Great Joint  2008


It was a great honour to be invited to judge BIS at the Dachshund show of the year, especially as this was my final judging engagement. I have now retired. There was a wonderful line-up of BOB winners, each one a very good example of their variety. BIS went to the Long-haired, Geeson's Ch Abydachs Oh What a Night. A super dog, I liked everything about him. A joy to go over, he went round the ring with head held high saying, 'I am the best,' and he was. Presented to perfection. RBIS was the Miniature Smooth-haired. Barber's Simply Red Ruby of Rivergate, who I am told was made up on the day. A beautifully balanced bitch, what a body on her. So very well constructed and a very sound mover. Well deserved her placing. BPIS was another Long-haired. Boyle's Zarcrest Gosh I'm Gorgeous, and she certainly is. This is a pup with a very bright future, who I am sure will go on to win many tickets. I will watch her career. RBPIS was the Wire-haired, Derry 's Abbeydac Parsley with Andlouis. He was so good to go over on the table, good head, super bone, a bit sloppy on the move but sound. A happy dog. BSVIS was the Smooth-haired, Jeffery's Rosenket What a Wizard at Andax. Looking great for his 10 years. BMVIS/BVIS was the Miniature Smooth-haired, Ergis' Ch Siouxline Angelina. 12 years of age and she moves like a youngster. I have given her several top awards in the past and have sung her praises. She is still a great bitch. May I wish you all good luck in the future.

Len Hammond



 MPD (9) 1 Thorn-Andrews' Drakesleat Win A Lot. Stunning puppy, so well balanced with a beautiful head with a strong foreface and jaw, nice eye and expression, well placed ears. Good reach of neck, good length of body and a super topline standing and on the move. Good ribbing, bone and croup. Very good angulation front and rear, good coat and an excellent mover. Res CC and Best Puppy. 2 way's Sudasam May Isu Jest. Another very nice puppy. Slightly lighter in build than the winner. Lovely head, eye and expression and a good muscle. Very good front and keel, well angulated and a very good topline. Good coat and he moved very well. 3 Huckerby's Norwilbeck Dark N Dashing. PD (6,2) 1 Price's Samlane Tetley. Lovely dark colour and excellent coat. Nice dark eye. Well proportioned with good ribbing, good front, croup and bone. Moved parallel, topline ok. 2 Young's Nordach Hello Mr Wispa of Tarkus. A pretty baby, not so mature as the winner and head is a little short. Nice eye and expression. Good bone for size, well placed croup, a little short in upperarm. Excellent coat and he moved very well. 3 Miller's Palsuz Little Red Devil. JD (5) 1 Shaw's Cilant Happy Harry. Very nice dog and a pleasure to go over. Lovely and well balanced head with a good head and lovely eye and expression. Good reach of neck, good length and depth of body. Good ribcage, correct croup and a good front and rear. Excellent coat, well muscled and a very good mover. 2 Wilberg's Kanix Oscar. Well balanced head and a lovely dark eye and expression, well filled muzzle. Good front and depth of body with correct croup and nice bone. Very good coat and he moved well. 3 Robertson's Magic Bilko. PGD (3) 1 Black's Bassodon Bilbie. Lovely masculine head with strong foreface and very good, dark and keen eye. Excellent front with well laid shoulders, good ribbing and chest bone. Correct croup, well angulated. Good coat and an excellent mover. 2 Hassall and McLeod's Sidelock Formula One. Very close to the winner and another very nice dog. Lovely masculine head and foreface with a lovely eye and expression. Good ribbing and croup, parallel legs front and rear. Very good coat and an excellent mover. 3 Oram's Rosswell Luciano. LD (7,1) 1 Kugow and Holts' Waldmeister Henry. JW. Very lovely hound, well proportioned with a dry, clean outline. Lovely head, eye and expression and a good muzzle. Good neck, front, ribbing and underline. Secure topline and an excellent coat. Very well presented and an excellent mover. 2 Thorn-Andrews' Skootamota Sukka Drakesleat. Very eyecatching. Beautiful head of good length with a strong muzzle and a good reach of neck. Good front, nice depth of ribcage and good bone. Excellent angulation, nice coat. Standing is a picture, not as positive as the winner on the move. 3 Moore's Danvichar Bergamont Sh CM. OD (7) 1 Horswell and Iwami's Ch Jap Ch Drakesleat JP Trier Winshoten. Beautiful balanced head of good length, strong foreface and a lovely keen eye and good skull with well placed ears. Excellent reach of neck flowing into a strong topline, good front and a nice depth of ribcage and underline. Good bone, parallel legs front and rear. Super coat, well angulated and an excellent mover. CC and BOB. 2 Smith's Dunnspitts Zakajak. Very attractive and masculine dog, and very well balanced. Lovely head, eye and expression and a nice muzzle. Good topline and underline, good front and ribcage and nice bone. Parallel legs front and rear. Really good croup and an excellent coat. Very good mover. 3 Kugow and Holt's Waldmeister Jackson. JW. mpb (12,4) 1 Hipkins' Metrella Wots It's Name. Very pretty with a lovely head, eye and expression. Well balanced body with good length and good front and angulation. Good coat and she moved very well. 2 Blackburn's Stargang Beau Belle. Lovely head and muzzle. Good front and an excellent ribcage and correct length of back. Well angulated with correct croup. Rear movement a little lazy. 3 Hardy's Kushwin Firefly. PB (9,2) 1 Blackburn-Bennett's Stargang Diamond Star. Pleasing head with lovely dark eye. Streamlined outline and a good ribcage. Nice depth of chest, good bone and well angulated with a good croup. Good coat and she moved very well. 2 Morton's Cotherstone Molly Dixture. Very lovely body shape. Nice head and muzzle, lovely dark eye giving a nice expression. Well placed croup. Tends to rise a little at the rear, I am sure it will pass. 3 Russell's Russteck Thistledown. JB (5,1) 1 Otter and Wilson's Donnadoon Dapple Diamond. Not a strong class but the easy winner was this dapple. Good body proportions, I would like a stronger head with more length. Nice eye and expression. Good front and chest and a good croup. Super topline and she moved very well. 2 Lancaster and Miller's Drakesleat Stone Me with Pellismer. Lovely head and foreface. Good ribbing, good reach of neck and nice bone and angulation. Very loose in elbows and she lost her topline on the move. 3 Shaw's Rotella Remember. PGB (15,4) 1 Blackburn's Stargang Tuesdays Child. Makes a lovely picture and is very well balanced in head and body. Well filled foreface and a lovely expression and well placed ears. Excellent nck, good front and keel and a good croup. Very well angulated with a good topline. Good coat. Moved very well. Res CC and Best Puppy Bitch. 2 Kugow and Holt's Waldmeister Guillemot JW. Lovely bitch and well balanced in head with a good foreface and a keen eye and expression, well placed ears. Good reach of neck. Slightly less keel than the winner, though an excellent topie, good ribbing and bone. Well angulated, excellent coat and a very good mover. 3 Minshull's Sidelock Ruby Tuesday. LB (15,4) 1 Thorn Andrews' Drakesleat Miss Suebishy. Balanced with a strong head and muzzle. Very good front and a good length of body. Well angulated with a good croup and a nice coat. Moved ok. 2 Whitehouse's Rioban Finishing Touches. Nice size and a lovely head of good length, keen eye and good front and angulation. Good bone, super coat and a nice topline and underline. Could lose a little weight but a good mover. 3 Kugow and Holt's Ora Von den Kleinen Banditen. OB (12,2) 1 Horswell's Drakesleat Voo Lay Voo. Really appealed to me. Strong and houndy head, strong jaws and a beautiful dark eye, giving a nice expression. Very good reach of neck, long ribbing and parallel legs front and rear. Excellent mover with a strong topline. Proud attitude. CC. 2 Miles' Gunnrange Ophelia with Jaybiem. In type is similar to the winner, though not as strong in head, but still very good. Well balaned with a sweet eye and expression. Good front and ribcage and a well ppaced croup. Nice angulation, good bone and a very good coat. Moved very well. 3 Earles' Kapodac Ello Motto. Vet B (1) 1 Dance's Dacatec Mindya Peas N Cues Emem. A very happy veteran, well built with a good length of body. Nice head, good foreface and a nice eye and expression. Good ribbing, well angulated and in good coat. Moved well and freely.

Birget E Hayward


 Delighted to find such a quality entry and I was spoiled for choice especially in the dog entry. When judging Min Longs I try to keep in mind they are in the Hound group and therefore, as well as adhering to the breed standard, need to be strong, muscular and free moving. Glamour is a bonus! .Fronts have improved but still too many short in upper arm. Sadly, I found very few who had real thrust in hind action. I was surprised to find several exhibitors stringing their exhibits up and then racing them round the ring. The line of the neck flowing into the shoulder is spoilt and exhibits throw their front legs in all direction. On each occasion I asked exhibitor to slow down and loosen the lead, lines and movement improved. MP (5,1) 1 Poole Findowrie City Slicker.Lovely head and expression. Lovely head and expression, supper front. Excellent outline at all times. Moved truly covering ground. 2 Lockett Wal;ters Rallines Red Kuri. Built on similar lines and shown in excellent coat and condition..Nice neck and shoulder with plenty of fore chest. 3 BrooksLyndarlea Atlantica. P (3,2) 1 McCarthy Nagshall All Guns Blazing. Lovely headed B/T. True mover especially behind. Would like more length of upper arm. J (10,2) 1 Young Willowheath Hendrix. Elegant B/T who moves out like a dream absolutely truly. Excellent front with clean legs and feet. Scored here on his powerful quarters. 2 Brooks Layways Piper for Lunderlea. Most attractive cream with dark pigmentation. So well balanced. Good front construction, well bodied. 3 Crawley and King Creekpit Black Opal at Summerview. PG (6,2) 1 Hallet Cahebrook Jimmy Choo at Loretto. Shaded red of very different type to the rest of the entry today. Lovely head and neck running into superb lay of shoulder.Clean legs and feet. Strong topline. Moves out well. 2 Richardson Sirrondach Ebony Damon Hill. Lovely B/T who was lower to ground than winner but not as true in front. Lovely coat and condition. Looked a picture going round. 3 Brook Lyndalea Fizical Atracts JW. L (9,3) 1 Brooks Lyndarlea Earth Tremor. Exciting B/T. Lovely head and neck going into well laid shoulder. In hard muscular condition. Moves soundly keeping his lovely lines. Good coat of excellent texture.Thought he would be a contender for top honours but in challenge missed his handler. 2 Croxford Arbroath Lord of Strathspey. Neat red with tidy legs and feet. Excellent ribbing.True free mover who keeps his lovely lines at all times. 3 Poole Findowre Skye Lord. O (10,1) Strongest class of the day as quality went right down the line. Normally a decisive judge splitting the first two proved to be real headache.Both shown in first class coat and condition. Both had many pluses and of course small minuses. There was nothing to choose in movement. In the end decided Choc Ice just scored in balance height to length. 1 and CC Brooks Ch Lyndarlea Choc Ice. 2 and res cc Turners Ch Rafthouse Herr Flick. 3 Brown Ch Rafthouse Raising Hell at Garbosa. V (2) 1 Watkins Ch Bidomis Pinball Wizard. Delightful 8 year old in first class shape and condition. Still moves with great gusto. 2 Duchesne Scandell's Ring Master. Handsome ten year old shown in excellent coat. Moved soundly with purpose. MP (11,1) Class of promising pups. 1 Way Ralines Butternut Posh .Really glamorous little cream Coat really gleamed. Lovely head and neck running into super front with good legs and feet. Moved truly with purpose. Inclined to fly her tail but she was enjoying herself and at 7 months why not? 2 Brooks Lyndarlea Sunset. Again very sound well made babe.Well laid shoulder with clean legs and feet. Strong topline. 3 Rees Yumares Smart Enough. P (8) 1 and best puppy Geeson Abydachs Absolution. Outstanding. Gave her dam her first CC and think she is even better. Well laid shoulder,good top and underline. Popwerful quarters. Moves out truly keeping her lovely lines. 2 Turner Rafthouse Lucy Lastic. Another lovelyone. Well laid shoulder good fore chest. Good length. Again free mover. 3 McCarthy Nagshall My Fair Maiden. J (16,3) 1 Renton Dukidachs Silver Sugar. Well made silver dapple. Good shoulder, legs and feet. She moves truly and really kicks out behind. Keeps her lovely lines at all times. Just needs more coat to complete the picture. 2 MeeBarlaines Dark Delight. Elegant B/T shown in excellent coat and condition. Well bodied with good length of ribbing. Very well balanced. Covers ground well. 3 McCarthy Nagshall My Fair Lady. PG (17,7) 1 Blachshaw Ravensway Drama Queen. Shaded red shown in excellent condition. Prominent fore chest, good feet. Good length of ribbing. Lovely outline at all times. Personally found her movement more fluid when she was moved slower. 2 McCarthyNagshal Pickity Witch. Smaller. Again good front and feet. Moved truly. Not quite the head and expression of winner. 3 Norton Halunke Casalani. L (12,2) 1 CC and BOB Nortons Halunkie Shalimar. She filled my eye completely. So well made all through but nothing was exaggerated. Shown in really hard muscular condition and in good coat. Kept her lovely lines at all times and moved so well. 2 Earley Yelva Silver Moonlight. Lovely silver dapple again so well made. She moved truly but not quite the length of stride of winner. 3 Thomas Shenaligh Sweet Shadow. O (11,3) Difficult class. There was quality right through the entry but some out of coat or condition, Others lacked any desire to move or show off their qualities. End of show season syndrome? 1 and Res CC Earley Yelva Silver Cloud. Well laid shoulder good length of upper arm and tight elbows. Strong topline and powerful quarters. Really covers ground truly. 2 Roberts Ch Denver Suzi Wong. I love this small B/T. She is good to go over on the table and moves out so nicely. Sadly today was carrying a little too much weight which resulted in her topline flattening. 3 Holmes Tammera Touch of Elegance. V (5,3) 1 and best veteran Davis Corrinbar Barley Blue. Sparky silver dapple who like most of the dapples scored in front construction and powerful quarters. Excellent coat and condition. 2 Johnson's Charpudy New Dawn. Sweet headed 10 year old. Lovely front, strong topline and quarters. 3 McCarty Nagshall Cream Toffee.

Mrs Jean Blandford


 I was delighted to be asked by the committee to judge at this show and delighted by the entry. I would like to thank the committee and also the exhibitors who brought their lovely dogs. MPD 1. Metcalfes Metadale Manitoba, a lovely red puppy well angulated back and front nice reach of neck moved well. 2 Geesons Abydachs Iconic. s haded red puppy good front nicely angulated moved well Two very nice puppies. PD 1. Mitchells Bronia Classic l egacy. Sh. red puppy good shoulders, well ribbed nice hind angulation moved well. JD 1 Dares Darsoms Zupremo sh, red dog another nice exhibit from his good reach of neck good spring of rib to his nice angulation moved well. 2 Foss Kindeace Laird of Lochloy black and tan dog good rear angulation but I would have preferred longer upper arm. PGD 1 Negus Tarramist Adonis Dream Black and tan dog with much to like about him. He also has a nice reach of neck good shoulder angulation nice spring of rib good hind angulation, moved well. 2 Wedges Dolan Day After Day Sh. red dog another dog who is well angulated back and front and moves well. 3 Chapmans Marshwick Moonlight Dream. LD 1. Johnsons Bronia Prime Design at Africandawns. Nice sh. red dog again I liked his angulation both front and rear and his length of ribbing nice mover. 2 Milnes Rodima Mystic Knight red dog nice head nice length of rib moved well. 3 Alfords Swansford Pukkador at Deeseedax OD 1 Geesons Ch. Abydachs Oh What a Night, beautiful dog he has everything from his reach of neck through his super, shoulder angulation good front nice length of rib,to his excellent hind angulation.Needless to say his movement is excellent,pleased to give him CC and BOB.Delighted to see him go Best in Show. 2 Metcalfe's Ch Metadale Macquarie another dog and a worthy champion.Unlucky to meet 1st in such good form ResCC 3 Roberts Swansford Lyrenstan Picasso V 1 Oxleys Ir. Ch. Larkhund Latest Destroyer at Owlery Sh.Cm.This lovely black and tan dog is in super condition he has a lovely head and reach of neck good shoulders well angulated at the rear and moves very well pressed hard for ResCC 2 Negus Shardaroba Midnight Sun at Tarramist another nice dog in superb condition moved well. 3 Earles EarlsdachsButch Cassidy MPB 1 Callows Metadale Miranda red bitchwith good reach of neck nice length of rib good hind angulation moved well. 2 Chapman's Cassenbourne Leading Lady to Melminds sh. Red bitch nice shoulders Unfortunately tends to roach on the move as yet. PB 1 Boyles Zarcrest Gosh I'm Gorgeous, red bitch who really is gorgeous, she has everything I like. Nice head good reach of neck, super front and shoulders, good length of rib, nice hind angulation, low to ground, excellent mover. BPIB. Was delighted to see her go BPIShow. 2 Metcalfes Metadale My Oh My. Another lovely red puppy very similar type to 1st I am sure she will do a lot of winning. 3 Mitchells Bronia Dream Legacy JB 1 Mitchells Bronia Devil Woman red bitch,another one I really liked. She has a lovely head, super shoulders, good length of ribbing,exc.hind angulation and of course moves beautifully. ResCC. 2 Dares Darsoms Zensation another nice red bitch moved well unlucky to come up against 1 3 Duchesnes Bonavoir Golden Maze of Scandell PGB 1 Roberts Swansford Philkadora. Red bitch with good reach of neck, nicely ribbed, well angulated back and front moved well. 2 Negus Tarramist Ophelia. Shaded red bitch she also has a good reach of neck well laid back shoulders nice hind angulation and moved well. 3 Cook and Rhodes Bournder Frankincense. LB 1 Metcalfes Metadale Maid from Manhattan lovely shaded red bitch another good mover as you would expect from her excellent conformation pressed hard for ResCC. 2 Negus Tarramist Invocation. Shaded red bitch well made and moved with drive. 3 Dares Loxbar Rubi Muri Darsoms. OB 1 McFauls Ch/Ir. Ch. Dachville Perfect Blend. Superb black and tan bitch with lovely head good reach of neck flowing into well laid back shoulders, nice spring of rib nice hind angulation and moved with drive. CC. 2 Cook and Rhodes Bournder Royal Sapphire. Another lovely black and tan bitch who flowed round the ring I am sure her day will come. 3. Ir. Ch. Owlery Czarina.

Jennifer Breeses


I was delighted with the entry as in this economical climate and the cost of fuel it is an expensive past time. If you take off my dogs and the ones I had bred it of course would have been around the 60 mark but with the least absentee rate out of the 6 varieties I was more than happy. On the whole presentation was excellent there were a few exhibits with questionable mouths. Heads varied a great deal with some lacking in underjaw which spoilt the lovely classical heads that we have been used too. Temperaments were good with just a few youngsters that were apprehensive on the table. MPD. (1). 1. Brettell's, Hampdach Rich Legacy at Diminudax. Alone very large b/t who needs time to mature. Needs to settle in front movement, would prefer a better shoulder placement. Loses his topline on the move. BPD. PD. (1). 1. Brettell's, Hampdach Rich Legacy at Diminudax. JD. (1). 1. Bethel's, Hampdach Pyrus. Red needs more confidence. Presented in excellent condition. For me I would like more length to his keel. Excellent ribbing over angulated hindquarters. Moved out well keeping a level topline. PGD. (6). 1. Cooper's, Sontag Marcus Absent. Smart b/t. Excels in head, top size for me. Had the best front construction in the class. Best mover in this class keeping his outline at all times. 2. Williams's, Lauralee Charles Dickens at Cwmdahrian. Thought he would have been my winner. There is a lot to like about him. He scores well in all departments but on the day would not co-operate on the move with his handler. 3. Higgin's, Matzell Midnight Harbour for Leveliss. LD. (7). 1. Tites and Eales's, Lauralee the X-Factor. Smart b/t who I have often admired from the ringside. Surprised he has not made up. Classical head, well filled front. Correct shoulder placement. He was the best mover in the class keeping a pleasing outline at all times. Pressed hard for the top awards on the day. 2. Kerry and Cooper's, Sontag Sir Cumference at Kireton. Have admired this dog in the past. Pleasing head, neck and front. Moved out ok but I preferred outline of winner. For me was lacking condition. He needs more weight to finish the picture. 3. Punter's, Wecimen Kiss Me Quick. OD. (5). I have admired the first 2 for a long time. 1. Cooper's, Ch. Sontag Simon le Bone. A dog I have judged before. He has matured nicely and has now reached his best. Excellent head, neck and well filled front. Correct shoulders. Well sprung ribs, well angulated hindquarters. Moved out with great style and verve covered the ground with ease. He keeps his topline at all times. He never put a foot wrong. Pleased to award him CC and BOB congratulations. 2. Armstrong's, Ch. Lauralee Lloyd George. Have admired from the ringside for a long time and he did not disappoint n handling him. Your hands just flow over him. Correct head and front, well placed shoulders. Moved out well. Pleased to award him the RCC. Sire of BP winner. 3. Dalgety's, Thundergay Archduke. VD. (2). 1. Jeffrey's, Rosenket What a Wizard at Andax. I have seen him look better. B/t who seems to have improved with age. Well filled front. Correct shoulders. Keeps a pleasing outline at all times. Pleased to award him BV. Delighted that he was BVIS. 2. Wolages Matzell Moritz. Red enjoying his day out. MPB. (3). 1. Armstrong's, Lauralee Peeping Fawn. Pretty red with sweet head and expression. Well filled front, excellent ribbing. Moved out well. One for the future. Pleased to award her BP. 2. Bethel's, Hampdach Saving Grace. Very immature red. Needs time to settle and mature. For me I would like more bone. Preferred the movement of winner. 3. Seago's, Roleta Prestige Lotus. PB. (4). 1. Lewis and Eddies', Vom Gold Witches Cauldron. Smart b/t. Nice head and neck. Well sprung ribs. Moved out well. Had the best topline in the class. Would like better feet to finish the picture. 2. Trafford's, Marictur Miss Modiste at Dabrenhof. Pretty b/t. I would like more bone who on the day was carrying too much weight for me as she tended to loose her topline on the move. 3. Harris's, Vomgolf Christmas Treasure. JB. (6). 1. Lockett-Walter's, Ralines Rumour Has It. Smart b/t. Correct head and expression. Well filled front. Excellent ribbing. Moved with ease and style. Best mover in the class. Pleased to award her RCC. 2. Tite and Eales's, Rijobeau Glitz n Glamour. Smart b/t who I have often admired. On the day she never put a foot wrong. Moved out well. 3. Macdoandls', Hampdach Classic Gold at Bensarka. PGB. (7). 1. Graham's, Roleta Red Letter for Gameron. Smart red bitch who won this class on her movement. Pleasing head, neck and front. Moved out with ease. 2. Higgin's, Matzell Misty Morning for Leveliss. B/t. Different type to winner. Correct head and front. Would prefer more layback of shoulder. Moved out ok. Needs ore weight to finish the picture. 3. Higgin's, Matzell Morning Chorus for Leveliss. LB. (6). 1. Dalgety's, Thundergay Magdalena. B/t who I have judged before. Has matured nicely. Correct front and shoulders. Would prefer a more refined head but moved out well. Pity she was not settled in the challenge. 2. Otter and Wilson's, Come Dancing with Portalutra. B/t. Well filled front. Correct outline. Moved out covering the ground well. 3. Harris's, Reach for the Stars. OB. (4). 1. Norton's, Ch. Matze Maid of Honour. Smart red sympathetically handled to get the best out of her. Pretty head and expression. Well filled front. Correct shoulders. Excellent ribbing. Well angulated quarters which gave thrust on the move. Keeps her outline at all times. Pleased to award her the CC. Congratulations. 2. Bethel's, Ch. Hampdach Alinga. Was surprised to see her as I awarded her the CC the last time I judged, but on the day she lacked weight which spoilt the picture. VB. (1). 1. No Name Given. Smart b/t enjoying her day out. Moved and showed well. Pushed the dog hard for BV.

Jason Hunt


It is just over nine years since I last judged this variety, which is also the variety I show, and in these years much seems to have changed for one thing there is an influx of new blood from abroad, where as nine years ago the only overseas blood was that of Starbarrack Diamond who the late Jill Johnson had brought into the country, who is behind quite a few of the present dogs, but I am not sure that enough care has been taken in who has been mated to who. Size seems once more to be a problem, could these dogs get down a badger sett and pull a badger out with out getting stuck, are they too long to manoeuvre underground? Let's not forget the purpose of the breed, they are a hunting dog, who goes to ground, their coats are supposed to be so dense and harsh that they can go through the thickest of undergrowth that might put even the smaller gundogs off. On the plus side their temperaments are wonderful and all were happy to be on the table and gone over I had many a kiss from them. Mouths need to be watched, as quite a few were bordering on having a level bite, shoulders could be better placed but it was hind movement that was so poor. I wonder if people walk behind their dogs and watch them move, if they did I am sure they would realise that something was wrong for they do not drive, but wander from side to side. Having said all that I would like to say a very big thank you for my entry, I enjoyed judging your dogs. MPD (3,1) 1 Paskins, Sonic Foot Loose At Kindeace, Brindle with a good coat and a very pleasing head, shoulders well placed, but I would like to see him carrying a bit more weight, as at the moment he looks a bit too long, which affects his topline. Hind movement is poor, it could improve with road work. Nice size. 2 Rees, Ermwood Joint Effort. Rather on the large size, he had better feet than one but his hind movement was very poor. Well off for bone. Lovely head and expression. PD (4,1) 1 Derry 's Abbeydac Parsley At Andlouis B.P.I.B. A lovely size, dark brindle, beautifully presented, good shoulders, good rear end, level topline, very handsome young, man, who moved around the ring with ease. He should do extremely well, I shall watch his progress with interest. Was delighted to see him go R.B.P.I.S. 2 Skinner's Ritterburg The Magician, who was beautifully presented with not a hair out of place, he has a masculine head with a dark eye, this is set on a good reach of neck with a prominent forechest, good bone and feet, however he is still a puppy and a bit on the large size for me, so hopefully he will not grow any more, his hind movement really lets him down. 3 Edwards & Lavin's Swincombe Darite. Brindle better size than two, but needs more ring training to show off his good points, pleasing head and shoulders but feet a little flat. His owners should have some fun showing him. JD (4,1) 1 Dible's Liebling Stormin Norman, what a lovely harsh coated red, with a masculine head and expression, good shoulders level topline, well off for bone with good feet. He has a good rear but there were times when he was pulling away from his handler, which spoilt his hind movement, a promising exhibit. 2 Skinner's Ritterburg The Magician. 3 Vine's Cishelvine Nobody's Fool Nice size, but a little loose in elbow, which showed in front movement, hind angulations quite good. Pleasing head and expression. PGD (5) 1 Skinner's Ritterburg The Magician. 2 Davis ' Knotts Greene King. Lovely sized brindle, who was immaculately presented shoulder and rear angulation quite good, level topline masculine head and expression, both the dog and the handler have come a long way since they first ventured into the ring, The lad now needs to move out with more purpose and drive, for he is quite well made. 3 Paskins' Atahira Bags The Blue At Kindeace, Dark Brindle little on the large size, but with good bone and feet, nice rear end but still lacked drive on the move. LD (8,3) 1 Vines Cishelvine Sea Swell, lovely for size, dark brindle well presented. He is well constructed for and aft, which allows him to move with drive and extension, but his owner is inclind to rush him around the ring, which spoils his movement, he has a good keel ribbing goes well back, should do well. 2 Rowe's Boloria Calico JackDark Brindle, well presented with good bone and feet, level topline, well made quarters, which he knows how to use, not quite the front of one, plus he's a little short in ribbing, and is still a little on the large size for me, but a pleasing exhibit non the less. 3 Clifford's Ablebody Rock And Roll, red, good ribbing little upright in shoulder, excellent coat and presentation, but would like to see him carrying less weight. OD (5) 1 Northrow's Ir Ch Barmaud Jacob C.C. and B.O.B. to be hyper critical I would like him a size smaller but having said that he was totally new to me. He has the most wonderful head with a dark eye, definitely the old type of head, infact he is very much the type of dachshund that Jill Johnson would have shown, and he is of the Silvae breeding of some years back. Excellent front and rear angulation with good spring of rib and level topline, his movement was excellent. 2 Dible and Moon's Ch/Ir Ch Lieblings Cross The Pond To Barmaud, R.C.C. the only wire I had judged before and I still like him, he has an excellent red coat, with a good front and rear end, he moved out freely infront but today he did not move quite as well behind as one. I like his head and dark eye with an excellent reach of neck. 3 Derry 's Ch Andlouis The Tempest, A really lovely size and one who I see on looking in the catalogue is passing on his size and good construction to his offspring. Lovely head good reach of neck with excellent shoulder placement, level topline but today was not moving as positively behind as I have seen him. MPB (8,2) 1 Mease's Weaverwires Florin very much a baby, she is a dark brindle with much lighter hair on her legs, very feminine with good shoulders, moved well for a youngster, ended the day as the best minor puppy in breed. 2 Gibson's Allfreys Starduster, what a lovely baby, who is just six months, but I would expect to see and hear a lot about her, for she is very well made both for and aft with good ribbing and a level top line, moved out well and was enjoying herself. Just lost out to one by a whisker, which was maturity. I see that she goes back to the breeding that I liked. 3 Clifford's Ablebody Pulcinella. Another red with a good coat, but was a little on the plump side, was quite well made fore and aft. Very feminine head good reach of neck, level topline, moved well for a youngster. PB (5,1) 1 Locksmith's Abbeydach Corriander, B.P.B. she is a litter sister to the B.P.I.B. and very like him, she is a nice size with a feminine head dark eye, good front and rear end ribbing carried well back. Promising. 2 Moore 's Molloney Ann Other At Romanchi, came up from reserve in puppy class and here she moved much better although she is not co-ordinated in her movement, excellent coat and presentation with good bone. 3 Paskin's Sonic Fancy free At Kindeace, another brindle of similar breeding to many of the other puppies but she very much lacks maturity and could do with some ring training. JB (7,1) 1 Pughe & Fraser's Bystock Black Inca, very dark brindle, who I have liked, good shoulders, well ribbed prominent forechest, ribbing carried well back, at the moment I would like to see a more rounded back side for she appears rather narrow, possibly could carry a little more weight. A pleasing youngster who with maturity should do well. 2 Phillip's Tendrow Poetic Justice, good red coat, who is somewhat upright in shoulder, good feet but lacking a little in bone, ribbing good, prominent forechest, she has a good rear end and this showed in her sound rear movement. 3 Gibson's Allfreys Grace Kelly, brindle who I like as a puppy and one who I feel will come on with maturity for she has all the essentials good coat, although leg hair could be harsher and her feet could be tighter. Lovely feminine head dark eye, moved out soundly. Kept a better topline than two. Rather at the in between stage of maturity. PGB (11,7) 1 Vine's Wireline Fem Fatale Among Cishelvine. Balanced brindle with good shoulders and rear end level topline, just a little too low to ground, she has a good keel with ribbing carried well back. Moved out well, showed her pads. Presented a nice outline, which she kept on the move. 2 Calcott's Vineacre It's Only Money. Very similar to the winner, in most respects but was not moving as freely. She has a good bone and feet, with a harsh coat. Lots to like about this youngster. 3 Paterson 's Cloudside Isodora At Amblesque, one who I have seen on many occasions, who on first glance I thought would be the winner, but I felt she could loose a little weight as this affected her movement. She is very well constructed with good shoulders and rear end level topline both standing and on the move, she has great bone and tight feet. LB (10,5) 1 Rollinson's Nosinllor Joan Of Arc R.C.C. Dark Brindle who was immaculately presented she has good front and rear construction with a good forechest and ribbing carried well back, kept a level topline at all times, she has matured into a nice bitch, today her rear movement was not a positive as I have seen it. 2 Rowe's Bolario Anastasia, a good coated chocolate, which is nice to see, she is a lovely size with good shoulders and rear end, possibly a little narrow in front, which showed in her movement. Good rear and looked good in profile, but lost out to one on hind movement. 3 Speak's Rodnan The Goddess Athene Brindle, who does not have the shoulders of the other two, but has quite a good rear end and this was reflected in her movement going away. Good bone and feet. Feminine head with a dark eye. OB (8,1) 1 Northrow's Ir Ch Barmaud Jessica C.C. I had never seen this bitch before and I now see she is a litter sister to the dog winner. She is a lovely size and full of quality, excellent front and rear construction with just the right amount of forechest. Kept a level topline both standing and moving, her movement was very true, a lovely bitch, just pipped by her brother for B.O.B. on what I thought was his better ring presence. 2 Gibson's Allfreys Ursula another nice brindle, feminine head on a good reach of neck, with well placed shoulders, good coat feet and bone, just feel she is a little short of rear angulation. Her ribbing is carried well back, keeps a level topline at all times. 3 Pughe & Fraser's Ch Bystock Pumpkin Pie., feminine head on a good reach of neck, quite well placed shoulders but not quite up to one and two. Has a good rear end and this showed in sound hind movement. I did feel that she was a little long in the loin and that she was a little short in ribbing. VB (2,1) 1 Ryder's Ch sonic Knight Sky To Jasker, this young lady is now eight years old, but does not look it. In lovely condition with a feminine head, good shoulders and rear end, she moved out well. Keeps a level topline both standing and on the move Thank you for bringing her.

Pamela J Poulter


I was p leased to judge an excellent entry of MSHD at this prestigious show. I found the quality of the bitches to be far better than that of the dogs and I felt I was really spoilt for choice in my Bitch CC line-up. There appear to be two distinct types (in both dogs and bitches). Some are very deep-bodied, often with what I consider to be over-exaggerated forechests and excessively deep keels, but have better front angulation. I feel these lack ground clearance and would struggle to cover ground. The other type is taller, with more ground clearance, but also less length of body. These move more freely and with parallel movement coming and going. They also tend to be less well-angulated in front and some have rather cut-up underlines. My preference was for those with a bit more ground clearance, tidy, flowing underlines and good parallel movement front and rear. Temperaments were generally good, with only a couple reluctant to be handled on the table. Some heads are not the conical-shaped profile required and, combined with round eyes, give a non-typical appearance. MPD (18, 5) 1 Roberts' Denver Midnight Sun: Very promising red dog of 8 months. Good forechest and well-angulated front construction. Firm topline which he held on the move. Tidy underline, not cut up at all. Adequate ground clearance. Moved really well, with good drive and extension. Best Puppy. 2 Salisbury 's Barratini Aston Martin: Another 8 month puppy with very good forechest, front construction and tight-fitting elbows. Elegant neck. Well-balanced type. Slightly more crook moving towards me than 1. Also well-angulated behind. 3 Shelton 's Barisse High Endeavour. PD (7, 2) 1 Hutchison's Moongarm Whos The Daddy: 7 month red dog who had the best movement in this class. Very true, parallel, movement both coming towards me and going away. A bit more cut up in his underline than I would like. Adequate ribbing. Liked his head and expression, Good forechest. A bit longer on the leg than 2. 2 Coxon's D'Arisca Speed Dating: Red dog of nearly 12 months who seemed a bit over-awed by the occasion and wasn't giving of his best. Good head and neck. Nice front construction and I preferred his underline to 1. Good length of ribbing. Lovely topline. A bit of wrinkle on front legs. If he can gain more confidence with his new owner/handler, he could do well. 3 Hartley's Rajashee Don Juan at Lyrosh. JD (5, 0a) 1 Callow's Garthorne Top Gear: Neat and compact Black and Tan with easily the best front construction in this class.Good head. Elegant neck. Well-angulated behind and he moved very true in both directions. Tidy underline Good topline in profile movement. 2 Yeomans' Klynerbyner Vim and Vigour: Chocolate dog. Heavier built type than 1 and not the front angulation of 1. Slightly toeing-in coming towards me. Good forechest. Well-angulated behind when stacked and very true, parallel movement going away. 3 McAuley's Elnside Woody Be Best. PGD (7, 1) 1 Yeomans' Klynerbyner Vim and Vigour: As JD above. 2 Winchurch's Brianolf Malachite: Red dog of lighter build, taller and more elegant than 1. Prominent forechest and good layback of shoulder. Elbows were not as tight-fitting as 1. Good topline when moving. Very nice flowing underline. Moved parallel going away. 3 Endersby's Mowbray Music Man. LD (7) 1 Melbourne 's Melriding Jerome: Elegant red dog who is well-constructed at both ends. Good head. Prominent forechest. Could be slightly tighter in elbow. Acceptable ground clearance and tidy underline. Good length of ribbing. Used his well-angulated rear to move with drive and true moving away. 2 Ashwell-Carter's Siouxline Isaac JW ShCM: Handsome Black & Tan dog who showed himself off much better when moving than when stacked. Heavier built, with more depth of body than 1 and not the ground clearance. Liked his front construction with tight-fitting elbows. Very nice tidy underline. Not the turn of stifle of 1. 3 Pritchard's Hannamouse Dande-Lion. OD (10, 2) 1 Callow's Ch. Garthorne Garcia: Very well-balanced Black & Tan dog who is a real picture in profile, stood and moving. Prominent forechest, well-angulated front and tightly fitting elbows. Adequate ground clearance. Good topline at all times. Well-angulated behind and he moved very true going away from me. Dog CC and BOS. 2 Ergis's Ch. Siouxline Indigo JW ShCM: Another nice type, although slightly taller and shorter in body than 1. Held his topline well on the move. Good underline. Moved very true coming towards me. Steps out with drive. Performed well in this strong class. Res. Dog CC. 3 Coxon's D'Arisca Grand Prix. VD (2, 1a) 1 Luke's Corrieknowe Circassian: 8 year old Black & Tan presented in lovely, hard condition. Taller type, with good ground clearance. Very good forechest and layback of shoulder. Elegant neck. Moved true coming towards me. Slightly straight behind when viewing profile movement. Excellent, firm, bunchy feet. MPB (13, 1) 1 Dunn's Bronia Golly Miss Molly at Ashridge: Beautiful Black & Tan bitch of 8 months who looked better moving than stacked. Elegant neck. Lovely front construction with good forechest and tight-fitting elbows. Nice feet. Moved true, both coming and going away. 2 Salisbury 's Barratini Analisa: Black & Tan baby who seemed to be tiring and became a bit fidgety. Lovely front construction. Not quite as elegant in neck as 1. Good feet. Held her topline at all times. Preferred her underline to 1. Well-angulated behind. Moved parallel in both directions. 3 Roberts' Denver Darling Blossom Hill. PB (10, 2) 1 Melbourne & Holdsworth's Barratini Hubble Bubble at Melriding: Beautiful front on this elegant 11 month Black & Tan bitch. Good ground clearance. Nice, tidy underline. Slightly soft in the topline compared with 2. Well-angulated behind. Moved really well in profile - driving with her rear. True movement front and back. Best Bitch Puppy. 2 Robinson's D'Arisca Barratini Bouquet: A well-balanced Black & Tan bitch of 11 months. Very prominent forechest. Rather upright in shoulder compared with 1 which gives a less flowing line from neck into her topline. Good length of upper arm. Lovely underline and super topline. Moved very true moving away. 3 Gaskin's Dovestream Tango'd All Over. JB (12, 4) 1 Richardson 's Belazieth Magic Pearl: Very promising youngster who presents a lovely, balanced profile with no exaggeration. Good ground clearance. Held her topline on the move. Nicely angulated behind. Moved true coming and going. 2 Ergis's Siouxline Evangelina: Good head and elegant neck. Lovely forechest, not over-done. Not quite the topline of 1 when on the move. I liked her neat, flowing underline and ribbing. Better feet than 1. 3 Metcalfe's Metadale Flirtie Girtie. PGB (19, 4) 1 Russell's Russteck Peatbog Fairy: I was very impressed with this Black & Tan bitch. Lovely profile - good forechest, neat underline and held her topline at all times. Good turn of stifle. Her movement was absolutely parallel coming and going away. She was a contender in the Bitch CC line-up. 2 Barber's Pattons Little Eva by Rivergate: Beautiful Red bitch who excels in front construction. Good forechest. Tidy underline. Held her topline well. Toed-in slightly when moving away from me. Half-sister to my BOB - her sire is producing some lovely offspring. 3 Daykin's Barratini Danneka. LB (14, 4) 1 Barber's Simply Red Ruby of Rivergate: Stunning Red bitch who presents such a lovely picture both standing and when on the move. A classic Dachshund shape. Lovely layback of shoulder, good length of upper arm. Nice topline. Good length and balance. Tidy underline (despite coming back from having had a litter). Very true movement. CC, BOB and delighted to see her go RBIS. I understand this makes her up - well-deserved. 2 Rowell's Emmajesk Amelia JW ShCM: Not quite the length of 1, but a nice overall type. Really good front construction, with a good, prominent forechest, but not over-done. Heavier built in front than 1 and her underline is not quite so flowing. Slight wrinkle on front legs. Good hind action. Moved well. 3 Callow's Garthorne Gazania. OB (8,1) 1 Coxon's Ch./Am. Ch. Grandgables Tickle My Fancy: Beautiful Brindle bitch whose profile really does shout "Dachshund in miniature". Superb outline. Nice forechest. Good underline. Elegant neck. Well-angulated behind. Tight, bunchy, back feet. Res. Bitch CC. 2 Shelton's Ch. Barisse High Frequency JW ShCM: Slightly taller type than 1. Another quality bitch with good front construction. Not over-done in forechest. Nice head and elegant neck. Reasonable length of ribbing. Good underline. Moved slightly closer behind when moving away than 1. 3 Reed's Deercroft Devotion. VB (5) 1 Ergis's Ch. Siouxline Angelina: Considering she is 12 this little bitch still exudes quality and knows how to strut her stuff! Presented in lovely hard condition. Super profile when standing, with a good amount of forechest, front and rear angulation. Lovely underline. Moves with drive behind; absolutely parallel moving away. 2 Mitchell's Ch. Switherland Lucia at Bronia: Longer and lower to ground type than 1, with not the ground clearance. Not quite as elegant in neck as 1. Well-constructed front, with good layback of shoulder and good length of upper arm. Moved very true when going away, but more crook than 1 when coming towards me. Very nice underline. In great condition for 11 years. 3 Watkinson's Manakoora Koh-O-Noor

Ian J Seath