muggleton's Mosiarto Beautiful Belle. Fabulous head on this clear red, level topline and strong and correct hindquarters. LB 1 Scott's Shemby Crafty Kate. Very balanced shaded red, really liked this bitch. Excellent front and hindquarters, moved soundly and showed well. 2 Orton's Scalamor Belle Heather. Level shaded red, good head and eye. Tight elbows and well off for length. OB 1 Coxon's Ch D'Arisca Golden Delicious. Lovely bitch of the highest quality. Very feminine red who is difficult to fault. Has many past honours which are richly deserved. Best Bitch. 2 Hunt's Carpaccio Royal Parade. Another beautiful bitch which gave a difficult choice between 1 and 2. Just preferred the front of the winner, but an excellent bitch all through.

Becky Baldwin


 MPD (5) 1 Shutts Hillstar Brandysnap Of Donnadoon. 8 month clear red , masculine head  with good shaped eye and strong jaw, prominent forechest shoulders carried well back, good topline into a lovely sweeping tail. 2 Pooles Findowrie Mr Mcduff. 7 month shaded red, smaller & more compact, neat not overdone or exaggerated a good honest dog moved true &  showed very well for a youngster. 3 Nortons Dragons Kiss. Pd (5,2) 1 Barrows Zarcrest Dancing On Ice To Frankenwen. The most handsome  black &  cream with a look of eagles, well developed front with deep chest spring of rib carried well back, fantastic strong bone, lovely big feet moved true & steady. 2 Brooks Lynderlea Raferty. Very typey cream good length of body, beautiful coat, correct feet and bend of stifle moved freely. 3 Cawley & Kings Summerview Make Way For Roo. Jd (6,2) 1 Turners Rafthouse Gee Whizz. Elegant Black & Tan beautiful head & eye long reachy neck, flew round the ring covering the ground just needs to strengthen in topline. 2 McArthys Nagshall Oaklahoma Sunrise. Smaller cream dog, very neat & well put together, never put a foot wrong just not the scope of the winner. 3 Ways Sudasam A Touch Of Magic. Pgd (4,1) 1 Holdens Sengepabu Saint Valentine. A truly beautiful mini long, elegance, style & substance , shaded red presented in fantastic bloom, handsome head on reachy neck, my hands just flowed over him & such sweep of keel & the best of ribbing carried well back supporting his well conditioned body, great angles front & rear, he moved so effortlessly around the ring holding his outline, shouting look at me, delighted to award this dog CC & BOB. 2 Coopers Jealroie Sir Percivale At Jumanda. Smaller red dog scored in head body & ribs held a good topline could carry a bit more condition. 3 Brooks Lyndarlea Bubbles. Ld (10) 1 Lockett-Walters & Walters Ralines Red Kuri. Clear red dog of many virtues good reach of neck clean shoulders, deep well filled front, strong bone excellent ribbing, moved out but not totally intune with his handler. RCC. 2 Roberts Tornero At Dandydayo. Chunky black & tan with plenty of bone depth  & width of body neat rear with lovely bend of stifle &  short hocks just couldn't match the winner for elegance or ribbing. 3 Maclancys Metadale Dangerous Liason At Jaybo. Od (8) 1 Graham & Woods Ch Jadag Forntons Special.Well known champion mature black & tan masculine head on good neck running into beautiful shoulders , strong bone & lovely feet gave the class an abject lesson in showing. 2Boyles Ch Zarcrest Ice Conqueror. Elegant young cream champion very clean over the neck & shoulders, fabulous presentation easy mover just not the maturity or the development of front as the winner. 3 Lockett-Walters  & Walters Metadale Dick Turpin. VD (1) 1 Breeses Silkdown On Parade JW ShCM. Dark shaded red with super pigment  huge coat good bone & ribbing neat short hocks. Mpb (9) 1 Nortons Halunke Shear Magic. 6 month black & tan caught my eye, a real poppet, elegant but not big, very well put together  loved her type reminded me very  much of her mother. 2 Phillips Rossdach Madame Butterfly. Beautifully marked little brindle just gleamed, she has everything required in small package wonderful ribbing & neat rear. 3 Barnsdale & Hayward-Barnsdales Chriskim Athena. Pb (5,1a) 1 Dutsons Rossglen Rosa Mundi. 9 month shaded red lovely size and bone very well made,  another with excellent ribbing good bend of stifle, strong backend with neat hocks should certainly have a bright future, when it came to the challenge for best puppy bitch she decided she had, had enough. 2 Coopers Jumandas Silver Moonlight. Elegant silver dapple, houndy head good reach of neck big feet another lovely young bitch. 3 Rees Yumares Tabitha. Jb (8,1) 1 Lockett-Walters & Walters Ralines Summer Storm. Fantastic clear red couldn't wait to get my hands on her & wasn't disappointed, she is so  correct and  balanced very much in the mould of " Adora Kia  Ora"  and has that bit of sassiness  which  says im here! Very pleased to award her the CC. 2 Boyles Zarcrest Ice On Fire. Elegant cream of  beautiful type & immaculately presented true & easy mover not quite as developed in front as the winner but only a baby so has plenty of time  Best Puppy In Breed. 3 Woods Wildstar Wreflection. Pgb (11,1) 1 Coopers Jumandas Holly Berry. Typey bictch as were all from this kennel, houndy black & tan excellent head, lonfg neck deep front strong bone, good ribbing held her topline. 2 Greens Eldmour Electra. Very pretty feminine shaded red more compact than the winner but scored in front bone & ribbing. 3 Youngs Willowheath Marillion. LB (11,5) 2 Brooks Lyndarlea Muffin. Elegant black & tan, lovely type excellent head & neck, good depth & width of front just needs to find her coat to complete the picture. 2 Youngs Willowheath Frosting Angel. Another elegant bitch this silver dapple is built on similar lines  just not as together front & rear as the winner. 3 Roberts Ravenways Wishin N Hopin With Dandydayo. Ob (13,2) 1 Thomas' Ch Shenaligh Sweet Surprise. Mature black & tan very correct not too long not too low beautiful  front excellent ribbing & body proportions sound true mover just not the va va voom of the precocious youngster from junior RCC. 2 Ch Ralines Aubra Jean. I just love this black & cream such bone & wonderful to go over everything fits but she decided she wasn't going to put all in & gave the impression she would sooner be somewhere else. 3 Brooks Lydarlea Dark Moment.  VB (2) Two lovely ladies who have both won under me in their younger days. 1 Shutts Irch Jadag Kadbury Rose Of Donnadoon. Very attractive chocolate dapple beautiful coat & markings , sparkling pearly white teeth. Best Veteran. 2 Coopers Jumandas Lily. Very fit clear red also had an excellent set of teeth moved out well.

Jeremy Goddard