-------------------Established 1937 --------------------

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Minaiture Longs Judge Mr G Robinson, SA (Nibelheim)

 ANGEAR, Ridgegrove Alfie Moon
RCC -  BRACE, Ralines Sunny Delight with Xemxija

BCC -  ROBERTS, Ch Denver Babycham
RCC -  BOYLE, Zarcrest Gold Legacy

BP   -  BOYLE, Zarcrest Gold Legacy 

BOB -  ROBERTS, Ch Denver Babycham

Minor Puppy Dog  10 (1 absent)
1st BROOKS, Lyndarlea Earth Tremor
2nd PALIN, Sanmik's Data
3rd  VINE, Cishelvine Tis Kismet
4th HARTLEY, Tialamour Destiny Calls for Lyrosh
5th REES, Yumares Nicholas

Puppy Dog  6 (3 absent)
1st BROOKS, Lyndarlea Choc Ice
2nd BOYLE, Zarcrest Black Ice
3rd KING, Kingdax Regal Knight

Junior Dog 5 (1 Absent)
1st ANGEAR, Ridgegrove Alfie Moon
2nd ROBERTS & STURGE, Denver Jack Flash with Chiendac
3rd WORSWICK, Dolyharp Don Basilio
4th BROOKS, Black Thorn at Lyndarlea

Post Graduate Dog  9 (3 Absent)
1st  BEDFORD, Dinkidudlor Bailey Besso
2nd BOYLE, Doujac Double Agent to Zarcrest
3rd  BURR, Dinkidudlor George Mi Man at Burrdach
4th  BROAD, Jenwood Ring of Bells
5th  HARRISON, Lacerking Jimmy Mac

Limit Dog  12 (1 absent)
1st  BRACE, Ralines Sunny Delight with Xemxija

Open Dog  6 (3 Absent)
1st  ROBERTS, Ch Denver Jack Frost
2nd TURNER, Ch Rafthouse Eye Jinks
3rd  LOCKETT, Ralines Red Dragon
4th  NORTON, Ch Halunke Mister Baggins
5th  BEDFORD, Ch Rhinestar Hunky Dory

Veteran Dog  3
1st  VAUGHAN, Tisanti Cream Toffee
2nd DUCHESNE, Scandell Talking Pages
3rd  MACK, Sarade Leap into Action of Topgem

Minor Puppy Bitch  11 (2 absent)
1st  ROBERTS, Denver Love me Tender
2nd ANGEAR, Ridgegrove Shadow Dancer
3rd  PALIN, Sanmik's Severn of Nine
4th  BROOKS, Lyndarlea Shutt the Door
5th  VINE, Cishelvine Sweet Destiny

Puppy Bitch 16 (2 Absent)
1st  BROOKS, Lyndarlea Gem of Nite
2nd ROBERTS, Denver Suzi Wong
3rd  ANGEAR, Ridgerove Dixie Chick
4th  MEE, Barlaines Amber Stare
5th  HARRISON, Lacerking Royal Maid

Junior Bitch 19 (3 absent)
1st  BOYLE, Zarcrest Gold Legacy
2nd HARRISON, Maxwin Taste of Honey for Lacerking
3rd  NORTON, Halunke Miss Martini
4th  HOLMES, Tammera Touch of Elegance
5th  YOUNG, Willowheath Deep Purple

Post Graduate Bitch 15 ( 4 absent)
1st  WELTON, Chelane Crown Jewel
2nd  HAZELBY, Evadanne Danniella Rose
3rd  JOHNSON, Halunke Miss Angelica at Charpurdy
4th  MEE, Barlaines Lady Charlotte
5th  Williamson, Barkroyal Galaxy Quest

Limit Bitch 16 (2 absent)
1st TOWNSEND, Sarade Shady Lady
2nd CRAWLEY, Doujac Duette
3rd DAVIS, Corrinbar Blue Angel
4th GRAHAM, Jadag Forton's Continental
5th YOUNG, Willowheath Hot Gem

Open Bitch 11
1st  ROBERTS, Ch Denver's Babycham
2nd GODDARDS, Ch Minard Krystal Darque
3rd  WALLACE, Cheslan Reethi Rah
4th  NORTON, Halunke Miss Eleanor
5th  MACK & DUNN, Ch Topgem Louisa May JW

Veteran Bitch 
No Entries