-------------------Established 1937 --------------------

Standard Smooth Judge Mrs. Kath Bethel, (Hampdach)

 MCNAUGHTON, Cedavoch Celebdil
RCC - 
ARMSTRONG, Lauralee Lloyd George

BCC -  ARMSTRONG, Lauralee Theme for a Dream
RCC -  RAWSON, Laurtom First Edition from Sunhaze

BP   -  NORTON, Matzell Melua 

BOB -  MCNAUGHTON, Cedavoch Celebdil


Minor Puppy Dog  3 (1 absent)
1st HEDGES, Silandjo Just for You
2nd WOLAGE, Matzell Milord

Puppy Dog  4 (2 absent)
ARMSTRONG, Lauralee Lloyd George
2nd TURNER, Rosanport Out of the Hat

Junior Dog 1
1st MCNAUGHTON, Cedavoch Celebdil

Post Graduate Dog  3 (2 Absent)
1st  MELBOURNE, Sunhaze St John of Melriding

Limit Dog  6 (1 absent)
1st  HEDGES, Silandjo Hit the Jackpot
2nd WOLAGE, Matzell Moritz
3rd  MCCARTHY, Seatris Laced with Success
4th  NORRIS, Criscan Finagle
5th MARSDEN, Brigadier Brock

Open Dog  6 (3 Absent)
1st COOPER, Ch Sontag Savour the Flavour
2nd HUNT, Ch D'Arisca Class Distinction at Carpaccio
3rd MCNAUGHTON, Ch/Aus Ch Nicholyev the Hobbit (Imp)

Veteran Dog  3 (2 Abs)
1st WOLAGE, Ch Matzell Marmaduke

Minor Puppy Bitch  6 (2 absent)
1st  NORTON, Matzell Melua
2nd RAWSON, Rosenket Enchanted Evening
3rd  SMALLPAGE, Tendrow Star Sapphire over Merumist
4th  LOVICK GIBBS & GIBBS, Roleta Indulgence

Puppy Bitch 5 (1 Absent)
1st FURBER, Dorysa Rioja
2nd ARMSTRONG, Lauralee Under Milk Wood
3rd PASSEY, Dorysa Moondust over Cagebrook

Junior Bitch 8 (3 absent)
1st  TURNER, Rafthouse Read My Lips
2nd  BURKE & MANSTON, Bonavoir Griannan
3rd  RAWSON, Rosenket Diamonds 'R' Forever
4th  LOVICK GIBBS & GIBBS, Roleta The Name of the Game
5th  DALGETY, Thundergay Bohemienne

Post Graduate Bitch 5( 2 absent)
1st  RAWSON, Laurtom First Edition from Sunhaze
2nd  BURKE & MANSTON, Bonavoir Coppelia
3rd  DAVIES, Bonavoir Queen Bee
4th  DALGETY, Thundergay Bohemienne
5th  KERRY, Kireton Betsy Belle

Limit Bitch 7 (0 absent)
1st RAWSON, Rosenket Beautiful Dreamer
2nd FURBER, Dorysa Dyddanwy
3rd TRAFFORD, Dabrenhof Sally Ann
4th DAVIES, Spengretta Shooting Star
5th KERRY, Rosanport September Morn at Kireton

Open Bitch 7 (2 Absent)
1st ARMSTRONG, Lauralee Theme for a Dream
2nd DALGETY, Ch Thundergay Lady be Good 
3rd TURNER, Ch Marictur Miss Midnight
4th NORTON, Ch Matzell Majana
5th MCNAUGHTON, Ch/Aust Ch Nicholyev Galadriel (Imp)

Veteran Bitch 2
1st TURNER, Ch Marictur Material Girl
2nd HINWOOD & LITTLE, Yatesbury Nut Truffle of Longmel