Great Joint 2006


My thanks to this Association for inviting me to judge at this prestigious show. I enjoyed my day with you all and met many old friends. I think it was an improvement without the benching. My decisions seem to go to the standards with one exception. BIS was Turner’s, Ch. Marictur Miss Midnight. An elegant black and tan Smooth. Correct size. Lovely head and eye. Sound all through. Good muscled hindquarters. Good boning and moved as if she meant it to be her day and it was. RBIS was Clarke’, Tekelhaus Masterpiece. The construction of this Long is good all through. Lovely front with ground clearance and good ribbing. Correct coat, good feet. Very glamorous boy if anything on the large size. Very similar to his Grandsire in South Africa who I gave top honours to out there a while ago. A pity he flew his tail at the end but I gather he was made up on the day. BPIS was Worswicks’, Simply Music from Dolyharp. A very young Mini Long. Nice head and eye. Correct shoulders and ribbing. Good feet and what a joy to see her move away showing her back pads. No tummy tapping here which won her this award. RBPIS was Skinners Ritterburg Walkure. Another very young puppy typical of this kennel. Lovely head and eye. Correct wire coat. Good topline standing and moving. Both these youngsters took it all in their stride and behaved very well. Shall watch this bitch with interest. BVIS was Paterson’s, Ch. Cishelvine Firedancer. Fell for this 9 year old Wire. His mouth was perfect and clean and he has the best wire heads. Good ribbing and hindquarters. Coat is good and well presented. Moved with verve and enjoyed his day. So did his owner. RBVIS was Ch. Garthorne Leading Lady.

Jean Matthews



My thanks to the officers, Committee and exhibitors for a v enjoyable day. Many of the b’s in particular were out of coat but quality on the whole was good. Type varies considerably and I feel our breed has lost its way at the moment. Temperaments were excellent as usual. JD (4). 1 Mitchell’s Bronia Patriarch. Well put together youngster, good head front assembly and scores well in rear angulation. Needs time to fill his excellent framework, strong mover. Lost to maturity in the challenge; 2 Edwards and Pankhurst Marshwick Shades Of Black At Danward. Close up on winner, still has a p shape but another with good angulation and covering the ground well; 3 Metcalf’s Metadale Major Decision. PGD (5). 1 Alford and Worth Swansford Pukkador At Deeseedax. Good head, shoulders and angulation, not the strongest topline but soundly put together, moved steadily; 2 Goodman’s Rokerpark Just William. V difficult to assess, he just plays around and it out for fun, given time to settle could shape up nicely; 3 Fossett’s Melminds Method In Madness. LD (7). 1 Clarke’s Tekalhaus Masterpiece ShCM CC and BOB, RBIS. One I have long admired, excellent head, neck, shoulders, good front, plenty of rib, neat underline, powerful well made rear and a joy to watch on the move, glad to have completed his title today, well deserved; 2 Negus Shardaroba Rigel By Tarramist RCC. Another of similar make up to first, just preferred the stronger front assembly of my winner; 3 Robert’s Swansford Lyranstan Picasso. OD (7). 1 Metcalfe’s Ch Metadale Macquarie. Worthy champion, correct size, good head, front and strong topline, moves v well, looks good from all angles just didn’t match the younger d for presence today but still a quality exhibit; 2 Cook and Rhodes Bournder Emerald Star. Definitely one you need to handle to appreciate, has everything in the right place in proportion, not glamorous but so correct; 3 Geesons’ Abydachs Oh What A Night JW. VD (3). 1 Robert’s Swansford Lanador BV. Not looking a veteran, well constructed all through, moved v well, good coat and still firm in topline; 2 Negus’ Shardaroba Midnight Sun At Tarramist; 3 Arnold’s Kireton Silver Shannon Of Doral. MPB (2). 1 Johnson’s Brynalyn Bitter Sweet At African Dawns. Pretty girl, well proportioned, sweet head, firm topline, neat underline, moved soundly, promising. PB (1). 1 Geeson’s Abydachs Justice In A Dream BP. Another well shaped baby, good head, neck and front assembly, well made quarters, kept her shape on the move, another promising youngster, good size. JB (7). 1 Mitchell’s Bronia Pastiche. Headed this quality class of promising young ladies. Excellent head, neck and shoulders, well sprung ribs, neat top and underline, well constructed in rear, moved v well, needs her furnishings to complete the picture, bright future ahead; 2 Booth and Elsey’s Abbalongdat Gimme Gimme. Another well made sound b, she was not giving her best on the move but her overall quality still put her near the top of the class, I am sure maturity will see her winning well in the coming months; 3 Cook and Rhodes’ Bournder Royal Sapphire. PGB (9). 1 Booth and Elsey’s Abbalongdat Ms Voulez Vous RCC. Well constructed sound b, oozes quality, good head, neck, front and rear assembly, moves soundly and keeps a good outline when viewed from every angle, must have a bright future; 2 Mitchell’s Bronia Playgirl. V close up on one, similar to her kennel mates but needs more time to fill her well made frame and finish the picture, quality throughout; 3 Metcalfe’s Metadale Maid From Michigan. LB (6). 1 Surrell’s Bokra Jazz BCC. I have long admired this b, she has a strong head, correct eye, good neck, well laid shoulders, good top and underline, correct in rear, moves sound and true coming and going, not over done in any area, first CC today, long over due; 2 Geeson’s Abydachs Hot Summer Night’s JW. Well angulated feminine girl, excels in front make up, drives well behind and keeps a good outline with positive movement; 3 Harris Zarcrest Oh Gosh I’m Posh. OB (5). 1 Mitchell’s Ch Bronia Carmelita JW. Another worthy champion, lovely size, well proportioned, sweet head and expression, correct topline with strong rear angulation, moves with ease, again a nice size and sound all through; 2 McFaul Ch Ir Ch Dachville Perfect Blend. Nice type, good head, neck and front assembly, low to ground, well angulated behind, moves well; 3 Metcalfe’s Metadale Make It Happen. VB (1). 1 Cunningham’s Frankanwen Merlot For Georgessa. Lovely lady, larger type and having a great day, super ring presence.

Juliet Cooper


Thank you to the Committee for the invitation. I found presentation on the whole v disappointing but that said I really enjoyed my day. MPD (7). 1 Robertson’s Soletrader Denis The Menace. First outing for this 6 mths gd coated dark Brindle. Quality head & eye. Gd neck into well laid shoulder, level topline, well angulated hindquarters, gd bone & substances. Needs to get it together on the move when I suspect he will be challenging for top honours. BP; 2 Moate’s Kanix Leonard At Dianamo, 7 mths. Brindle balanced, well put together p who moved v well, I preferred the topline on the winner; 3 Hayward’s Foxearth News Flash. PD (6). 1 Baldwin’s Komombo Copyright to Beckel, 11 mths Brindle. Gd head & eye. Well laid shoulder with enough forechest, gd top & underline, lovely size. Moved out v well keeping his shape at all times. Not quite the coat of the BP; Oram’s Rosswell Luciano, 6 mths. Dark Brindle. Correct head with a lovely eye. Well placed shoulders, gd topline, nice hindquarters, just lost his shape when moving; 3 Billinghurst’s Mr Nice Guy At Jiljac. JD (2). 1 Cole’s Westonlee Trooper, Brindle. Nice head & eye. Gd forechest, well placed shoulders, gd hindquarters. Level & moved well; 2 Howell’s Fallowmill Nutz About Toffy, Brindle. A v nice exhibit that has lots of the winner’s attributes but is just not as positive when moving. PGD (4). 1 Kugow & Holt’s Waldermeister Jackson. Well balanced & constructed young male. Correct head, nicely arched neck into well laid shoulder, true front with well muscled hindquarters which he used when moving, maintaining a gd topline; 2 Hassall’s Charnealis Costa Lotta Money. Dark Brindle who is a v nice shape but is not as positive moving & would prefer more forechest; 3 McDowell’s Waldermeister Morgan At Aristodax. LD (13). 1 Wilberg’s Kanix Keith. V gd coated Brindle, well balanced with excellent construction. Masculine head with a pleasing expression. Well arched neck into correctly laid shoulders, gd forechest, excellent top & underline with v well angulated hindquarters used to really cover the ground when he moved. Excellent temperament. RCC; 2 Robertson & Cocozza’s Soletrader Dax Factor. V typy dark Brindle. Super head with lovely eye. V well constructed all through but would prefer more positive movement & with a touch more body; 3 Thorn-Andrews’s Drakesleat Sat Sumo. OD (6). 1 Thorn-Andrews’s Iwama & Dellar’s CH/JP CH Drakesleat JP Jest Dis Once. Quality Brindle, lovely breed type, sound in all departments, well balanced. Gd head & eye. Gd neck with well laid & placed shoulders, tight elbows, prominent forechest, gd length & spring of rib, v well angulated hindquarters. Moved positively to win this class & the CC; 2 Womble’s Emem Wind In The Willows. Smaller well constructed dark Brindle who had he been in coat would have pushed the winner; 3 Barney’s CH Verrami Brown Doff. Vet D (2). 1 McDowell’s Bulliff Ruffle. Nicely constructed dark Brindle with gd bread type who showed some of the youngsters how to move. MPB (11). 1 Kemp’s Metcroft Diamonds & Dust At Vossmead, 8 mths, Brindle. Feminine head, gd shoulders, correct top & underline, everything fits & she moved well; 2 Hutching & Walte’s Molloney Sue Flay At Pedach, just 6 mths, Brindle. V nicely constructed girl who moved out well but I preferred the forechest on the winner. PB (7). 1 Wilberg’s Stargang Coco At Kanix, 10 mths. Super construction. Tight harsh coat. Feminine head with correct eye. Gd fore & hind quarters, deep bodied, level, excellent substance. Drove round the ring keeping a lovely outline; 2 Rathbone’s Brialind Cherry Pie, 9 mths, Brindle. Nicely made but not the substance of the winner & not as positive in movement; 3 Price’s Samlane Pink Gin. JB 1 Barney’s Verrami Kitsch ‘N’ Cupboard, Brindle. Lovely head with correct eye. Nicely arched neck with well placed shoulders, v gd top & underline, super hindquarters. Covered the ground well. Beautifully handled & presented; 2 Horswell’s Drakesleat Voo Lay Voo. Another lovely b unlucky to meet winner. Well constructed & moved well but she lost out on presentation; 3 Kugow & Holt’s Waldermeister Mischka. PGB (15). 1 Barney’s Verrami Kitsch ‘N’ Dor, Brindle. Litter sister to junior & she is as well made as her but moves even better, lucky owner to get two such lovely bs in the same litter; 2 Black’s Bassodon Borgia, Brindle. Well constructed who was unlucky to meet winner, not quite the coat of the first; 3 Hardy’s Kushwin Dollar Myte. LB (8). 1 Wilberg’s Kanix Kalinka. Brindle sister to LD. Excellent coat. Feminine head & correct eye. Nice neck & shoulders, gd top & underline, deep bodied, plenty of substance. Moved out well. RCC; 2 Sexton & Hayward’s Foxearth Fixed Assets. Gd bread type on this well constructed b. Well angulated front & rear, level, gd ribbing. Not the coat of the first & not as positive moving; 3 Thorn-Andrew’s Drakesleat Tea Leaf. OB (4). 1 Hutching’s CH Molloney Zena Ghost. Superb Brindle with the presentation I was looking for. Excellent breed type, beautiful head with correctly shaped dark eye. Nicely arched neck into well placed shoulders, prominent forechest, deep bodied with excellent top & underline, correctly angulated hindquarters. Moved out with purpose keeping her outline at all times. Beautifully handled to get the v best from her. CC & BOB; 2 Hayward’s Foxearth Fresh As A Daisy, Brindle. Unlucky to meet winner on such top form. Another with lovely breed type, feminine head, gd fore & hindquarter construction, gd ribbing, kept her outline when moving; 3 Horswell’s Drakeleat Why Knot. Vet B (2). 1 Marston-Teal’s Lordscairnie Love Anew, 8 yrs Brindle. Nice head & eye. Decent shoulders with a gd top & underline, decent hindquarters. Moved well. BV.

Chris Moore


I was very pleased that there were no underweight dogs, but, was concerned to find a few level bites. Temperaments were good overall. The fronts on many were incorrect having short upper arms, loose elbows and some were very narrow throughout. Movement on the whole has improved with fewer "tummy tappers". There were a few dogs with splayed/open feet. However, I was pleased with my winners. MPD (6) 1. Millward’s Messines Gipsy Boy. Black/tan. A super puppy very much a baby, his first show I believe. Lovely head and expression, excellent front, good length of rib with nice tight shoulders, good hind angulation, movement however a little unsettled. BP. 2 Brooks’s Lyndarlea Silver Starlite S.Dapple. Good head and expression, moved out well although preferred the front of 1. 3 Oxley’s Dinkidax Donny Rova. PD (5) 1 Duchesne’s Scandell’s Hot Favourite. Brindle. In super condition, good head and expression, excellent length of ribbing, nicely angulated throughout, seemed very tense, probably caused by the very noisy venue. 2 Brooks’s Lyndarlea Candle in the Dark. S. Dapple. Excellent head and expression, preferred front of 1. Good length of rib, beautifully marked dapple, another very unsettled dog on the table but moved out well. 3 Brown’s Devoncream Dew ‘N Thyme. JD (6) 1 Shutt’s Donnadoon Diplomat. Red Good head and expression, good front with correct length of rib. Super sleek condition. Needs to slow down on the move. 2 Croxford’s Arbroath Lord of Strathspey. S. Red. Shorter cobbier type than 1, good head and expression, lovely tight correct feet, just preferred hind angulation of 1. PGD (5) 1 Young’s Willowheath The Darkness. Black/tan of good length. Excellent head and expression, nice tight feet, well angulated throughout. Little unsettled on the table, but moved out well keeping level topline. 2 Warren’s Leo Mondial. Cream. Super head and expression, needs to tighten in front, good rear angulation. In excellent condition, moved out well. 3 McCarthy’s Nagshall Polar Seal. LD (7) 1 Illidge’s Paradachs Murphy Moonshine. Black/tan. Excellent "houndy" head with good front, nice tight elbows, good length of ribbing, a picture of long low and level. In excellent condition with lovely furnishings, moved true. 2 Oxley’s Wildhatch Cropston Boy of Dinkidax. Brindle. Another very typey hound, good head, length of rib and nicely angulated, just preferred the feet on 1. 3 Brooks’s Lyndarlea Earth Tremor. B/tan. O/D (6) 1 Lockett’s and Lockett-Walters Ch Ralines Royal Statesman. Black/cream. A very worthy champion. Superb head and expression. Excellent throughout. Moves absolutely true, really strides out keeping a level topline. In lovely coat and condition Shows himself to perfection. CC and BOB. 2 Brooks’s Lyndarlea Choc Ice. Choc. A more "cobbier" type than 1, Excellent head and front, well angulated, good length of rib, moved true, lacking in coat at the moment, unfortunate to meet 1, I believe he would make a worthy champion. RCC.

Dawn Norton


 Thank you for the lovely entry. All bs were nicely presented. Toplines were gd & movement in profile. Movement going away & coming towards me left a lot to be desired in the majority of animals. V close both ends. Feet again were not well padded enough on a number of exhibits, plus the ‘ten to two’ fault which when straightened promptly turned elbows out too. However, I was v pleased with my placings in all classes. Limit b being especially strong in depth of quality. I was looking for a small hound which a number are not. Quite a number are v pretty toys with small heads & large round eyes which is totally foreign to a Dachshund. MPB (15). A number of promising babies here. 1 Worswick’s Simply Music From Dolyharp. BP & BPIS. Beautifully presented Red baby, so well constructed, from her excellent front assembly to her well angulated, strong little hindquarters. Sweet head & expression with the correct eye. Just full of herself & a little happy with her tail at the moment. This will settle I’m sure as she matures. Gd movement coming & going away; 2 Anderson’s Tantra’s Mouse. Another Red with a lovely quality coat. Gd bone & ribbing. Similar remarks to winner. Free mover keeping a gd outline; 3 Thomas’s Shen Aligh Sweet Spirit. PB (6). 1 Brown Devoncream Ruby Red Dress. Lovely Brindle. V elegant & strode out well. Excellent front. Sweet head & expression. Just moving a shade close in front, which lost her BPB. A quality one; 2 Brace’s Xemxija Ice On Fire. Lighter Red. A shade apprehensive but has plenty of time. Nicely developed front & well angulated. A shade stronger in head than winner. Moved happily keeping a gd topline; 3 Jury’s Torwood Dappled Steel. JB (8). 1 Thomas’s Shenaligh Teasel. Lovely Black & Tan in gleaming coat. Gd conformation all through. Would prefer thicker feet but nicely boned otherwise. Moved soundly with some style; 2 Wallace’s Cheslan Fenfushi Rah, Red. Rather reluctant show girl. However lots to like. V pretty. Nicely developed front. Again would prefer better feet. Movement sound; 3 Brooks’s Lyndarlea Lacey. PG (11). 1 Brooks’s Lyndarlea Gem Of Nite Dark Silver Dapple. Not her best point. However, v typy & nicely constructed throughout. Lovely coat. Gd length. Strong quarters. Eye a shade round. Gd feet, which seem to be few & far between. Moved well; 2 Leach’s Willowheath Lady Sophia At Miridachs, Dark Red. Sweet head. Gd bone & shapely all through. Not really enjoying herself but pulled the stops out when moving with some style; 3 Welton’s Chelane Enchantress. LB (13). Best class of the day in depth of quality. Some lovely girls here. 1 CC Holmes’s Tammera Touch Of Elegance. This is what I was looking or. V houndy. V well constructed all through. Lovely feminine head & eye. Lengthy neck running into correct shoulders. Moved out strongly & with style. Her first CC. I’m surprise to be told she has no major awards as yet. In my humble opinion she deserves better. Lovely. My co-judge & I both enjoyed the d & b moving around together, as they were of the same type; 2 Banting’s Indicott Moonglow. Typy Red. Again a correct head & eye. Prominent front, gd ribbing. Also moved with style & soundness; 3 Boyle’s Zarcrest Black Classic. OB (12). 1 Turner’s Rafthouse Tallulah. RCC. Made this girl BP last time I judged. Most beautiful rich Red. She really moves out with style. Excellent neck & shoulders. So elegant. Not an easy decision for the CC. Put down to perfection; 2 Boyle’s Zarcrest Gold Legacy, Light Red. As usual from this kennel beautifully presented. A real showgirl this one. Really well boned girl. Gd outline standing & moving. A shade stronger in the head than winner. Quality lady; 3 Geeson’s Abydachs Attitude. VB (4). 1 Shackleton’s Edmay Kalyana Mitra, Black & Tan, 7 yrs young. In lovely coat. Nicely constructed & a credit to her owner; 2 Johnson’s Charpurdy New Dawn, 8 yrs. Still sound & kept her outline moving. Coat not quite the condition as first; 3 Murphy’s Classidax Dark Oprah.

Jean Hallett


My thanks to the exhibitors for such a good entry, which made for an interesting day. Overall I felt the dogs were much stronger than the bitches. I was looking for hounds that could step out with drive and that were not heavy in front with over exaggerated forechests. Too many bitches seemed to be narrow and lacking in bone, there also seemed to be more bitches who were shy on the table and reluctant to be handled. One bitch class presented me with a real dilemma because of temperaments and the extent to which I should penalise behaviour over conformation. I feel strongly that Dachshunds should be bold and good tempered. If they cannot be handled by a judge on the table, that is not acceptable. Similarly, if they speed round the ring, looking flashy, but actually frightened out of their wits, that too is unacceptable. MPD. (3). 1. Burke’s, Bonavoir the Waxies Dargle. Handsome 7 months old red dog. Looks lovely posed. He has good length and overall balance. Good forechest, keel and length of ribbing compared with others in this class. Nicely angulated behind and he moved very true going away. Confident mover. 2. Walkley’s, Churchoak Red Adair. Shorter type than winner and not quite the hind angulation. Very good front construction. Nice head and good reachy neck. Beat third on overall elegance and more free flowing movement. 3. Armstrong’s, Lauralee Golden Boots. PD. (3). 1. Walkley’s, Churchoak Cardinalsin. Promising 9 months old chocolate whose driving movement front and rear put him ahead of second. Very good forechest, elegant neck. Good length of upper arm and nice tight fitting elbows. Firm topline held on the move and tidy underline. His maturity and steadier movement put him ahead of MPD to win BPD. 2. Norton’s, Matzell Master Mariner. Looked super when stacked and presented a lovely balanced picture. I did prefer his size to winner. However he did not have the drive behind that I was looking for. Good topline held on the move. More of the finished picture than third. 3. Wilberg and Blackburn-Bennett’s, Coupduvent Del Conteverde at Kanix. JD. (6). 1. MacDonald’s, Carpaccio Black Out at Bensarka. A well balanced young dog who was seriously in contention in the challenge. Loved his elegance and overall balance, both stacked and moving. Good length of ribbing. Well angulated behind. Best movement in this class, coming and going away. 2. McCarthy’s, Seatris Mixed to Maatch. Another dog with good overall balance, but tended to lose his topline a bit when moving. Elegant head and neck with good forechest. Perhaps a bit over angulated behind. Slightly lower to ground than winner but better length and balance than third. 3. Harris’s, Smooth Operator. PGD. (5). 1. Joy’s, Rosanket Hot Property with Morailsa. Striking chocolate dog whose movement set him apart in this class. Would prefer him a shade smaller. Really held his topline well at all times. Nice front construction and well angulated behind, used to drive with purpose. Good length of ribbing and neat underline. Not cut up at all. 2. Punter’s, Welcumen Kiss Me Quick. Smaller type than winner and much more the size I would prefer. Well made in front, reachy neck. Good forechest and length of upper arm, in particular. Liked his hind angulation and movement. Not the substance of winner and was perhaps narrower all through than would be desired. However, his elegance put him ahead of third. 3. Jeffery’s, Rosnaket Heir Apparent at Andax. LD. (7). 1. Goad’s, Rosanport the Illusionist. This dog appealed to me because he has nothing over exaggerated and he is a good size, not too big. He has a good front and does not suffer the narrowness that seems to be prevalent in too many exhibits. Good length of upper arm and nice, tight fitting elbows. Moved absolutely parallel coming and going away. RCC. 2. Eales and Tite’s, Lauralee Role of Honour via Rijobeau. Very free moving dog in profile but moved slightly close behind when moving away from me. Good forechest, elegant neck. Firm topline and neat tidy underline. Again a good size. 3. Hunt’s, Carpaccio Black Sabbath. OD. (4). 1. McCarthy’s, Ch. Seatris Laced with Success. This handsome b/t dog was a joy to watch moving round the ring in profile. He steps out with drive and can really cover the ground. Good overall type and balance. Not over exaggerated in forechest. Well angulated behind. Holds his topline at all times. Good bone and substance. He put it all in on the day and his confident temperament and lovely profile movement made him a worthy winner of the CC. 2. Cooper’s, Ch. Sontag Simon Le Bone JW. Another well made dog. Although not as confident and outgoing as winner. Good front construction. Held his topline well. He has rather more hind angulation than winner which he uses to good effect on the move. More elegant, more ground clearance and free flowing movement than third. 3. Armstrong’s, Lauralee Lloyd George. VD. (4). 1. Lovick-Gibbs’, Ch. Roleta Playwright. 8 years old. Lovely sized b/t with a good front construction. He moved well both coming and going away. Good forechest. Topline held well on the move. I was fascinated to see that this worthy Champion is the size of both my CC winners. 2. Bethel’s, Ch/Aus Ch. Lean Rumourz Run Riot at Hampdach. A much more rangy type than winner with very good length. Good length of ribbing and tidy underline. I liked his hind movement going away from me, but felt he moved slightly wide coming towards me. 3. Jeffery’s, Rosenket What a Wizard at Andax. MPB. (8). 1. Armstrong’s, Lauralee Turn Back Time. I was impressed with this young bitch who presented a good balanced picture in profile. Most of the other young bitches were very disappointing. Good head and reachy neck, which gave her a more elegant look than second. Perhaps a bit more forechest than I prefer. Best mover in this class. Held a good topline. 2. Norton’s, Matzell Maid of Honour. Moved well going away but moved wider coming towards me. Preferred her size and substance to third which was a taller type and less mature. 3. Walkley’s, Churchoak Modesty Blazes. PB. (4). 1. Bethel’s, Hampdach Dulcina. Elegant red bitch who looks lovely in profile and has a firm topline and really neat, flowing underline. Good tight fitting elbows. Was a bit narrow all through for my liking. Better length than second. Moved true going away from me. 2. Punter’s, Welcumen Returned Kiss. Shorter type and still quite immature. Good topline and tidy underline. Not cut up. Hind movement going away was not as parallel as winner. 3. Stanton’s, Hampdach Claudia. JB. (6). 1. Turner’s, Marictur Uptwon Madam. Good sized b/t bitch who was well balanced overall. Good topline and underline. Elegant neck. Not over exaggerated in forechest. Would prefer a bit more underline. Elegant neck. Not over exaggerated n forechest. Would prefer a bit more width. 2. Bethel’s Hampdach Alinga. Elegant red with good length, topline and underline. Preferred her hind angulation to winner. Did not have the confidence of winner and would also prefer a bit more width. 3. Lovick-Gibbs’, Roleta Remember When. PGB. (5). 1. Hinwood’s, Longmel Double Truffle. An easy winner in a middle of the road class. Correct size and nothing over exaggerated anywhere. Good front with tight fitting elbows. Elegant neck. Good depth of body and tidy underline. Lovely temperament. Moved well. 2. Britt’s, Undeg Starlight von Ryepiece. Bigger and taller type than winner. Good forechest. Tight fitting legs. Not the bone of hind angulation of winner. 3. Eales and Tite’s, Rijobeau Ready to Rumble. LB. (5). 1. Bethel’s, Nimik Corroboree Dreamtime (Imp). A nicely balanced looking bitch but she is clearly not enjoying a show career and making it very hard for her handler, because of her temperament. She is elegant, with good reach of neck and good front construction. Slightly tucked up underline. Moves well which put her ahead of second. 3. Burke’s, Bonavoir Queen Bee. A more compact type than winner with nothing exaggerated and a good size. Very confident but did not move with the hind drive of winner and was looser in elbow. 3. Kerry’s, Rosanport September Morn at Kireton. OB. (5). 1. Turner’s, Ch. Marictur Miss Midnight. My taped comments for this class winner started with the words ‘At last”. I had been pretty disappointed with the bitches thus far. B/t of really good size (22lbs I’m told) and she looks superb either stacked or moving. Excells in front construction. Elegant reachy neck. Good topline and tidy underline. Moves absolutely true both coming and going and it was her hind movement going away that gave her the edge over the dog for Best of Breed. CC and BOB. Delighted to see her go on to BIS. 2. Norton’s, Ch. Matzell Melua. Slightly heavier and longer type than winner, but clearly a quality bitch. Elegant neck and well constructed in front. Perhaps a bit over angulated behind. Moved well. Had better length and angulation at both ends than third. 3. Harris’s, Hung Ch. Shiva Von Edlem Gemut. VB. (1). 1 Hunt’s, Ch. Carpaccio Diamond Eclipse. Very well made 7 year old b/t bitch with super front construction. Moved true in both directions RCC.

Ian J Seath 


 I had a most enjoyable day judging an excellent entry. As always there is more depth of quality in the bitches and many which went cardless would have received an ‘Excellent’ had I been judging under the Continental system. Hind movement has improved but still needs watching as some exhibits which look stunning in profile movement are still quite weak when viewed from behind. I prefer to judge dogs on the move not from a stacked position this did affect some of my placing. MPD (3, 1) 1 Ergis’s Siouxline Isaac. Lovely B/T puppy with good head and well shaped eye. Elegant neck flowing into well placed shoulders. Super forechest. Well ribbed body with correct angulations at both ends. Moved soundly keeping a good outline. Was pleased to award him the Res CC and BPD. Unlucky to come up against a stunning bitch puppy. 2 Hollis’s Sanmik Bobby Dazzler. B/T at his 1st show and rather overawed by it all. He has a nice head but he needs to carry more weight over his body. I couldn’t really assess him moving but if his owner can get more weight on and put in some training the picture could change. PD (5, 1) Jones’s Radclyffe Pinicola. B/T boy who doesn’t make the best of himself standing but presents a much better picture on the move. He has a good head with lovely length of ear. Very well constructed which can be appreciated when going over him on the table. Well boned and moved soundly both ways. His prominent forechest and length of upper arm gave him the class. 2 Ergis’s Siouxline Indigo. Litter brother to Res CC winner. Very smart B/T boy. Very similar to his brother in most respects but not as good in front construction. He looks fantastic stacked but on the move although he is sound he tends to get his tail up which affects his outline. He is only a baby and I would rather see this than a nervous exhibit. 3 Richardson’s Dolyharp Madrigal at Belazieth. JD (7) This class gave me a problem as there were 7 exhibits of different types but any one would have been worthy of a 1st prize. However, I had to place them in order of my preference so: 1 Mead’s Minimead Maximus. Well bodied red of good length. Looked good standing and presented an elegant profile on the move. Very positive hind movement. Considered him in the challenge but preferred the more conical head of the puppy. 2 Shelton’s Donnadoon Imagination. This B/T boy has the most lovely head & eye. Super forechest and well ribbed body. Moved soundly keeping a good topline. Very close up. I just preferred the slightly longer body of the winner. 3 Melbourne’s Melriding Jerome. Very well constructed Red boy. Perhaps if he had a bit more ‘Attitude’ he could have made a difference to the end result. He moves soundly both ways which gained him 3rd in this competition. PGD (3-1) 1 McCaulay’s D’Arisca Ensor Doone at Elnside. Very elegant B/T with good head and eye. Excellent front construction with prominent forechest. Lengthy body with very good hind angulation. Good hind drive but moved close in front. 2 Hully’s Maximites Montgomery. B/t in good condition. Preferred head, front and movement of winner. LD (5) 1 Ergis’s Siouxline Thomas. JW Sh CM. Elegant B/T. Rather finer than I prefer but very smart both on the move and standing. Moves soundly keeping an excellent topline. 2 Herrington’s Kathington Chance N Counter. Red boy with good head and alert ear carriage. Balanced body construction but appeared tense so shortened his outline both standing and moving. Moved soundly both ways. Another day could change places if he was more relaxed. 3 Newbury & Morris’s Morris Man of Dalegarth. Good honest B/T dog. Not an eye catcher but needs to be gone over to appreciate. Completed a good trio. OD (4, 2) 1 and CC which gives him his title. Barber’s Melriding Meruista. B/T dog. Head could be a bit more masculine and I would prefer longer ears. Having said that he has good length of neck. Excellent well filled forechest. Well ribbed up body with good angulation fore and aft. He moved soundly both ways and had very good hind drive. He kept a good topline at all times and was in excellent condition. Congratulations! Today was his day. 2 Melbourne’s Melriding Post Hac Meliora. Litter brother to above and is similar in many respects. He looks longer when stacked but not on the move. I preferred the hind movement of the winner. VD (1) 1 Herrington’s Lucky Chance at Kathington. B/T carrying his 8 years very well. Good head with attractive expression. Which he carries proudly. Super forechest. Body in good hard condition. Smart mover. MPB (12, 1) 1 & BPIB Salisbury’s Brocklewood Babycham. Headed a class of promising bitch puppies. Beautiful red 7 months baby. Lovely head & eye. Super front construction. Well made body. Correct hind angulation. Moved soundly keeping a good outline at all times. 2 Voaden’s Berrycourt Roxy. Another super red. Good head & expression. Elegant neck. Good forechest and correct length of upperarm. Lengthy well ribbed body. All the essentials here. Just a bit softer in condition than the winner. 3 Callow’s Garthorne Gazania. The 3rd of a stunning trio of red puppies. Just 6 months old. She looks gorgeous stacked but just looked a little immature on the move against the other two. Again all the essentials are here and I would be delighted if I owned any of these three. PB (5, 2) 1 Worwick’s Dolyharp Minuet. Red bitch with pleasing head. Good front construction. Well ribbed body. Good bone. Moved soundly. 2 Kerry’s Dolyharp Pizzicato at Kireton. B/T litter sister to 1st. Sweet head. Good overall construction. Excellent condition. Just preferred the length of 1st. 3 Sheppard’s Jessanjo Typical Set at Thystine. JB (14, 4) This was one of the classes where lovely bitches went cardless. 1 Voaden’s Berrycourt Lantana. Super red bitch typical of this well known kennel. Lovely head, eye and expression. Prominent forechest. Correct angulation of shoulder and hindquarters. Good length of body. Moved soundly covering the ground well and keeping a correct topline. Surely one for the top drawer. 2 Lewis’s Merehill Kinky Boots at Bardachs. B/T bitch in super condition. Lovely head which she carries proudly. Seemed a little tense today which made her appear shorter but her very sound movement gave her 2nd place here. 3 Can/Am Ch Grandgables Ms Supernatural at Carpaccio. Very attractive B/T bitch. Attractive head and eye. Good forechest. Pleasing body shape. Would like to see her carry a little more weight but this didn’t detract from the overall picture of a very nice bitch. PGB (15, 4) 1 Reed’s Deercroft Devotion. Shaded red of good type. Pleasing head & neck. Good forechest and front construction. Correct length to height proportions. Moved soundly both ways and held her topline on the move. 2 Jones’s Woolsocks Chocolate Fudge. Despite her name she is a rich red, just like a horse chestnut. Lovely to go over. She has a correctly shaped head and eye. Super front, ribbing and angulation. Not fully co-operating with her handler but when she did she moved soundly and had good reach in front and hind drive. 3 Bursey’s Willowheath Bliss with Hartlake. Another good bitch with all the essentials. Just unlucky to meet the other two. LB (17, 5) Another super class of top class bitches. 1 Daykin’s Barratini Magic Moment JW. Oh Wow! What can I say. This bitch just took my breath away. Stunning is what I have written. Red bitch with exquisite head & eye. Graceful neck into well laid shoulders. Super forechest. Correct angulation fore & aft. Perfectly shaped body with no cut up underline and classic topline. Lovely rounded rump. Moved so soundly keeping a perfect outline. Very well handled. Lucky owner. I wish she was mine.CC & BOB 2 Kent & Middleton’s Bensarka Too Darned Hot for Lokmadi. Another really lovely red bitch. She is very similar in type to 1st and was very close up. She also has the most lovely head. Very well made body. Keeps an excellent profile at all times but was just a little less steady in hind movement. 3 Mead’s Minimead Maid Specially. B/T bitch of very good type. Sound honest bitch who was unlucky to be in the same class as the two reds. OB (11, 4) 1 & Res CC in strong competition. Ergis’s Ch Bronia Stunning Sophia for Siouxline JW Sh CM. Lovely red bitch I have long admired from the ringside and was not disappointed. She has a super head & eye on lengthy neck running into good shoulders. Has a strong well constructed body. Holds a good outline at all times both standing and moving. Moves with such ‘attitude’. She says ‘look at me’ and I did. 2 Hunt’s Ch/Ir Ch Carpaccio Shopaholic. JW. This little B/T bitch has super body construction. Lovely clean legs on which she powers around the ring. She presents a very good profile both standing and moving. I just preferred the eye and hind movement of the winner but she is a worthy champion. 3 Newbury & Morris’s Destiny of Dalegarth. B/T bitch of good type. Moved and showed well. Just hadn’t the ‘star quality’ of previous two. VB (2) Two champions who still look good at 8 & 9 years old. 1 Callow’s Ch Garthorne Leading Lady. B/T of really good construction. Moved soundly & showed well. Good outline both standing and moving. 2 Mitchell’s Ch Switherland Lucia at Bronia. Shaded red bitch. Different type to 1st. Still in good form. Moved soundly with great style. Just preferred the head of 1st.

Ellen P Blackburn