Great Joint  2005


 I was pleased with the entry I received, but disappointed with the quality of some of the exhibits and felt in general this variety had not improved since I last judged them. Quite a lot were very thin with no substance, but has sufficient coat which made them look better than they actually were. Hindquarters also need improvement. A lot were moving sickle hocked but with no actual drive. However in the Limit and Open classes there were some nice dogs and bitches that could have easily changed places on another day. MPD. (8). 1. Oxley’s, Dinkidax Tidal Wave. 9 months old red dog well coated for a puppy. Good head and reach of neck. Well constructed front and good length of rib. Moved out well. 2. Leyshon’s, Picklescott Proclaim. 7 months old b.t nice type. Elegant head and reach of neck. Good pro sternum. Level topline. Seemed a little unsettled, but still only a baby. 3. Worswick’s, Dolyharp April Evening. PD. (9). 1. Boyle’s, Polinard Mill of Fortune for Zarcrest. 10 months old. Well coated clear red dog with masculine head. Good reach of neck. Excellent shoulders and front with good depth of keel. Level topline and strong quarters. Moved with plenty of drive, showing his pads with good follow through. BPD. 2. YOung’s, Willowheath the Darkness. 9 months old clear red with good head and reach of neck. Well made front assembly, liked his quarters. Plenty of bone. On the move his hind action was not quite as positive as winner, but still only a baby and a very nice puppy. 3. Oxley’s, Wildhatch Cropston Boy of Dinkidax. JD. (6). 1. Norton’s, Halunke Just Jervis. 15 months old. Lovely red with good head. Nice reach of neck flowing into level topline. Good pro sternum and well placed shoulders. Good underline. Good bone and nice feet. Well angulated quarters. Moved out well. 2. Layton’s, Lyndarlea Golden Bear. 16 months old still looks a real baby. Shorter coupled and a different type to winner. Good pro sternum and underline. Nice feet. Well angulated quarters. 3. Phillips’, Rossdach Tutti Frutti. PGD. (11). 1. Brooks’, Lyndarlea Earth Tremor. B/c dog. Nice size with pleasing head and good reach of neck. Prominent forechest and good shoulder placement. Level topline. Moved with drive and covered the ground well. Showing his pads. 2. Brook’s, Lyndarlea Piper Kris. Good head. Not quite the reach of neck as winner. Good pro sternum, nice feet, well proportioned quarters with good underline. Moved out well and really covered the ground. 3. Hartley’s, Tialamour Destiny Calls for Lyrosh. LD. (3). 1. Angear’s, Ridgegrove Alfie Moon. B/t dog. Good head, neck flowed into lovely outline. Correct feet. Well ribbed, good angulation. Strong bone, oval ribbing. Well angulated and strong quarters which he used well on the move. Presented to perfection and a real showman. RCC. 2. Geeson’s, Abydachs Anarchy. Nice head and good length of neck. Good pro sternum and shoulder placement. Good ribbing leading to well developed hindquarters which he used well. Again excellent presentation. Two lovely dogs who could change places another day. 3. Breese’s, Silkdown on Parade JW. OD. (12). 1. Lockett and Lockett-Walters’, Ch. Ralines Royal Statesmen. B/t dog. What a superb outline stacked and he didn’t disappoint on the move. Good head and excellent reach of neck flowing into level topline. Excellent shoulder placement. Plenty of bone. Used his well angulated quarters well to really cover the ground on the move with good follow through. Excellent presentation. CC and BOB. 2. Robert’s, Ch. Denver Jack Frost. Clear red dog with lovely outline and great presence. Lovely feet, excellent front and pro sternum with good depth of keel. Good ribbing. Well angulated strong quarters which he used well. Again excellent presentation. 3. Ch. Boyle’s, Zarcrest Black Ice. VD. (2). 1. Vaughan’s, Tisanto Cream Toffee. 9 years old cream dog. Well coated, excellent feet. Attractive head. Nice shoulder placement. Moved out well. Really enjoyed his day out. MPB. (10). 1. Goddard’s, Minard Calypso Rose. 7 months old red puppy with pleasant head. Good reach of neck. Nicely placed shoulders. Well angulated quarters. Promising should mature up well. 2. King’s, Kindsdax Who’s That Lady. 6 months old. A real baby. Similar type to winner and same remarks apply. Needs time. 3. Lockett and Lockett-Walters’, Ralines Peach Babe. PB. (11). 1. Boyle’s, Zarcrest Black Classic. 10 months old b/t with super outline. Good head and reach of neck. Excellent front with correct depth of keel. Good ribbing and topline which just lowed into well angulated and strong quarters. Moved out with plenty of drive. Should have a bright future. BBP, BP and RCC. 2. Turner’s, Willowheath Silver Sequin from Rafthouse. 10 months old dapple. Another lovely puppy. Again with plenty of substance and bone. Similar remarks apply. Just preferred the quarters and drive of winner, but another promising puppy. 3. Oxley’s, Top of the Frecks at Dinkidor. JB. (11). 1. Crawley’s, Gilldax Oberonia at Doujac. 17 months old b/t. Beautiful head and neck which flowed onto the rest of the body. Super front, low to ground well angulated strong quarters. Lovely outline. Promising youngster. 2. Norton’s, Halunke Just Jessica. 16 months old. Nice head and reach of neck. Well developed front and pro sternum. Good feet. Not quite the quarters of winner, she has time on the side. Promising. 3. Scott’s, Wolferlow Moonlight Waltz. PGB. (17). 1. Holme’s, Tammera Touch of Elegance. S/t with beautiful front with plenty of width. Lovely head flowing into elegant neck and level topline. Really used her well made quarters as she drove round the ring. 2. McNaughton’s, Bronia Miss Rabanne. B/t bitch with good bone and substance. Nice head with good reach of neck Good front and depth of keel. Well angulated quarters and positive hind movement. 3. Cooper’s, Garbosa Tilly the Tinker at Jumanda. LB. (18). 1. Geeson’s, Abydachs Attitude JW. B/t plenty of substance. attractive head on reachy neck flowing into good shoulder placement. Good depth of keel on this well constructed elegant bitch. Well ribbed with nicely developed quarters which she used well on the move. 2. Angear’s, Ridgegrove Dancing Shadow. Well made b/t bitch with plenty of bone, good feet. Well developed front with good depth of keel. Nice underline. Low to ground. Just preferred length of winner. 3. Richardson’s, Simondach Ebony Pistachio. OB. (9). 1. Robert’s, Ch. Denver Babycham. Clear red bitch lovely to go over. Attractive head and good reach of neck. Excellent front and correct shoulder placement. Good width all through. Used her well angulated strong hindquarters correctly and showing her pads. Good presentation. CC. 2. Mack and Dunn’s, Ch. Topgem Louisa May. JW. B/t bitch beautifully turned out. Elegant head and good reach of neck. Well developed front and shoulders. Nice ribbing and good angulated quarters. Moved true and well balanced. 3. Davis’s, Corrinbar Blue Angel. VB. (3). 1. Mees’, Barlaine Be My Valentine. 7 years old. Nicely coated bitch. Elegant head and reach of neck. Moved well enjoyed her day out.

Delia Edwards


Thoroughly enjoyed my day with the Smooths helped by my competent steward. I always consider the Smooths should be the blueprint of all the varieties of Dachshund without the various problems of minaturisation. What you see is what you get, nothing hidden by clever sculpting of coats. I was very happy with the top placings in the classes but was surprised to see a number of exhibits with quite heavy wrinkled. What worried me the most was that many of the exhibits looked so unbalanced with very heavy, overdone fronts with the rest of the body tailing off to a weak rear end, not only does this look strange but affects movement and there is not enough power at the rear to propel the heavy front assembly. I’m sure breeders acknowledge this imbalance and are bearing this in mind in their future breeding programmes. One or two of the younger exhibits weren’t totally at ease on the table but I found all exhibits temperaments very sound and not a single grumble - a credit to owners and breeders.  MPD. (1). 1. Hunt’s, Carpaccio Black Sabbath. 6 months old handsome b/tan with everything in the correct place. Lovely outline standing and moving. Higher on the leg than some but well balanced overall body structure. Moved out positively for one so young. Just needs to strengthen in rear movement. Very promising, one to watch for the future. BP. PD. (2). 1. Tite and Eales’, Lauralee Roll of Honours via Rijobeau. Mature looking 11 months old red who didn;t have the shoulder placement of showmanship of Black Sabbath. Good head and eye and forechest, elbows tight into body and adequate bend of stifle. Again would like to see stronger hindquarters but moved out well if a little close behind. 2. Punter’s, Welcumen Kiss Me Quick. 10 months old immature youngster with classic conical head and correct eye. Good reach of neck and forechest and well laid shoulders. Presented a slightly cut up picture on the day. Movement ok but a little soft in topline on the move. Showed a lot of promise, has time on his side. JD. (4). 1. Cooper’s, Sontag Simon Le Bone. Striking b/tan which I liked a lot. Tended to play his handler up but again shows great promise but looked very immature in later strong class. Good head and eye and reach of neck flowing into well placed shoulders and well rounded body. Would prefer lower hocks but had good front and rear angulation. In profile moved out well but could be more positive behind. 2. Burke and Maston’s, Bonavoir Koll Ovation. Another lovely well muscled b/tan with pleasing head and eye. Good depth of body and angulation. but lacked drive in rear movement and tended to lose his outline on the move possibly because he was a little fond of his tail. Preferred the front assembly of my winner. 3. Orr’s, Roseate Tern. PGD. (4). Difficult class to judge. 1. Hedges’, Silandjo Just For You. B/tan with best overall outline of the class. Rather heavy in front but was better angulated fore and aft than Black Eagle. Movement a little erratic as he was playing up on the move and carried his tail a little high. 2. Orr’s, Black Eagle. B/tan who didn;t have the body of the winner as he was too straight in shoulder and rear angulation. He moved positively but lacked any drive. Placed him over Milord who I felt was too narrow in body. 3. Wolage’s, Matzell Milord. LD. (8). Strong class. 1. Luck’s, Cedavoch Celebdil. This well boned b/tan pressed hard for the ticket. A dog of nice size , nothing overdone, completely well balanced in outline and topped by a lovely temperament. Correct conical head and dark eye, good neck and shoulder placement and ribbing. Deep oval front, not exaggerated, matched by correct rear angulation. Therefore sound on the move. RCC. 2. Turner’s, Rosanport Out of the Hat. Loved the elegance of this male. When standing he looked a picture. Lovely head and eye, well arched neck into correct shoulder placement and well rounded body. Good forechest and bend of stifle. Well arched feet and great temperament. His only problem is being too happy (lovely to see), as he had the waggiest of tails which tended to upset his topline on the move. When he settles and mature his time will certainly come. 3. Burke and Manston’s, Marshwick Main Man from Bonavior. OD. (4). All four dogs were a credit to their owners but were of differing types. Probably change places many times. 1. Hunt’s, Ch. D’Arisca Class Distinction at Carpaccio. A smart choc/tan masculine dog. Not so low as some but beautifully balanced and well handled. He never stopped showing and had more animation on the day than Celedbill thus gaining the CC. Good head and eye, well filled front, correct shoulders and good length of ribbing and spring of rib. He moved out well maintaining the correct outline at all times. The bitch went BOB because of her slightly more positive rear movement. Nevertheless a handsome dog and on to be proud of. CC. 2. McCarthy’s, Seatris Laced with Success. Strong, masculine b/tan in gleaming condition. When standing in profile looked to have everything correctly balanced without being overdone. Good head, eye and neck. Correct shoulders and well rounded body with level topline standing and moving and correct hind angulation. Adequate in movement but moved too close behind which let him down but still has a lot going for him and deserved his placing. 3. Norton’s, Ch. Matzell Mateus. VD. (4). So sorry there were no sausages! All three seemed to be enjoying their day out in the spotlight. 1. Molage’s, Ch. Matzell Marmaduke. Lovely 8 year old red in excellent bloom and good outline standing and on the move. Correct head and eye and good teeth and still has well muscled body. Worthy Champion not showing his age, well handled. 2. Scutt’s, Bonaviour King’s, Valliard of Firestorm. Heavier b/tan boy with similar attributes to the winner but had a higher tail set and not such a firm topline as Marmaduke. 3. Jeffery’s, Roleta Choisya Sundance at Andax. MPB. (1). 1. Tite and Eales’, Rijobeau Ready to Rumble. 7 months old b/tan of nice size and quality. Good head and front assembly and correctly balanced body proportions. Movement a little erratic at the moment. Liked to see her later when she has matured and gained more confidence in showing. PB. (3). 1. Britt’s, Undeg Starlight Vin Ryepiece. Another b/tan of 9 months who presented a lovely outline standing but just a little narrow in body. Moved out ok but slightly close behind. 2. Mitchell and Magrath’s, Dubrey’s Dora the Explorer. 10 months old red who was straighter in shoulder and not sufficiently angulated behind and gave a squarer outline altogether. Would benefit from losing some puppy fat as it made her look heavy over the shoulders. JB. (5). 1. Armstrong’s, Lauralee Single Girl. B/tan girl with feminine, classic head and eye. Good reach of neck and front assembly. Moved out well keeping a firm topline but needs to strengthen and muscle up in hindquarters. 2. Rawson and Walkely's, Churchoak Chit Chat with Rosenket. Smaller, neat b/tan with well placed shoulders. Good head and balance of body. Well angulated at the rear with low hocks. IN profile moved well but rear action not as positive as Single Girl, but better boned and stronger in movement than Pandora who looked very elegant stacked. 3. Lerego’s, Tecklegarth Pandora. PGB. (5). 1. Rawson and Walkely’s, Churchoak Hot Gossip About Rosenket. Elegant choc girl with a lot going for her especially when she gains more confidence on the table and shows off her attributes. Admired her type and conformation. Lovely outline in profile with good head, neck and shoulder placement. Firm topline and neat hocks. Moved out freely if a little fond of her tail. 2. Britt and Williams’, Bonavoir Queen Bee. Another bitch of good proportions. Similar remarks apply. Although this b/tan had a more prominent forechest she lots out to Hot Gossip more positive rear movement on the day. Two nice bitches. 3. Hinwood and Little’s, Longmell Double Truffle. LB. (9). Close decisions here. Overall sound movement and toplines decided my placings in this good class. 1. Norton’s, Matzell Melua. Lovely sized bitch with good head, super oval chest, firm topline held on the move. Good bone and muscle and well balanced body. Moved out steadily and correctly. Lovely exhibit who pressed hard in the challenge. Just slightly preferred the overall outline and movement of Miss Midnight on the day. RCC. 2. McNughton’s, Cedavoch Aarwen. A lot to like about this red bitch, but just Preferred Melua’s head and front but the body proportions and balance were close to the winners. A little milky on the day but couldn’t be denied her placing. Well muscled exhibit with low hocks and correct angulation. Won her placing over the rest by having more sound and firmer rear movement. 3. Rawson’s, Rosenket Beautiful Dreamer. OB. (5). Good class of varying types, splitting hairs on all placings. 1. Turner’s, Ch. Marictur Miss Midnight. B/tan girl built on smaller lines but everything there in good proportions and no exaggerations. She also looked as if she could do a days work. Classic outline. Feminine head, good reach of neck, well placed shoulders and good depth of keel and length of ribbing. Well bodied, good upperarm angulation with matching hindquarters. Moved steadily and with drive on a loose lead. Well handled. Just what I was looking for. Nothing flashy or overdone. A bitch presented in good condition and in such a natural easy way. CC and BOB. Chose her over Class Distinction as I just preferred her rear end and movement. 2. Turner’s, Ch. Ratfhouse Read My Lips. I do like this kennel’s elegant type but lost out to the winner on movement on the day. Liked to see her outside. Classic feminine head and eye, good length of neck, upper arm and shoulder placement and well muscled body. Moved out well but not so firm at the rear as Miss Midnight. Nevertheless a worthy Champion and a lovely exhibit. 3. Burke and Manston’s, Ir Ch. Bonavoir Coppelia. VB. (1). 1. Turner’s, Ch. Marictur Marnie. 9 years old b/tan who stood alone but was a worthy winner from the same kennel as my BOB. Feminine head with just a spattering of white whisker, good teeth, reach of neck and front. Well angulated and moved steadily and truly both ways keeping her topline. Again she was shown on a loose lead so nice to see these days. A credit to her owner and I didn’t discount her in the challenge, but she was up against other good dogs who also had the bloom of youth on their side. BV.

Judy Squires 


MPD 1. Borman’s, Sonic Pickpocket. Very attractive masculine, finished for his age. Good reach of neck. Lovely head, eye and keen expression, good skull, well filled muzzle. Good forechest and ribcage of which has a good depth. Well angulated. Good bone and feet. Excellent coat. Very good mover, clean coming and going. Good reach and drive holding good topline standing and on the move. 2. Gibbson’s, Alfreys Balthasar. Also very nice. Masculine, good head, slightly less filled in than winner. Good front and keel. Well angulated, good mover. Very good coat. 3. McCalmont’s, Silvae Pioneer. PD. (4). 1. Pinkerton's, Bystock Skye Walker at Menigma. Nice puppy dog. Good head, lovely profile. Good reach of neck. Good front and depth of chest. Good bone and feet. Well angulated, good mover keeping topline on the move. Good coat. 2. Allfreyss Balthasar. 3. McCalmont Silvae Pioneer. JD. (3). 1. Derry’s, Andlouis the Tempest. Very nice picture. Good size. Very good head well filled foreface, lovely eye with a keen expression, good dry topline. Good forechest. Very well angulated. Excellent coat. Very good bone and feet. Straight legs. Moved very well and with ease. 2. Norman and Ratcliffes’, Silvae Hotshot. Very good, unlucky to be in the same class. Lovely masculine, lovely head of good length well shaped eye, good expression. Good reach of neck. Super bone and construction. Good forechest and ribcage. Very well angulated. Excellent coat. Very good feet. Moved well with good rear. Slightly looser in rear than winner. PGD. (3). 1. Norman and Ratcliffes’, Ermwood Buz Fuz. Lovely picture. Elegant masculine dog. Good dry reach of neck and overall construction. Excellent over and underline. Well angulated, good forechest and ribbing, bone and feet, excellent coat. Classic head, well balanced. Lovely eye and expression, well filled foreface. Good mover. RCC. 2. Castle’s, Slandjo Mr Ferguson. Masculine, good head and eye. Good bone and angulation. Excellent coat. Moved well. Did not want to be handled. LD. (7). 1. Dery’s, Soneve Pharoah and Andlouis. Lovely dog, good proportions. Masculine, very good head and neckline, eye and keen expression. Good bone. Very well angulated. Excellent topline, well set croup. Good feet. Looks like he could do a days work. Tight jacket. Good on the move. 2. Williams, Meads, Burke and Manston’s, Bonavoir Kellys Eye. Lovely red. Very attractive, lovely masculine head, eye and expression. Very well put together. Good length of body. Good forechest and ribbing well angulated. Good bone, excellent croup. Good jacket. Moved very well. Bite not correct. 3. Coverley’s, Romanchi Choctaw. OD. (4). 1. Dible’s, Ch. Liebling Here Comes the Boss. Very eyecatching red. Masculine, powerful in build without cloddiness. Excellent over and underline. Good head, lovely dark eye and expression, well filled foreface. Good reach of neck well developed forechest. Super laid shoulders. Very well angulated, excellent coat. Movement impeccable. Lovely strong quarters. CC and BOB. 2. McCalmonts’, Silvae Patriot. Very attractive, well built, super bone, over and underline. Lovely balanced head, eye and expression well filled foreface. Very well angulated, good feet. Excellent coat. Moved well not as strong in rear as winner. Still a youngster. 3. Rollinson’s, Nosinllor Grenadier. VD. (2). 1. Paterson’s, Ch. Cichelvine Firedancer. Beautiful classic head of good proportions. Lovely shaped eye and expression. Well moulded foreface, well set ears which gave that keen expression. Good reach of neck. Over and underline well angulated. Good forechest, ribbing and legs. Excellent jacket. Very good mover. 3. Williams’, Ch/Ir Ch. Lieblings Pick n Fix. Another masculine dog. Excellent head, eye and expression. Well filled muzzle. Good reach of neck, good top and underline. Good front, ribbing and feet. Well angulated. Very good coat. Moved well but lost out to winner. Two truly lovely veterans. MPB. (6). 1. Gibson’s, Allfreys Ursula. Lovely shape, feminine. Lovely head, foreface and skull, lovely eye and expression. Good reach of neck, lovely front, topline and croup. Good coat. Well angulated. Moved well. Good size. 2. Borman’s, Sonic Fancy Nancy. A fraction bigger. Again very nice head, eye and expression. Standing proud. Good front, well angulated. Good over and underline. Very good coat. Moved well. 3. Rowe’s, Boloria Just a Dream. PB. (4). 1. Allfreys Ursula. 2. Patton’s, Liebling Ponder On Me Pretty red, nice head, lovely profile and foreface, lovely dark eye. Slightly shorter in ribbing than winner. Good forechest. A little steep in shoulder. Well angulated at rear. Good coat. Moved well. Good feet. JB. 1. Liebling Ponder On Me. 2. Kent’s, Libling Star Attraction. Another red, pretty, balanced head, but would like it bigger. Lovely eye, good topline and underline. Well angulated. Slightly steep in shoulder. Good coat. Moved ok. Bundels of Charm. PGB. (10). 1. Phillips’, Saxonbury Playday at Rendrow. Attractive, very well put together. Good proportions, good head, well filled in muzzle, good skull, nice eye and expression. Good reach of neck. Overline and underline good. Well developed forechest. Well angulated. Correct croup, super coat. Moved very well. 2. Owens’, Quitrutec Love Story. Pretty, good topline, well filled foreface and skull. Good depth of chest. Good croup and coat. 3. Higgott’s, Soneve Phoebe of Elaton. LB. (12). 1. McCalmont’s, Silvae Pastiche. Very Attractive, well balanced and put together. Feminine, beautiful head, lovely shaped eye and expression. Well moulded foreface, good skull, well placed ears. Lovely reach of neck, very good topline and underline. Good forechest, ribbing, bone, legs and feet. Very well angulated. Excellent coat. Moved with good reach and drive without effort. Bags of personality. CC and BOB. 2. Ree’s, Ermewood Arabella. Very nice, good length of body and of head, lovely dark eye, nice shape. Good top and underline. Good forechest slightly steep in shoulders, otherwise well angulated. Good bone and feet. Moved well. 3. Saxonbury Playtime at Tendrow. OB. (5). 1. McCalmont’s, Ch. Salvae Picnic. Beautiful bitch. Lovely feminine head, lovely moulded foreface. Good skull, well shaped eye giving a keen but sweet expression. Good forechest and ribbing, bone and feet. Excellent coat, well angulated. Moved with effortless drive and style. Coat perfection. 2. Gordon’s, Cempsey Coquet JW. Also a very beautiful bitch. Feminine head, lovely eye and expression, well moulded foreface, good skull and neckline. Kept very good standing and on the move. Well angulated, good bone, forechest and ribbing. Superb coat, excellent mover. 3. Ryder’s, Ch. Sonic Knight Sky to Jaskar. VB. 1. Robinson’s, Ir Ch. Tagundhacht The Rag Nymph. Very Attractive, does not look her age. Good proportions, good length of body and neck. Well filled foreface and skull. Good front, bone and feet. Well rounded ribcage. Moved very well. 2. Gordon’s, Ch. Sulvae Genstone at Cempsey. Lovely bitch, excelled in frong. Good top and underline, well angulated. Exquisite movement and coat. 3. Patton’s, Bardings Broacade.

Brigit Hayward


Thank you for such a good entry and your sporting acceptance of my decisions. I had some hotly contested classes, particularly in the bitches. Main faults are still: large round eyes, dewlap, leg wrinkle. short ribbing giving a ‘cut up’ underline and tieing in behind. Being ‘out’ at the elbow was almost the norm and I had to forgive this fault on some otherwise very good exhibits. Temperaments were good - I enjoyed my day. MP (1) 1 Bates’ Radclyffe Pelecanus for Batendach. Shaded red and such a baby, but very nice for type. Overall construction good. Head and expression are good, as is his front development for age. Still needs to settle in movement. PD (1) 1 Ergis’ Siouxline Thomas. Very nice puppy with all the essentials. Good head, dark eye. His shoulder layback and forechest and ribbing are good. Profile held well for a youngster. Has the free, ground covering stride one expects from this kennel. JD (5) 1 Oroton’s Scalamor Scarlet Pimpernel. Really liked him for his very good type and construction. Classic head, shoulders, ribbing, front and rear angulation all correct. Moved with positive and free action both out and back. 2 Coxon’s D’Arisca Way Down Low. Red of good type, make and shape. Sound throughout, good outline and movement, a little rangey as yet. 3 Punter’s Welcumen Cool Dude. PGD (7,3) 1 Ergis’ Siouxline Tennyson. CC. Quality b/t. Liked his head, has a clean neck which flows into correct shoulder layback. Has very strong quarters with good turn of stifle, used so well on the move, drives from the rear. 3 Gaskins’ Glorron Petulengo of Dovestream. LD (6,2) 1 Herrington’s Kathington Chance Encounter. Good looking red, a stylish and free mover. Refined head, neck arch and flow into shoulders good. Prominent front, well ribbed up. Top and underline good, as were his quarters. 2 Barber’s Melriding Merusti. I liked this b/t for his soundness and general good body properties. Pleased in profile both standing and on the move, does not help his handler. 3 Endersby’s Mowbray Music Man. OD (7,1) 1 Callow’s Garthorne Man in Black. Res DCC. I remember I liked this b/t as a puppy and predicted he would do well. Heavier type to the CC winner. He is well bodied and sound. Front assembly very good, has ribbing, good to and underline. Strong quarters. His movement is good but would persist in pulling away from handler. 2 Coxon’s D’Arisca Inkel Impressario. Liked this elegant, well constructed b/t. Very stylish and nice to go over. Kept a good profile on the move. Played his handler up somewhat. 3 Malbourne’s Melriding Post Mac Maloria. Vet D (1) 1 Hartley’s Ir Ch Lyrosh Don Rerinon. Red, a pleasing exhibit to go over. Head and eye pleased, as did his firm outline. In super condition, moved with verve. MPB (9.2) 1 Mead’s Minimead Maid Specially. Best Puppy. What a little gem, such a beautifully constructed b/t baby. Everything is exactly where it should be at this age. Her front is good, she has length of rib and spring, correct in top and underline. Lovely quarters, well angulated. She has bone and substance. Lovely head. Moved out and back with parallel movement. Outline good, I shall watch her progress with interest. 2 Stokes’ Gordax Black Satin of Webbers. Lovely type and most promising baby. Classic head, her overall body shape is good, as she is on the move. Not as mature as the winner, movement behind will strengthen. 3 Williams’ Tythe Stowaway. PB (6,2) 1 Hartley;s Lyrosh Lady Ebony. Quality b/t who has everything going for her. Sound and well constructed. She is low to the ground, with good keel and ribbing. Tight in elbows, profile held. Another who should do well. 2 Harvey’s Dovestream Dream Maker of Nahani. Clear red, I liked her head, eye and reach of neck. Is well developed in front and ribbing. Her quarters and hind action are good. Kept her outline on the move. Movement in front will tighten. 3 Lashbrooke’s Milfer Little Miss Molly of Milfer. JB (14,4) 1 Coxon’s D’Arisca Art and Design. A lovely exhibit, all of a piece and a sound and free mover. Good head carriage and reach of neck. Shoulders good, is prominent in keel with a good top and underline. 2 Melbourne’s Melriding Slack Alice. A lot to like about this shaded red girl, and she certainly is not ‘slack’ in any way! Is very well made and balanced in body, well let down behind. When she got her act together, she moved and showed well. 3 Salisbury’s Barratime Moonbeam over Brocklewood. PGB (17,3) 1 Orton’s Scalamor Pussy Willow. Quality b/t. I liked her outline and lowness to ground. She has a beautiful head and dark eye. Shoulders were good, as was her ribbing, top and underline. Well angulated behind. She moved well both fore and aft, keeping a firm topline on the move. 2 Robert’s Denver Darling Rose of May. Again a good b/t exhibit, same remarks as for the winner apply - not so firm in topline as the winner. 3 Melbourne’s Melriding Confederate Bob. LB (10,2) 1 Plant’s Merehill Whirly Bird. A good type bitch with class. B/T, she excels in head and eye. Reach of neck and shoulder layback, she has tight elbows, is long, low and level with good rear angulation and movement. Very sound, moves freely and with drive, keeping outline at all times. 2 Coxon’s D’Arisca Divine Design. Shaded red, quality exhibit and similar in many attributes. Was impressed with her good body shape. Not so positive behind as the winner. Came at me well and a lovely outline was kept on the move. 3 Herrington’s Kathington Chantell. OB 1 Coxon, Heavons and McMillon’s Am Can Ch Grandgables Tickle My Fancy. Bitch CC, BOB and Res BIS. A fabulous brindle bitch, her head is different, as the American heads often are, being very finely chiselled, with very oblique dark and deeper set eyes than we are used to seeing. Whether the head is appreciated or not, her overall soundness and construction is outstanding. Her lovely arched neck flows into correct shoulder layback, she has keel protrusion with depth and volume of ribbing, which is carried well back, giving correct top and underline. Her deep, oval thorax correctly fills the crook. Her quarters are strong and well muscled, with hocks well let down which enables her to drive from behind with good rear extension. Her stance and movement is absolutely parallel, both fore and aft. She has no roll or toeing in. Her gait is positive and steady.Clean outline kept at all times. 2 Hunt’s Ch Carpaccio Shopaholic. What a stylish, beautiful and well balanced bitch. Her front construction is ‘textbook’, her outline on the move impeccable. A close decision but the winner had the edge in rear movement., 3 Newbury and Morris’ Destiny of Dalegarth. Vet B(2,1) 1 Endersby’s Manakoora Lou-Hi-Hi at Maubray. Red girl in very good order, she is a sound, honest bitch with many virtues. Holds outline on the move and strode out well. Best Veteran.

Valerie Skinner


I appreciated the excellent quality of this entry which made judging a pleasure. The Limit and Open classes were strong in dogs and bitches. Both line ups were impressive and decisions close. MPD. (2). 1. Sutton’s, Damai Master Alex. Pleasing head with gentle eye and expression. Good reach of neck. Level topline on the move with strong rear action. A well behaved and handled baby. PD. (6). 1. Jordan and Nightingales’, Swansford Gryffindor at Rodima. BPD. Balanced head with lovely almond eye. Strong neck and front. Well sprung ribs. Naughty on the move for his handler, will be ok when he settles. 2. Goodmans’, Rokerpark Just William. An exuberant temperament. Head needs to ‘break’, well constructed front. Strong topline standing and on the move. Well angulated. 3. Suttons’, Damai Master Benedict. JD. (2). 1. McFauls’, Dachville Distant Dream. DCC and BOB and BIS. Balanced head with gentle eye. Good reach of neck into well placed shoulders. Good ribbing. Strong chest and well muscled body. Excellent rear quarters. Movement sound coming, going and in profile. He has that certain something when he enters the ring and makes eye contact. 2. Hallsall’s, Brynalyn Noble Quest for Kiddle.s Fourth in Puppy class where he was unsettled. Moved better in this class showing a good outline and balance. PGD. (3). 1. Chapmans’, Melmind Mastercopy. Well presented and handled but not liking the noise on the day. Good ribbing and strong well muscled rear, used to good effect when moving. LD. (8). Strong class of quality hounds. 1. Negus’s, Shardaroba Rigel by Tarramist. An elegant dog shown in superb condition. Balanced head with well set leathers. Good shoulders and depth of keel. Strong body with good underline. Well muscled rear. Movement strong and flowing. Pushed hard for top honours. 2. Barrows’, Metadale Moon Dancer form Frankanwen. Well balanced hound, presented in hard condition. Shoulders well placed, sprung ribs and strong loin. Not enjoying the floor. 3. Geeson’s, Abydachs Oh What a Night JW. OD. (3). Three outstanding Hounds. 1. No Name Given. RCC. Sire of the CC winner. Won this class on his movement. Elegant head and eye. Strongly arched neck into well placed shoulder. Good underline and ribbing. Strong topline and quarters. Shown in immaculate condition. Unlucky to meet his son. 2. Mitchell’s, Ch. Bronia Monte Cristo. Again shown in immaculate condition. Good head, eye and reach of neck. Well placed shoulders, strong topline with well muscled body. Feet well arched and tight. Super coat. 3. Negus’s, Shardaroba Midnight Sun at Tarramist. V. (1). 1. Jordan and Nightingales’, Danward Sullivan at Rodima. Best standard veteran. In tip top condition. Well handled. Moving like a youngster. Still well balanced with good ribbing. Level topline and well angulated rear. Was looking for his sausage. MPB. (5). 1. Geeson’s, Abydachs Hot Summer Night. A lovely baby with feminine head, dark almond eye. Front well developed for her age. Strong loin and rear which showed in her movement. Excellent handling allowed her to enjoy her show and demonstrated an extrovert Temperament. 2. Hayes’s, Swansford Pandora von Dailhouse. Initially unsettled but when moved well with sympathetic handling. Pleasing head, well placed shoulders. Good ribbing and string quarters. 3. Negus’s, Tarramist Waterloo Sunset. PB. (4). 1. Roberts’, Swansford Bronia Bardot. BPB and BPIB. A most promising puppy. Beautifully balanced. Good head and dark eye. Well placed shoulders, good underline. Strong loin and quarters, feet neat and well padded. Once shown on a loose lead moved true showing her excellent outline. 2. Palins’, Rodima Bewitched. Pleasing head with dark eye. Balanced front. Well proportioned body for a baby which will come into its own when the puppy fat goes. Good bone and feet. Being a ‘handful’ and naughty on the move. 3. Megus’s, Tarramist Christmas Star. JB. (4). 1. McFaul’s, Dachville Perfect Blend. Litter sister to the DCC. The same comments apply. She has an outstanding head. Strongly challenged for top honours but gave way to maturity on the day. 2. Cross’s, Logetta Spirit in the Sky. Carrying puppy fat but will be very nice one she is muscled up and coated. 3. Duchesne’s, Bonavoir Maid of Honour at Scandell. PGB. (7). 1. McNaughtons’, Cedavoch Bewitched. Beautifully balanced and feminine. Good head with dark eye. Good reach of neck into neat shoulders. Ribbing well sprung, strong loin. Well angulated rear producing sound movement. Another strong contester. Presented in good hard condition. 2. Plevin’s, Saucy Sara at Rodima. Another well balanced hound. Balanced head. Good ribs, body and strong quarters but needs to be shown on a loose lead to demonstrate her qualities. 3. Mitchell’s, Bronia Charisma. LB. (7). A very strong class. 1. Boyles’, Frankanwen Highlight on Zarcrest. BCC. Beautiful head, dark eye and expression. Elegant neck into good shoulder placement. Long ribbing with good body and underline. Well boned with tight feet. Her movement is true. Good tail carriage. 2. Roberts’, Swansford Kiadora. Very well presented and handled. A beautifully balanced bitch of correct size. Feminine head. Good reach of neck and shoulder placement. Hard body with strong loin and well angulated. Not enjoying this floor on the day. 3. Plevin’s, Morali Caol Ila. OB. (5). 1. Roberts’, Ch. Swansford Vivadora. RCC. Good head with dark almond eye. Neat front. Good depth of chest. Strong body with good underline. Well angulated rear showing movement true going, coming and in profile. Tight feet. Good tail carriage. In excellent coat. 2. Mitchells’, Ch. Bronia Marionette. An impressive hound with substance. Arched neck into well placed shoulders. Strong topline standing and on the move. Good angulation at rear. Tight well padded feet. 3. Geesons’s, Ch. Abydachs Give me the Future. VB. (1). 1. Warkes’, Ch Ir Glasvey Miranda. What condition and presentation! A credit to her owner. Showing no signs of age. Good head with almond eye. Neat shoulders and front. Beautiful body and underline. Moving true and well. Charming personality.

Nora Price