-------------------Established 1937 --------------------


Standard Wire Judge Mrs. Merial Hitchens, (Ashihna)

 PATERSON,  Ch Cishelvine Firedancer
RCC -  MACCALMONT, Ch Silvae Pickwick 

BCC -  RYDER, Sonic Knight Sky to Jaskar 
RCC -  DIBLE, Liebling On Golden Pond

BP   -  PHILLIPS, Saxonbury Playday At Tendrow 

BOB - PATERSON, Ch Cishelvine Firedancer


Minor Puppy Dog  3 (1 absent)
1st ROBINSON, Tagundnacht Dinner of Herbs
2nd MORTLOCK, Hertsmerry Stay At Home

Puppy Dog  1 (0 absent)
1st GIBSON, Allfreys Seabiscuit

Junior Dog 2
1st DIBLE, Liebling Here Comes The Boss
2nd CLARE, Tendrow Willy Willys at Mabellene

Post Graduate Dog  3
1st  COVERLEY, Romanchi Choctaw
2nd DERRY, Soneve Pharoah at Andlouis
3rd  POULTER, Lankelly Gallant Moss

Limit Dog  8 (4 absent)
1st  MOORE, Romanchi Beaver
2nd ROLLINSON, Nosinllor Grenadier
3rd  KENT, Lieblings Play In The Hay
4th CLIFFORD, Brockbane Papageno With Ablebody

Open Dog  8
1st PATERSON, Ch Cishelvine Firedancer
2nd MANCALMONT, Ch Silvae Pickwick 
3rd CLIFFORD, Winterstorm Symphony with Ablebody
4th GOODALL, Gayteckels Sea Expectation At Renlott
5th BURKE & MANSTON, Bonavoir Kellys Eye

Veteran Dog  4 (2 Abs)
1st HARRIS, Ch/SA Ch Silvae Blacksmith at Ritlo
2nd WILLIAMS, Ch/Ir Ch Lieblings Pick n Mix

Minor Puppy Bitch  6 (1 absent)
1st  SKINNER, Ritterburg Scheherazade
2nd ENDERDSBY, Mowbray Legacy of Love
3rd  ROBINSON, Tagundnacht Rosy of the River
4th  LEVER, Hertsmerry Shardonnay
5th  MORTLOCK, Hertsmerry Safe Keeping

Puppy Bitch 5
1st  PHILLIPS, Saxonbury Playday At Tendrow 
2nd SKINNER, Ritterburg Scheherazade
3rd  HARRIS, Ritlo Silver Firkin
4th  HARRIS, Ritlo Silvered Juniper
5th MORTLOCK, Hertsmerry Stealing Heaven

Junior Bitch 11 (2 absent)
1st DAVIES, Cempsey Centime by Atahira
2nd PATTON,  Lesandnic Like A Butterfly
3rd PHILLIPS, Saxonbury Playtime At Tendrow
4th GORDON, Cempsey Florin
5th COVERLEY, Romanchi Tigua At Aventine

Post Graduate Bitch 5( 2 absent)
1st DIBLE, Liebling Sweet Charity
2nd SALISBURY, Manatek Rising Star over Brocklewood
3rd FERGUSON,  Teaselwood Tatty Coram

Limit Bitch 11 (4 absent)
1st REES, Ermewood Arabella
2nd BORMAN, Sonic Sugar Babe
3rd GORDON, Silvae Zloty At Cempsey
4th SEATH,  Sunsong Secret Affair
5th PHILLIPS, Tendrow Sumthyne Special

Open Bitch 13 (3 Absent)
1st RYDER, Sonic Knight Sky to Jaskar 
2nd DIBLE, Liebling On Golden Pond 
3rd GIBSON, Allfreys Genevieve
4th GORDON,  Cempsey Coquet
5th WILLIAMS, Silvae Piccolo

Veteran Bitch 4 (1 Absent)
1st POULTER, Ch Lankelly Black Bryony
2nd HARRIS & HOLMES, SA Ch Ritlo Making Merry
3rd LOCKSMITH, Terony Espace at Abbeydac