Great Joint  2007


Best in Show was Horswell and Iwama’s  CH/Japanese Champion Drakesleat JP Trier Winshoten. Outstanding Miniature Wire Dog, excellent size and breed type. Correct shoulders, strong front.  Good depth of body which was well covered and excellent firm hard topline. Hard coat. Very good movement with drive and extension. Hr impressed me so much with his balanced clean outline, no exaggerations. Handled and presented in first class condition. Delighted to make him Best in Show from a quality line up. Reserve Best in Show was Mr & Mrs Moores Aventine Rainman At Romanchi. Quality Standard Wire Dog of excellent size. Strong bone, tight thick feet. Well ribbed deep body, long ribbing. Good topline. Very sound movement with purpose and drive. Well handled and presented. Only 14 months old and apparently made up today. Should have a bright future. BEST PUPPY IN SHOW Best Puppy in Show Roberts Bronia Major Blink Swansford. Dark shaded red of quality. Great ring presence. Super head and eye on reachy neck well placed shoulders, strong front. Excellent bone and feet. Moved with good width throughout. This is a big framed puppy and the best is yet to come. Handling and presentation first class. Best Puppy in Show from a quality line up. Reserve Best Puppy in Show. Lovick Gibbs Roleta Keeping Up Appirances. Top quality red standard smooth of ideal size and substance. Beautiful head and eye. Long deep ribbing, well placed shoulders and excellent quarters. Moved with drive and extension. A very difficult decision between these two puppy and ran the winner very close. BEST VETERAN IN SHOW. Best Miniature Veteran in Show was Ergis’s Champion Siouxline Angelina. 11 year old black and tan miniature smooth. Lovely breed type and in excellent coat and condition. Good front and ribbing, excellent quarters. Best of feet and clean legs. Moved with great drive and extension. Well handled and presented. A Please to judge. Best Miniature Veteran and Best Veteran in Show. Best Standard Veteran was Roberts Champion Swansford Lanador. 8 year old standard longhaired in excellent coat and condition. Great substance and ribbing. Long free driving movement could certainly show some of the youngsters how to move.  Well handled and presented.

Roy Metcalfe



I would like to thank the exhibitors for giving me such a marvelous entry. I thought on the whole the quality was of high standard, although hind movement has improved we still need to watch. However, I was pleased with my placings & had to make some hard decisions to arrive at my results. MPD (11). 1 Ergis's Siouxline Maverick, RCC & BP. Clear red with nice head & dark eyes, gd reach of neck going into a level topline, prominent breast bone, with gd depth of keel, moved & showed well; 2 Winchurch's Brianolf Malachite. Red with excellent ribbing, level topline, gd forechest & quarters; 3 Blackburn-Bennett's Shelsall Kiss Me Quick At Shardagang. PD (8). 1 Mitchell's Bronia Lanfranco. Gd length & level topline, nice forechest & reach of neck, moved v well & well presented; 2 Coxon's D'Arisca Grand Prix. Light brindle with masculine head, gd length of neck & back well ribbed, moved well; 3 Williams & Rose's Tythe Seafarer. JD (13): 1 Melbourne's Melriding De Lafayette. B/tan, gd length & level topline, masculine head & neat front, well bent stifles; 2 Pritchard's Hannamouse Dande-Lion. Shorter in length to 1. Nice front & gd rear angulation; 3 Shutt's Black Passion Of Donnadoon. PGD (9). 1 Callow's Garthorne Garcia. Blk/t with gd head, reach of neck & back, gd quarters, moved well, keeping a nice outline; 2 Pritchard's H Dande-Lion; 3 Hartley's Minimead Malachi At Lyrosh. LD (5). 1 Ergis's Siouxline Isaac JW ShCM. Blk/tan with a nicely arched neck of gd length, well made shoulders & ribbing, carried well back, gd free mover; 2 Richardson's Dolyharp Madrigal At Belazieth. Larger frame than one, gd masculine head, front & reach of neck, level topline which he kept on the move; 3 Melbourne's Melriding Jerome. OD (8). 1 Morris's Morris Man Of Dalegarth, CC. Blk/tan with gd overall construction with a well covered body. Moved with true parallel movement, shown to advantage on a loose lead; 2 Shelton's Donnadoon Imagination At Barisse. Masculine head, gd reach of neck with gd layback of shoulder. Nice front, strong hindquarters, sound mover; 3 Coxon's Ch D'Arisca Inkel Impresario. VD (2). 1 Luke's Corrieknowe Circassian. Blk/tan of 7˛ yrs, gd head & forechest, level topline, nice rear angulation, moved well. MPB (20). 1 Williams & Rose's Tythe Tempest. Lovely, developed front, with feminine head, level topline, nice angulated quarters. A little apprehensive at first to move, but gained confidence & moved well to win this large class; 2 McAllay's Elnside Golden Delicious. Smaller type & shorter in back than one, nice front, gd keel & ribbing sound quarters; 3 Walker's Brianolf Mystical Gem For Dorenian. PB (12). 1 Rowell's Emmajesk Amelia. Well made blk/tan, nice hindquarters with a correct topline & underline which was kept on the move, showed well; 2 Coxon's D'Arisca Ocelot Orchid. Has more length than first, prominent forechest, well let down quarters; 3 McAulay's Elnside Golden Delicious. JB (15). 1 Shelton's Barisse High Frequency RCC. Lovely blk/t with gd head, nice neck & shoulders, prominent forechest, well angulated quarters, strode out well on moving, keeping a gd outline; 2 Callow's Garthorne Lady Louisa. Red with a gd lay of shoulder, prominent breastbone, well ribbed, with level topline; 3 Blackburn-Bennett's Shardagane Illusion. PGB (17). 1 Robinson's D'Arisca Indulge The Dream At Inkel. Pretty b with gd head & ears, nice reach of neck & length of back, gd ribbing, level topline; 2 Spencer's Scalamor Sugar Stealer For Bannonbrig ShCM. Well handled, blk/tan with lovely oval front, dark eyes & ribbing carried well back, moved well; 3 Salisbury's Brocklewood Babycham JW. LB (16). 1 Callow's Earthorne Gazania. Nice s/red b, with prominent forechest & gd ribbing, gd reach of neck, flowing into a level topline, moved v well, keeping a nice outline; 2 Reed's Deercroft Devotion. V nice head & eye, v gd quarters, moved well; 3 Worswick's Dolyharp Minuet. OB (5). 1 Coxon's Ch D'Arisca Golden Delicious, CC, BOB> Lovely red of quality, pleasing head, gd neck & shoulders, well boned, nice tight feet, well ribbed body & nice quarters, level topline & underline, v stylish on the move, her showmanship & quality won her the CC & BOB; 2 Hunt's Can/Am Ch Grandgables Ms Supernatural At Carpaccio. Another worthy champion, different in type from one, excellent outline, gd front, nice body, strong quarters, which she used to advantage on the move; 3 Mead's Minimead Maid In Manhatten. VB (6). 1 Ergis's Ch Siouxline Angelina, BV. 11˛ yrs blk/tan, nice oval front, gd ribbing, judged her as a youngster, & is still a sound mover; 2 MacDonald's Bonavoir Karlia. Blk/tan of 8 yrs, gd head & front, moved well; 3 Watkinson's Manakoora Koh O Noor.

Katherine Herrington


Many thanks on the super entry. I found temperaments were gd, nails in some cases did need attention. I was particularly delighted with my b line up. All I felt would have been worthy CC winners.  MPD (4). 1 Rawson's Rosenket Kaptain Kirk. Gd head & eye, super bone & feet, ribbing well back, well constructed forehand, moved out well; 2 Hinwood's Longmel Rolo. Well made choc/tan, pleasing head & expression, needs to settle to the job in hand. PD (4). 1 Cooper's Sontag Marcus Absent. Smart youngster, gd neck, forechest, shoulders, ribbing well back, moved soundly with drive, BPD; 2 Hinwood's Longmel Rolo; 3 Hedge's Roleta Red Boots To Shine For Silandanjo. JD (4). 1 Cooper & Kerry's Sontag Sir Cumference OF Kireton. Have always admired this youngster, so well made all through, super head & expression, classic shoulders, well let down behind, moves with drive keeping his outline, stands four square, needs to body up but have no doubt he will gain his title, RCC; 2 Gatheral's Phaeland Sherifs Deputy. Well made red boy of lovely type, gd head & eye, well placed shoulders, ribbing well back, moved soundly with drive, keeping his topline; 3 Starkey's Carpaccio Top Of The Class At Hamoura (Naf). PGD (6). 1 McCarthy's Seatris Mixed To Match. Well angulated b/t, nice head & expression, gd bone & feet, gd forechest, tight elbows, moved & showed well; 2 Burke & Manston's Bonavoir Moulton Brown. Choc/t of nice type, gd forechest, ribbing, hind angulation, moved out well; 3 Higgin's Matzell Midnight Harbour For Leveliss. LD (10). 1 Punter's Welcumen Kiss Me Quick. So sound & well made, gd head & expression, forechest, reach of neck, well placed shoulders, ribbing well back, super hind angulation, moved with drive; 2 Dalgety's Thundergay Archduke. Well made all through, gd forechest, ribbing, super shoulders, topline held on the move, drives well from behind; 3 Goad's Rosanport The Illusionist. OD (8). 1 Coxon, Henningsen & Allen's Am Ch Jagie's I Love The Nightlife. Well made red boy in great condition, superb outline, stacked conical head with super expression, gd reach of neck flows into well placed shoulders, gd forechest, ribbing well back, well let down behind, moves out well, pleased to award CC; 2 Cooper's Ch Sontag Simon Le Bone. Worthy champion, well made forehand, gd forechest, ribbing well back, super bone & feet, moved truly keeping his outline; 3 Eales & Tite's Lauralee Role Of Honour Via Rijobeau. MPB (4). 1 Rawson's Rosenket Krystal Singer. Well made youngster with a bright future, gd reach of neck, ribbing, gd forehand, keeps a nice outline on the move; 2 Hinwood's Longmel Triple Truffle. Nice type, pretty head, gd forechest, tight elbows, presented a nice outline on the move; 3 Higgin's Matzell Morning Chorus For Leveliss. PB (6). 1 Lovick Gibb's Roleta Keepin Up Appearances. First class baby with lovely outgoing temperament, who has everything, super head & expression, well placed shoulders, ribbing well back, presents a lovely picture stacked & on the move, pushed hard in the challenge. BP, pleased to see her RBPIS, must have a v bright future; 2 Graham's Roleeta Red Letter For Gameron. Red, litter sister to 1, well made both ends, lovely head, gd reach of neck, nice outline; 3 Hinwood's Longmel Triple Truffle. JB (7). 1 Ellis' Tealby Taken As Read. I fell for this youngster when she entered the ring, has everything in the right place, lovely head, gd reach of neck, classic shoulders, gd forechest, ribbing so well angulated, moved truly with drive keeping her fabulous outline, a pleasure to watch. First class show girl, delighted to award CC & BOB; 2 Bethel's Hampdach Gemstone. Another lovely youngster, super reach of neck, well placed shoulders, ribbing well back, well angulated behind, moved & showed well, needs to body up yet; 3 Hunt's Carpaccio Precious Pearl. PGB (12). 1 Dalgety's Thundergay Magdalena. Balanced b, lovely shoulders, tight elbows, ribbing carried well back, well let down behind, sound on the move, just needs more oomph to reach the top; 2 Bethel's Regendachs Rich & Famous At Hampdach. Elegant b, well made all through, picture stacked, moved soundly; 3 Walkley's Churchoak's Modesty Blazes. LB (10). 1 Norton's Matzell Maid Of Honour. Super b of nice size, lovely head & eye, gd reach of neck, well placed shoulders, well let down quarters, moved soundly with drive keeping her lovely outline, RCC; 2 Gatheral's Phaeland Special Delivery. Another well made b, gd head & expression, well placed forehand, excellent angulation, so sound on the move; 3 Bethel's Hampdach Dulcina. OB (8). 1 Bethel's Ch Hampdach Alinga JW. Most elegant red, gd reach of neck, tight elbows, ribbing well back, lovely outline, held at all times, sound on the move; 2 Gatheral's Phaeland Special Devotion. Lovely b, so well made, gd head & expression, super forechest, gd feet & bone, moved soundly with drive; 3 Nortons Ch Matzell Melua.

Lesley McNaughton


 A lot of the dogs and bitches are just too big and very heavy looking. On the plus side all the temperaments were wonderful and there doesn't seem to be any bad mouths in the wires. DOGS: MPD (1) 1 Harris' Ashihna Dancing Jolyon from Ritlo. Well made, very exuberant red puppy , needs more training. PD (4, 1) 1 Davisons' Lesandnic Sea more Business .B.P.D. Good coated youngster, super head. Kept top line on the move. 2 Harris' Ritlo Black Myr'lyn. Another nice baby, Lost out to the slightly more mature class winner. 3 Rowe's Boloria Calico Jack. JD (4, 1) 1 McCalmonts' Silvae Abraxus. Smart young dog, well presented, moved well, nice size, good quarters. 2 Vine's Cishelvine Sea Swell. 3 Harris' Ritlo Black Myr'lyn. PGD (2) Difficult decision between 2 good dogs. 1 Davis' Teckgarth Tom Thumb. Good looking boy with good head and body, moving well from his good construction. 2 Clares Cempsey Sunlight at Mabelleny. Lost out to the 1st who had a better coat and movement. LD (6,3) 1 Moore's Avantine Rainman at Romanchi. C.C. and B.o.B and Res. B.I.S. Beautiful boy with excellent angulation in tip top condition, was thrilled to hear that it was his 3rd c.c. And that he went onto reserve BIS. 2 Harris' and Milgate's Ritlo Shooting Star. Another good dog less mature than 1st. 3 Davis' Tecklegarth Tom Thumb. OD (7) A wonderful class which caused me a headache to sort out at the end of the day I am afraid the bigger ones were the losers. 1 Moore's Ch/Ir/Am.Ch. Raydachs Tom Cruisen On. R.c..c. I have liked this dog from the ringside since I first saw him and was not disappointed with him in the ring, but today he lost out to his son in the final line up. 2 Derry's Ch. Andlouis The Tempest. Super head, coat and moving out really well. 3 Dible's Ir. Ch Liebling Cross the Pond to Barmaund. VD (1) 1 Harris' Ch/SA CH. Silvae Blacksmith at Ritlo Well coated 10 year old and moving really well not giving into his years at all. BITCHES: MPB (2) 1 Paterson's Cloudside Isadora at Ambiesque. B.P.B. and B.P. 2 Avard & Petry's Cloudside Imogene. Litter sisters, 1st has a better coat and more length than 2nd. Good heads and size I think that the 2nd one needs to grow on a bit more but having said that they are a pair of promising puppies and I discover that they are by the same sire as my c.c. winner. PB (6,1) 1 Vines' Wirelinc Femme Fatale among Chislevine. Well balanced, good head and eye. Moved well. 2 Heffernan's Ritterburg La Traviatta at Mamutik. Better coat good than 1st but in the final analyse not as balanced. 3 Borman's Sonic Water Lily. JB (14,6) 1 McCalmonts Silvae Mystic. R.C.C. Well balanced youngster, lovely head and correct size, good shoulders and under line. 2 Mease's Vineacre It's only Rock 'n' Roll. Another nice bitch, not such a good front assembly as 1st. 3 Gibson's Llfreys Jennifer Eckles. PGB (9,3) 1 Speak's Rodnan Cassandras Girl. Good coat and shoulders o.k. Moved well. Nice head and eye. 2 Vines Chislevine Ocean Dream. Slightly better front than the 1st but not so good on the move. 3 Fergusons Teaslewood Tea Rose. LB (6,2) 1 Moore's Avantine Minority Report at Romanchi. Litter sister to my CC winner , Super bitch with good expression, lovely shape. Sure she has a bright future. 2 Locksmith's Chislevine Born to Dance for Abbeydac. My notes say that it was a close decision between these 2 but the 1st won on her better outline and movement. 3 Rollinson's Spitchwick By The More at Nosnillor. OB (8,2) 1 Harris' Ritlo Be'Dazzler C.C. Fabulous bitch with a good red coat in absolutely beautiful condition Excellent length of ribbing and good hind angulation. 2 McCalmont's Ch. Silvae American Beauty. Brindle with excellent front, good shoulders and free mover. 3 Kents Liebling Sweet Charity. VB (4,3a) 1 Robinsons Ir.Ch. Tagundnacht The Rag Nymph. Best Veteran. On her own but well deserving of 1st Lovely head and outline

Daphne. M. Richards


 It is a number of years since I last judged this variety and was pleased that all the dogs were presented in good condition. Coats have improved but fronts have become very straight and ribbing and keels are too short.  I was pleased with my entry. MPD  (6) 1 Thorn Andrews Drakesleat Honda Road  Lengthy dog with a good coat nice head and neck well placed shoulders correct topline moved well. 2 Kugow & Holts Waldmeister Henry Compact little dog not the length of 1 but well put together moved out with verve. 3 Fountain:s  Cratloe Spot on. PD (8,1a) 1 Blackburns Stargang Malachite Stood out in this class nice head neck and shoulders well ribbed moved well RCC. 2 Smiths Dunns Evereddy Eddy much narrower  in front than 1 shoulders good ribbing good and nice quarters moved ok. 3 Walkers Starhill Faust at Roselle. J (5) 1 Russells Russtec Fillibeg  Good headed dog long neck running into fair shoulders would prefer ribbing to go further back moved well. 2 Thorn Andrews Skootamota Sukka at Drakesleat Not a lot to choose between 1st and 2nd who didn’t move as soundly as 1st this will improve with maturity 3 Punters Welcumen Oscar. PGD (4,1a) 1 Orams Rosswell Luciano Good head and neck, nice length good shoulders good ribbing moved soundly. 2 MacDonoughs Varrich Ben Lui Good head neck and shoulders front more prominent than I but just preferred the length of 1 moved soundly. 3 Coles Westsonelee Trooper. LD (6,1a) 1 Smiths Dunns Pitts Zakajak Well put together good head and eye nice neck running into good shouders fair front nice length of ribbing moved out with good parallel movement. 2 Haywards Foxearth News Flash Good headed dog not so prominent in front ,nice shoulders longer than 1 but hind movement was a bit erratic. 3 Howells Fallowmill Nutz About Toffy. OD (5) 1 Jap Ch Drakesleat JP Trier Winshoten What I had been looking for all morning, good headed keen eyed lovely neck running into the best of shoulder placement prominent front long ribbing  nicely angulated quarters well padded feet and true parallel movement CC & BOB and later was delighted to see him go BIS. 2 Wilbergs  CH  Kanix Keith A  different type of dog to 1 not the length or scope and higher of the ground front not as prominent well ribbed and angles good moved well. 3 Kugow&Holts  Waldmeister  Jackson. MPB (11) 1 MacLeods Sidelock Do I look Bovvered. A very well developed puppy nice head and neck front coming on nicely nice ribbing and quarters moved ok. 2 Minshulls Sidelock Ruby Tuesday Litter sister to 1 not as far on and has not the depth moved ok. 3 Blacks Bassodon  Dita Von Tease. PB (13,3a) 1 Fultons Bothlyns  Penny Black. A lovely young bitch with all the essentials to go far lovely head dark oval eye best of fronts all topped with a good coat looked quite stunning in profile hind movement not quite settled but I forgave her this just loved her CC&BP. 2 Punters Welcomen Lucy:s Bonnet. Nicely put together did not have the front of 1 shoulders were sound  ribbing and movement correct good coat moved well. 3 Blackburns Doll Finn. JB (14,1a) 1 Kugow & Holts  Waldmeister Guillimot  Nicely coated bitch nice head  eye and neck correct shoulders but would like a more prominent front ribbing adequate moved well. 2 Prices  Samlane Rosaleen  Nice head and shoulders coat of good texture shoulders well placed lost out to 1 on movement. 3 Williams &Roses  Tythe Gwenno. PG (9,1a) 1 Woods  Wildstar Wrelish. Good hard coated red with a lovely head neck  and shoulders adequate front level topline good length of ribbing nicely angulated quarters moved like a train. 2 Miles Gunnrange Ophelia  With Jaybiem Again nice head and neck running into fair shoulders but lacking enough front  adequate ribbing nice quarters moved OK. 3 Millers Scotmariner. L (18,4a) 1 Thorn Andrews Drakesleat On Croot. Dark good coated bitch lovely head dark oval eye correct shoulders prominent front  good length of ribbing strong quarters  moved well. 2 Wilbergs Stargang Coco at Kanix  Squarer bitch  good head and neck straighter at front than 1 good ribbing and quarters moved well. 3 Blackburns Stargang Kasino Kween. OB (11,2a)1 Horswells Drakesleat  Voo lay Voo  Lovely bitch in outline from head eye neck and shoulders with a prominent front good length of ribbing and nicely angulated quarters all topped by a good harsh coat and true movement RCC. 2 Hutchings CH Malloney Zena Ghost Another nice bitch with all of the above good features not quite the length  or outline  of 1 moved well. 3 Thorn Andrews Drakesleat Tea Leaf

S.Pearson n