Great Joint 2009


It was a great honour to be invited to judge BIS at this prestigious event. My BIS line-up was extremely impressive with top quality exhibits for me to judge. I awarded BIS to the Smooth-haired Dachshund, Roleta Keeping Up Appirances. Looked an absolute picture on the table, lovely head and eye, reachy neck running into well laid shoulders, good pro-sternum, excellent ribbing, well angulated quarters, moved soundly. Res BIS, Drakesleat Winalot. Beautifully constructed Min Wire with long houndy head, good neck and shoulders, ribbing carried well back, balanced rear which he really used on the move. BPIS, I awarded to the very glamorous Min Longhaired, Zarcrest Ice Conqueror. Beautiful head with the darkest of eyes, good neck and shoulders, excellent bone, excellent quarters, moved with correct extension in profile. BVIS, my old favourite, Ch Silvae Pickwick. I have given him a ticket in the past and he still looks good. Beautiful head and eye, good shoulders, super ribbing, well angulated quarters which he uses to good effect, correct extension fore and aft on the move.

Fran Mitchell



 Many thanks for the super entry. I was looking for a Dachshund in Miniature that fitted the criteria laid down in the new standard points. Ribcage needs to be 2/3rds of the length of the body and loin to be 1/3rds, so that there is strength to lead into strong hindquarters to enable the dog to move with drive. Several had dirty teeth and I found 2 suspect bites. Overall the dogs were presented in a clean condition, although several were between coats so couldn't hide anything, but many lacked nice tight feet with short nails, with fat pads and muscled hindquarters, this being achieved by road walking al least once a day. However. My class winners fitted the criteria as close as possible. MPD. (6,2). 1. Brooks', Lyndarlea Bubbles. Choc/dapple. Lovely baby with good length of body and front construction. Leading to good hindquarters. Moved well. 2. Brnsdales', Chriskim's Blaze of Light. S/r. Not the length of winner but should come together nicely. 3. Holden's, Lyndarlea Black Ace at Sengepadu. PD . (4,1). 1. Boyle's, Zarcrest Ice Conqueror. S/cr. Well constructed puppy which moved out well, put down in superb condition. BDP, PD and BPIS. 2. Holden's, Sengepadu Saint Valentine. S/r. Well made puppy that needs to mature and drop into himself. 3. King's, Kingsdax Chase the Dream. JD . (7,1). 1. Blackshaw and Robert's, Ravenways Tornedo. B/t. Lovely boy but needs to mature, then will be up with the best. Good reach of neck and follow through. 2. Graham's, Jadag Fortons Caramel. C/t. Another lovely boy. Just preferred the neck and length of winner but will worry the best. 3. Cooper's, Jealroie Sir Percival at Jumanda. PGD . (5,1). 1. Poole's, Findowrie City Slicker. S/r. Well made youngster with good length of neck and rib. Moved well. 2. Brook's, Lyndarlea Atlantica. B/t of similar build to winner. Moved out well. Just preferred the finished picture of winner. 3. Richardson's, Sirrondach Ayton Senna. LD . (8,1). 1. Cawley and King's, Creekpit Black Opal. B/t. Well put together. Good lay of shoulder and length of rib. Well presented. He just lost interest in the challenge for RCC. 2. Lockett-Walkers and Walter's, Metadale Dick Turpin. S/r. Well made boy and in hard condition. Just not co-operating on the day. 3. Brook's, Lyndarlea Fizical Attracts JW. OD. (9,1). 1. Brooks', Layways Piper for Lyndarlea JW. S/cr. Filled my idea of 'fit for purpose' ie, if it moves right it must be put together right. Everything in the right place. Moved around the ring with purpose, driving well from behind. Good extension coming forward. Deserved the CC his second. 2. Wood's, Ch. Wildstar Wrenowned JW. B/t. Looked a picture on the table and stacked on the floor. I would prefer longer ribcage to strengthen the hindquarters. Preferred winner on the move. RCC. 3. Poole's, Findowrie Skye Lord. VD. (3,2). 1. Broad's, Jenwood Ring of Bells. S/r. 8 years old. Moved out well. Nicely put together. Looked good going and coming. MPB. (8,6). 1. Rees's, Rafthouse Classic Cliche at Amical. S/r. Nicely put together. Moved well for such a baby. BPB. 2. Murphy's, Classidax Penny Black. B/t. Not as mature as winner and would not co-operate which made it difficult to assess movement. Time will tell. PB . (6). 1. Cooper's, Jumandas Holly Berry. B/t. Beautiful puppy. Well made throughout. Good on the move. Well presented. 2. Geeson's, Abydachs Angelica. B/t. Similarly made to winner. Just preferred the hind action of winner. Two lovely babies. 3 Worswick's, Indicot in Tune with Dolyharp. JB . (13,1) Really mixed class. 1. Thomas's, Shenaligh Sweet Surprise. B/t. Cheeky little girl, well put together. At one with her handler. Should do well. 2. Turner's, Rafthouse Eternity. B/t. Similar to winner. A bit fidgety at rest. Just needs to finish to look lovely. 3. Brooks', Lyndarlea Muffin. PGB. (15,6). 1. Davis's, Corrinbar Midnight Blue. B/t. Lovely girl. Put together correctly. Coat really gleamed. She needs to settle into the job in hand. Moved well once she got her act together. 2. Williamson's, Barkroyal What a Peach. B/cr. Nicely made lady, but not quite the length of winner. Used her hindquarters to good advantage. 3. Johnson's, Charpurdy Just Iss. LB. (12,5). 1. Jamieson's, Djeata Cosmopolitan. B/t. Well put together. Looked good on the table and on the floor. Moved out well. RCC. 2. Brook's, Lyndarlea Sunset. S/r. Longer in body than winner. Moved out well. Nothing exaggerated. Not in coat, but had nothing to hide. 3. Williamson's, Barkroyal What a Peach. OB. (12,3). 1. Blackshaw's, Ravenways Drama Queen. S/r. What a find. Lovely girl who is well constructed throughout. Ie, good layback of shoulder flowing into correct length of rib with slight rise over rump, with well developed hindquarters which she used to flow around the ring. CC and BOB. 2. Jamieson's, Djeata Spring Blossom. S/r. Longer in body than winner, but moved out well going and coming. Preferred the finished picture of winner. 3. Thomas's, Shenaligh Sweet Shadow JW. VB. (4,1). 1. Shutt's, Ir Ch. Jada Kadbury Rose of Donnadoon. C/dapple 8 years old. In lovely condition. Moved well. Really enjoyed her day out. BV. 2. Davis's, Corrinbar Barley Blue. S/dapple 9 years old. Lovely girl. Moved out well. Just preferred the front movement of winner. 3. Johnson's, Charpurdy New Dawn. 11 years old.

S E Goodman


 Thank you for such a wonderful entry. However the Dachshunds and Parson Russells were only divided by a partition and this proved very noisy, resulting in some of the dogs becoming unsettled. It was a great advantage to have the facility to enlarge the judging area for the bitches. I felt that generally the bitches were superior to the dogs. MPD (3) 1 MacDonald's D'Arisca Devil May Care. Neat red dog, good head, reachy neck and well laid back shoulders, good ribbing and well angulated hindquarters, moved well. 2 Young's Youngline Dreamkeeper. Larger red, lovely head and eye, good ribbing, not the movement of one. PD 1 Reed's Deercroft Double Dare. Nice black and tan, good size with plenty of bone, nice feet, good neck and layback of shoulders, good ribbing and hind angulation and kept level topline. JD (6) 1 Deercroft Double Dare. 2 Metcalf & Bilgins' black and tan, good size, very sound, nice head, neck and shoulders, good spring of rib, firm body, level topline, moved well. 3 Kent's Baratini Jeeves At Lokmadi. PGD (5) 1 Watkinson's Manakoora Hawaiian Amakihi. Smart black and tan, moved well, nice head and good length of neck, nice feet, well off for bone, strong hindquarters. 2 Barratini At Lokmadi. Third in last class, neat front with good shoulder placement, well ribbed, not the hind movement of first. 3 Renton's Portalutra Making Ice At Dukudachs. LD (10) 1 Roberts' Denver Midnight Sun. Red dog in gleaming condition, strong houndy head, lovely oval eye, good reach of neck and well laid back shoulders, moved true in front, good length of rib and strong hindquarters, should have a very bright future. Res CC. 2 Selton's Barisse High Endeavour. Another nice dog, good head, not the reach of neck of one and not so long, but very sound, very good hindquarters, moved well. 3 Winchurch Brianwolf Malachite. OD (6) 1 Harrington's Kathington Chance Encounter. Very houndy head, nice eye and good reach of neck, good front and shoulders and ribbing, nice feet, in lovely condition, moved very soundly. His third CC. Congratulations. 2 Ergis' Ch Siouxline Indigo JW ShCh. Worthy champion, nice black and tan with good head, eye and shoulders, good reach of neck, well angulated quarters, nice feet in lovely condition, moved out well. 3 Barber's Ch Melriding Meruisti. MPB (11) 1 Worswick's Belezieth Sweet Jewel Of Dollyharp. Pretty black and tan, very promising baby, lovely feminine head and eye, good reach of neck and layback of shoulders, good bone and nice feet, strong hammy hindquarters, moved out well. 2 Siouxline April Folly. Another smart baby, lovely head and eye, good neck and spring of rib, strong hindquarters, just preferred hind action of first. 3 Batendach Redlight At Radclyffe. PB (3) 1 Worswick's Kireton Alma Of Dollyharp. Well bodied black and tan in lovely condition, feminine head, good reach of neck and front, nice feet, strong hindquarters, moved well. 2 Blackburn's Clentry Seaflower At Stargang. Red, much finer than one, nevertheless a quality puppy, pretty head, nice eye, not the movement of one. 3 Kerry's Kireton Agnes. JB 1 Shuker's Yewlitt Amelia. Loved this black and tan, nice head, eye, strong arched neck, one of the best shoulders of the day, lovely ribbing, moved well, pressed hard for top awards. 2 Hughes' Minimead Maid To Love For Julidachs. Lovely black and tan, pleasing head, neck and shoulders, lovely topline, nice feet, moved well, not the drive of one. 3 Daykins Barratini Jilly Cooper. PGB (25) What a super class. Many bitches went home cardless and I am sure on another day places will change. Just spoilt for choice. 1 Blackburn Bennett's Stargang Lotus Elite. Stunning brindle with lovely head, neck and shoulders, the best of fronts and ribbing, strong hindquarters, moved well. Will watch this one. 2 Bursey's Hartlake Sweet Damson. Another quality bitch, black and tan, in super condition with a lovely head, good neck and layback of shoulders, good spring of rib with strong hindquarters, lovely topline standing and on the move. 3 Roberts Denver Darling Blossom Hill. LB (18) 1 Rowell's Emmajesk Amelia JW ShCh. Sound black and tan well proportioned bitch, lovely head, eye, well laid back shoulders, good front and well ribbed, strong mover and good hind action, pressed hard for Res CC. 2 Melbourne & Holdsworth's Barrati Hubble Bubble At Melriding. More unsettled than one but nice head and shoulders, good ribbing, strong hindquarters. 3 MacDonald's Benskakra After Midnight. OB (9) 1 Hunt's Ch Carpaccio Royal Parade JW. Super bitch my notes just said stunning. Lovely head, nice oval eye, good neck and shoulders and forechest, well rounded ribcage, lovely bone, well angulated hindquarters, moved effortlessly around the ring with drive. 2 Ergis' Siouxline Evangelina JW ShCh, same applies as first, just preferred hind movement and tal set of one. Hope she gets her third CC soon. 3 Bursey's Willowheath Bliss With Hartlake. V (2) 1 Watkinson's Manakoora Koh-o-nor, nine years old, not showing her age one bit, lovely head, clean teeth and seemed to be enjoying life to the full.

Y Angear


What super temperament these Wires have, a lick when you first meet them and wagging tails all round, they are a credit to their breeders. MPD (3) 1 Clifford's Ablebody Razzmatazz, few furnishings yet as has a pin wire coat, lovely size of pup with good layback of shoulder; nice bone and shape, moves out well, BPD. 2 Vine's Cishelvine Surf Rider, another nice puppy, topline not firm yet and slightly long cast at the moment but should fill out on maturity. 3 Kirkby's Bystock Bananarama. PD (4) 1 Surrell & Coleman's Bokra Tabasco, strong puppy who performed well with super bone and coat, good bend of stifle; has sound parallel movement. 2 Smith's Salixian Eclat, nice puppy with lovely head, eye and neck; ample chest and good length of ribcage, preferred movement of first; 3 Kirkby's Bystock Bananarama. JD (3) 1 Bates' Derochaise Mutineer, nice headed dog with good muzzle, clean neck and shoulder, well balanced with sound topline, harsh coat, he could handle better, but very good quality dog that fills the eye. 2 Moore's Romanchi Mohican, good head with oval front and prominent chest, long in body and well turned stifles, not driving out to advantage today. 3 Hunt's Norriska Yellow Diamond. PGD (6) 1 Rees' Ermewood Joint Effort, typical head with nice reach of neck, back level with sloping shoulders, adequate length of ribbing and well angulated hindquarters, moves out freely. 2 Coverley's Aventine Tropic Thunder, pleasing head, compact body with nice spring of rib, needs to settle, not as tidy on move as one. 3 Kent & Dible's Monisi On The Town. LD (7, 1) 1 Vine's Cishelvine Sea Swell, with ample bone, tight front and well bunched feet, good length of ribbing and positive movement, long, low and level. 2 Moore & Coverley's Ex Sentia I'm Bond James Bond (Imp Pol), boundless energy; higher than one, balanced in construction but not moving freely. 3 Clifford's Ablebody Rock "N" Roll. OD (5) 1 McCalmont Silvae Paradigm, lovely build with good muscle; appealing head, well laid back shoulders; good length and topline, super feet and bone, harsh jacket, moved out well, a "Stallion Hound", CC. BOB. 2 Dible's Ch Liebling Stormin Norman, another quality dog, lovely head & eye, correct front assembly, holds topline with well angulated quarters, RCC. 3 Moore's Ch Aventine Rainman At Romanchi JW. VD (5) 1 McCalmont's Ch Silvae Pickwick, excellent condition at nearly ten years of age with a sweeping keel and good length of ribbing BV & BVIS. 2 Patton's Ir Ch Lesandnic Limestone Lad JW,8 year old, good type, prominent breast bone, correct length of body and moved well. 3 Coverley's Romanchi Choctaw. MPB (5, 2) 1 Skinner's Somercloud Eclipse with Ritterburg, well balanced bitch with elegant neck and firm topline, good depth of chest and tight feet, who moved out well, BP. 2 Vine's Cishelvine Call of the Sea, promising baby, good overall shape, correct front and hind angulations, super coat. 3 Pughe's & Fraser's Bystock Butternut. PB (3) 1 Skinner's Somercloud Eclipse with Ritterburg. 2 Paskins' Kindeace See Emily Play, lovely head and neck, good lay of shoulders, nice type, just cuts up in underline at the moment. 3 Smith's Salixian Elise. JB (4, 1) 1 Davies' Atahira Centissima, lovely feminine bitch with harsh coat, good chest and depth of keel, when moving has a good even gait and covers the ground well. RCC. 2 Bates & Maes Jones' Derochaise Black Orchid, super type, nicely arched neck, well filled front and tight elbows, strong body with nice spring of rib, moved well. 3 Calcott's Baffledown Peanut Butter. PGB (9, 3) 1 Paskins' Sonic Fancy Free at Kindeace, nice headed bitch with no exaggeration, good depth of chest, level back and clean underline, well angulated quarters, moved out well. 2 Seath's Sunsong Gypsy Music, lighter build than one, lovely head with broad ears, clean neck and level topline, presented in top condition. 3 Dible's Liebling Drama Queen. LB (9, 2) 1 Patton's Lesandnic Strike Up the Band, pin wire with good head & leathers, excellent front and feet, nice length of ribbing, good angulations and free movement. 2 Seath's Sunsong Gypsy Rose, compact bitch, nice head and shoulders, lost topline today when standing but moved out nicely with good strong quarters. 3 Gibson's Allfreys Grace Kelly JW. OB (11, 2) 1 McCalmont Ch Silvae Zest, well balanced bitch with correct head and shoulders, good front extension, level topline and good rear angulation; a worthy champion, CC; 2 Patton's Ir Ch Lesandnic Liberthine, lovely head and eye, good reach of neck and depth of chest with prominent breast bone, nice length and underline, lighter type, moves soundly. 3 Rollinson's Ch Nosinllor Joan of Arc. VB (2, 2) 1 Gibson's Allfreys Genevive, aged 7, nice head and neck, of good type, dipped slightly in topline, good angulation. 2 Patton's Ir Ch Lesandnic Lucky Song, 11 years old, well covered bitch who showed with enthusiasm, a pleasure to go over this "old girl".

Mrs Elaine Morris


 My thanks to the GJDA for the appointment and my thanks to all for such a wonderful entry. It is two years since I last judged this breed and I find that whilst some things have improved others have gone the opposite way. Much has been said about the lack of prosternum and certainly angulation and I have to agree that this really needs to be looked at in your breeding programme. There is still the question of movement or lack of it! drive needs to be introduced and this can only be done in the exercise field  but pace needs to be a major part of this exercise not only speed. MPD (6) 1 Thorn Andrews' Drakesleat Otton the Scent. What a lovely start, first time out for this puppy nice size, good length, level top line good ribbing, masculine head well coated, strong in quarters, moved with drive, nice type. (BP and RBPIS) 2 MacDonough Varrich's Capercaillie. Good coated, nice length of ribbing moved well, stood a little taller than 1 3 Whitehouse Drakesleat Ottoff the Press PD  (3,1) 1 Blackburns' Stargang Tigers Eye smaller in type Nice head on strong neck level top line compact well boned moved with drive. 2 Marston Teal Lordscairnie well coated much slimmer in type needs to tighten in movement Would not stand? JD (6,2) 1 Presnail Taree Nelson  Nice shape and type long low and level, good coat, nice head. Level top line good length of ribbing well off for bone good lay of shoulder well balanced Just a little nervous. 2 Marston Teal Lordscairnie Performed much better in this class and moved with verve. 3 Kirkwoods' Waldmeister Gordo at Heyldon PG (6,2) 1 Shaws Cilnant Happy Harry Nice size good length of body level top line strong masculine head good shoulder placement Strong quarters moved with drive 2 Young and Otter Tarkus Windy Miller Portalutra. Good coat, different type than one, good prosternum moved well stood taller than 1 3 Hooper's Starhill Kings Rhapsody LD (6,2) 1 Prices' Samlane Tetley Nice size Good coated strong head exellent prosternum  Level top line good length of ribbing Moved with drive but would prefer a better underline 2 Blacks' Bassodon Bible well coated, well off for bone, Prefered the length of ribbing of 1 and didn't drive as well. 3 Young and Otter Nordach Mr Muffin of Tarkus OD  (8,2) 1 Thorn Andrews Ch Drakesleat Win a l ot. Lovely overall size low to ground strong masculine head on good shoulders, level top line, good sternum, ribbing well back strong rear quarters which he showed to the full extent in his driving movement no hesitation in awarding him CC and BOB. V (1) 1 Banks and Douglas Torabbi Welsh Malt Sh Cm Well coated 8 year old, good head  good length moved with drive. MPB (7,1) 1 Poxon Kapodach Izzi Miyaki Nice neat package for one so young good coat  well off for length good shoulder placement level topline good movement. 2 Lancaster and Miller's Pellismer Sno Bigdeal a lot of the above comments apply here however I preferred the movement of 1 3 Otters' Portalutra Sastia Imi PB (11,2) 1 Russells' Russteck Perchance to Dream Nice brindle in good coat Long low and level Feminine head level top line strong quarters which drove her round well. 2 Dunns' Barrantini Bumble at Ashridge above comments apply here however she does stand higher on the leg than 1 and she was not moving as well, seemed to have something on her mind? 3 Lancaster and Miller Drakesleat Ott Stuff Pellismer JB (11,2) 1 Barney's Verrami Ava Nuvver Romaunt Nice size good coat feminine head on good placed shoulders good spring of ribbing and good length of rib, strong quarters good movement. 2 Thorn-Andrews Starhill Lady of the lake at Drakesleat Chocholate Long Low and Level all of the above comments apply here but I preferred the head on 1 One to watch!! 3 Kugow and Holt Waldmeister Steffi JW PG (12,1) 1 Blackburn-Bennett Stargang Diamond Star Nice size well coated feminine head on strong shoulders good lay back of shoulders level top line held on the move nice under line good length of ribbing strong quarters moved with verve well deserved CC. 2 Billinghursts' Drakesleat Russia About to Jiljac well coated good head on strong shoulders. Slightly longer than 1 lower to ground moved with drive. 3-Jones' Bimini Rhythm N Blues LB (13,2) 1 Baldwins' Beckel Pent- House Baby Lovely type Long Low and Level Nice feminine head level top line held on the move good under line, full prosternum strong rear quarters moved very elegantly and positively Nice overall package. Please to award her RCC. 2 Kugow and Holt  Waldmiester Guillemot Nice type feminine head, well off for bone, good size level top line good shoulders, strong coat, moved with drive. 3 Horswell Drakesleat Not on Your Nelly OB (10,3) 1 Blackburns CH Stargang Beau Belle Good coated brindle feminine head well placed shoulders level top line kept on the move, long low and level moved with drive. I was disappointed in the challenge that she would not stand still and kept squatting!! 2 Thorn-Andrews Drakesleat Winsum Losesum Nice type good head on strong shoulders well off for bone level top line held on the move. Stands higher than 1. 3 Fultons' Bothlyn Black Rose   V (2,1) 1 Walker's Drakesleat Von Der f ul, nice type good coated nice head level topline kept on the move, well off for bone.   

A Derry


It gave me tremendous pleasure to judge smooth Dachshunds again, particularly at this association's event. I thank everyone for their entry. The bitches were very strong and presented quite a problem to separate them. MPD (2,1) 1 Turner's Rafthouse Holey Sheet, b/t youngster who has great promise. Well filled front. Elegant and well trained. 2 Harris's Vomgolf Box Of Tricks. Very chunky baby with great bone and lovely feet. topline a bit weak. PD (5,1) 1 Bethell & Payton's Hanpdach Gold Quest. Red who was full of life and obviously enjoying himself. Clean outline, very elegany and sound coming and going. 2 Bethell's Hampdach Dark Looks. Litter brother to above and same applies, very elegant but not so well traines as his brother. 3 Wilkinson's Hampdach Dark Knight. A third from the same litter, a real band of brothers. truly a litter to be proud of. JD (7,2) 1 Ellis's Tealby Another Rumour In Red. A glorious example of a smooth. Substantial, sound and thoroughly enjoying himself. Good construction and his movement confirmed this. Lovely outline posed and on the move. 2 Graham's Gameronsimply Red. Totally different in type to above. Lighter in build and narrower in hindmovement. 3 Tiesal Colonel Mustard. PGD (4,1) 1 Macnaughtons Cedavoch Born To Boogie. Has matured well and settled to the task. Good topline and underline and well finished quarters. 2 Hedge's Silandajo Best Intentions. b/t with good clean front and well filled crook. Correct forechest, length of ribbing and underline. 3 Harris's Jack The Lad. LD (6,2) 1 Hedge's Roleta Red Boots To Shine For Silandajo. Red half brother of the BOB and BIS winner and also sire of bpib. A clean and sound red. 2 Gatheral-Graham's Phaeland Sherrifs Deputy. Loved his type. Well finished hingquarters. 3 Goad's Rosenport The Illutionist. OD (3) 1 Bethell's Hampdach Pyrrus. Clear red who has matured into a fine example of his breed. Full of enthusiasm for the job at hand but well under the control of his handler. 2 Rawson's Ch. Rosenket Kaptain Kirk, very worthy champion of excellent type, correct top and underline. res. cc. 3 Jeffrey's Rosenket Heir Apparent At Andax. VD (3,1) 1st and Best Veteran Mccarthy's Seatris Laced With Success In wonderful condition and moving out well, a credit to his owners. 2 Jeffery's Rosenket What A Wizard At Andax. Another who is a credit to the care of his owner, in shining condition and could give the winner a year or two. not moving out so well as above. MPB (2,1) Two puppies of entierly different type. one with a soft topline and another with a rounded topline. 1 Rawsons Rosenket Opal Essence And. 2 Mccarthy's Star Pick For Seatris. PB (5,1) 1 Hedges Silandajo New Red Shu's. Outstanding baby, lovely construction which showed in her steady flowing movement. Just loved her. 2 Bethell's Hampdach Black Opal. b/t and extreamly elegant, another with correct construction. Full of life. Held her topline at all times. 3 Seago And Gibbard's Tealby Lorna Doone. JB (8,1) 1 Nortons Matzell Mildred. Have admired this youngster so many times and today had the opportunity to go over her. She did not disappoint. Very feminine and sound. Good front movement, well finished and well used hindquarters. Half sister to the cc winner. res. cc. 2 Joy's Tealby Kind Comments For Morailsa. b/t of substance. Lovely front and underline. 3 Gatheral Graham's Rijobeau League Of Honour. PGB (6,1) 1 Punter's Abbagirls Here I Am At Welcumen. Shaded red of very good type, sound and true on the move. needs to gain in confidence. 2 Graham's Roleta Red Letter Day For Gameron. A happy and confident bitch with good forchest and sound hindquaters. 3 Harris's Vomgolf Crystal Butterfly. LB (5) 1 Ellis's Tealby Taken As Read. Loved her as a puppy and has definately fulfilled her early promise. beautiful front, stood four square and her correct top and underline finished the picture. 2 Rawson's Churchoak Some Like It Hotat Rosenket. Substantial bitch of lovely type. well balanced and sound both ways. 3 McNaughton's Cedavoch I Love To Boogie. OB (4,1) 1 Lovick-Gibbs Roleta Keepin Up Appearances. CC and BOB. Another one much admired as a puppy and I gave her bpis at our premeir breed club ch. show a couple of years ago. she ceretainly has fulfilled her early promise. Very well made and her true movement was a testament to this even at the end of the day. Still happy and full of life when she took BIS. 2 Nortons Ch. Matzell Maid Of Honour. Well known and much admired bitch who, together with her half sister are a credit to their breeder. Very feminine and typy. Showed her socks off. 3 Melbourne's Lauralee Take That To Melriding. VB (1) 1 Goad's Rosenport Play Me. Another in gleaming condition and enjoying her day especially the sausage.

Lovaine Coxon